• anonymous

    We all make mistakes! I did the same thing and was able to access 2 or 3 days later. Good luck!

  • SDI Friend

    A locked SDI account resets automatically after a full 60 minutes. But be sure to wait the FULL 60 minutes. If you try to sign on after 58 minutes, the “lock clock” begins the 60 minute count again

    • SDI Hater

      Woah… Didn’t expect to find an answer. Thank you so much! I tried calling them to reset and it hung up on me because they’ve reached the maximum number of callers (WTF?!).

  • Padma

    Same here. And I always hit max call limit as well. Will retry logging in after 60 minutes (maybe couple hours to be sure.) This is annoying.

  • SuperFrustrated2

    Thanks so much for that answer!! What a royal pain in the keaster. There is NO way to get a simple, but yet very important, question answered like this about the on-line process.. gar! If they want ppl to use on-line then they need to step on the ol Q&A bit.

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