• Mickey

    Wow that’s just wrong. I don’t know what I would do if I had kids. Its bad enough that I was on unemployment as a single person. If I had kids and I was denied unemployment I would flip out and do something stupid because I couldn’t let my child starve. I hope things get better for you. I wonder if they will ever fix this broken government? Everywhere I look its all just bad.

  • Frustrated

    I would strongly suggest writing a complaint letter. I recently had a phone interview during which the woman was impolite to me as well. She kept talking over me after she asked me a question, asked me the same question repeatedly, among other things. I wrote a complaint letter. I don’t know if it will do any good but it’s a start. Since the phone interviews are likely documented, at least they will know who I wrote about. Alternatively, write the ‘big wigs.’ I posted a link with their names within the past few weeks on this site.

  • AllState

    That’s very unfortunate but as with every company out there, there always bad employees that make everyone else look bad.

    I do recommend to write a letter, and whenever possible, try to get the person’s name and call center. They can not give you the last name but they can certainly give you their first name or alias.

    Good luck to you and hope you get a better person next time.

  • Lizza

    Complaint letters do not work.. EDD personnel simply CANNOT get fired.. Regardless of how rude, unprofessional and uneducated they might be.. It seems those are the requirements to be an effective long lasting employee for the Sate of California.. And we wonder why California is in the shape is.. Broken and bankrupt?? Wonder no more..

  • Butterfly

    Hi I just had a phone interview with EDD today and was hung up on after I was told that I cannot speak or interrupt the conversation. I was just trying to ask a question and was treated like a piece of S**t? I was very upset because we are all human beings and don’t deserve to be talked down to like an animal. I was so upset and shocked that I was shaking and almost in tears.

    • HowDareThey

      Write a formal letter, documenting as much detail as possible, and stating the date and time of the phone interview, as well as the name of the “interviewer”, if known. Then call the governor’s office, make your complaint, and ask for both an email address and mailing address. After your call to the governor’s office, send your complaint letter by email and by U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail. You need to protect your rights, especially in case the “interviewer” attempts to jeopardize your unemployment benefits claim. Good luck.

  • sheila ab

    I had this happen to me but she did not hang up she was extremely rude and would not let me talk. I called back-and asked to speak to a manager. Event went really well. So she stopped my payments, the rude lady, and the manager told me to go court And file an appeal. When I got there the judge had already ruled in my favor and a gave me back pay. But the stress I went to living by myself with no income was very very stressful. There is no reason for anyone who works with the public to be rude.

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