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June 7, 2015 · 2 comments

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I recently received a request for separation info letter asking whether I quit or was discharged from a former job I was working at. I quit an old job to work for a new job where I was fired 3 months after working at no fault of my own. I filed for UI from the most recent job I was at. EDD used the payment quarter at the job I quit at because I made the most money will they alter or cut my benefits because I quit the job I made the most earnings at? Please help?

  • eddworker

    The Department is asking for separation information for your prior (base period) employer because that employer responded to a base period only claim (DE 1545) and is requesting that they not be charged for any benefits that you are receiving.

    It has no effect on your claim or your monetary award, it is just a “ruling only” issue to relieve that employer of any benefit charges to their reserve account.

    • pls help

      Hi, I filled out the separation paper. Now i have this letter stating that i have a phone interview. that ” You have a phone interview appointment scheduled. There is a question concerning your eligibility. The EDD will call you at the interview date and time shown.” Is this normal? can I get unemployment cancelled now? Thanks.

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