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September 19, 2013 · 6 comments

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Sacramento KCRA 3 reporter called requesting an interview about this EDD fiasco we are all caught up in,declined today,but will include that info in todays EDD email, i have sworn to email daily weekends included til get some response. Next week will email twice a day,IF necessary the following week three times a day,,,THEY WILL GET THE MESSAGE AT SOME POINT. As far as people remaining anonymous,what are we scared about? I was taught NEVER THROW A STONE AND HIDE YOUR HAND. I am Woody Molina am not afraid of repercusions,only way this will be resolved is to take a stand publicly,,we are not voting so why are we hiding?

  • chickenshitidiot

    why even write them if your to chicken shit to go on camera EPIC FAIL ON YOUR END YOU NEED TO GET BACK IN THE BENDOVER LINE while WE THE PEOPLE UNITED WE WILL STAND

  • Josh H

    All you’re doing is making it harder for the rest of us to get through.

  • ConfusedinCA

    Your e-mails are not being answered.

    Here’s why. The same people who answer your e-mails are the ones who pay your claims. The EDD does not have enough staff to do both so management had to choose.

    Either answer the e-mails telling you that EDD is “working” on your issue OR actually work on your issue and get you paid. If you are expecitng both, then please send us the formula to clone reps to do both at the same time.

    As for the suggestion posted here somewhere else to hire more staff to address this situation, here is the problem:

    1. It takes about 9 months to a year to adequately train staff to give you the minimal customer service about which you are complaining. And you are not happy right now with the service (ha!) you are receiving.

    2. EDD only hires college graduates for the Call Center and Determination Center positions. Given the recent publicity, how many do you think would willingly subject themselves to the abuse heaped upon them by the righteously indignant public?

    2. EDD has NO money to hire and train new staff. The Department is closing offices, consolidating processess and advising UI staff to seek employment in another EDD program.

    • that guy’s an a-hole

      So you’re kind of an asshole, huh?

  • Mark

    If you got the reporter’s card, why not suggest the reporter just park the TV van in front of any EDD office and interview people walking in who look forlorn, drag their feel, and continually looking back over their shoulder to ensure their car is not repossed.

  • Isabella4ever

    So, OP, you contact the news people and then blow them off???!!!!!

    Are you CRAZY?

    So, tell them – and US – why any news person should take these complaints seriously????

    Sorry, either you’re a troll or a moron – and I rarely insult anyone on this board.

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