Results of unemployment extension vote

February 7, 2014 · 9 comments

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I see some people are asking about this. We needed 60 votes today and we got 59, so 1 vote short:

  • Troll Detector

    I don’t understand. What does “one” mean?

  • Teets

    Was there another vote today? We only missed by 1 or was it 42? So we got the extension? Will EDD file it for me or do I need to go down to the local office and risk getting scabies?

  • Moron

    Are they going to vote again tomorrow? You see I have online access but i can not seem to figure out how to see when they vote so I only come here to ask.

  • troll hits the bottle again

    TROLL ALERT !!!! Set phasers to IGNORE.

  • anonymous

    Please see the article I linked to. They’re saying they voted today (Friday), we needed 60 votes to win, and we got 59 votes. If ONE MORE SENATOR had voted yes we would have gotten a 3 month extension. But we did NOT get the 60 votes needed, so there is NO extension.

    • Duh

      You sure it says Friday?

    • additional info

      The article was published on Thursday, February 6th. After the article was published (later on Thursday) Reid (D) changed his vote to no so that the EU proposal can come the table again (Senate rules). There will be another vote.

  • Tilly

    If it is that close in the Senate, it will never pass The House.

    • Debbie Downer

      Why do you say this? We have enough negativity without the baseless assertions. Never use the word “never” unless you can post evidence. Now if it is your “opinion” that it won’t pass the house that is another story. We can debate that. As far as we know it will have support from the house as long as it is paid for and includes job growth. Hopefully they can figure out a way to do that. If not, it probably won’t even get passed the senate at this point. Only need one more vote though., Then we will see what the house does.

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