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November 12, 2014 · 7 comments

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Hello , I was injured 3 weeks ago and applied for sdi benefits. On the online page it states

“Last Payment Amount($):N/A

Authorized on:N/A

Your payment method is: “manual certification.” In order to continue to receive payments you are required to submit a: “SDI Continued Claim Certification” (DE 2500A) unless noted below”

However the only paperwork I have received was a computation letter and a sdi pamphlet, no payment or de2500.

Thanks for your time and help.

  • andy

    I appreciate everyone’s response thanks!

  • FactJack

    Your physician can submit the claim for you through their internal online process. The DE 2500/ DE2501 can also be ordered on sdi online but, takes 2-4 weeks to receive them. Online process through the doctor takes 7-10 b.days.

    • andy

      Thanks jack.

      My physician submitted form DE 2501 on Oct 28. Then afterward on Nov 6 received a computation letter with benefit amounts however I have not received anything since.

      • FactJack

        Then you’re good. You will receive a BofA card if you haven’t already; I received the funds a week after computation letter.

    • Chris M.

      Hi Jack, it shows below the “manual certification” notice that my doctor did submit the DE2501 form. My claim started on Oct.20th, and the payment history says for the period 10/20 – 10/26 the status is ‘waiting period’ and the date issued was today (11/18). It says 7 days and amount paid 0.00. It shows no other payments at all (which I should get paid up to 11/18).

      Is the doctor submitting DE2501 the same as DE2500? What are your thoughts. Havent received any mail…

  • andy

    Jack you are the man , thanks.

  • Joanne Albidrez

    Mine says n/a but it also shows my weekly amount wth it telling me

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