• anonymous

    We all make mistakes! I did the same thing and was able to access 2 or 3 days later. Good luck!

  • SDI Friend

    A locked SDI account resets automatically after a full 60 minutes. But be sure to wait the FULL 60 minutes. If you try to sign on after 58 minutes, the “lock clock” begins the 60 minute count again

    • SDI Hater

      Woah… Didn’t expect to find an answer. Thank you so much! I tried calling them to reset and it hung up on me because they’ve reached the maximum number of callers (WTF?!).

  • Padma

    Same here. And I always hit max call limit as well. Will retry logging in after 60 minutes (maybe couple hours to be sure.) This is annoying.

  • SuperFrustrated2

    Thanks so much for that answer!! What a royal pain in the keaster. There is NO way to get a simple, but yet very important, question answered like this about the on-line process.. gar! If they want ppl to use on-line then they need to step on the ol Q&A bit.

  • anonymous

    This website is absolutely horrendous. An idiot clearly made it, or I should say a genius actually. If you think about it, no one actually has to work at the EDD office. My account is locked, their temporary password doesn’t seem to be working because of course, their temporary password usually involves the most difficult arrangement of numbers, letters and other randomness. The website tells me to call (during the wrong hours btw) and doesn’t let me in, and when I call their office, it hangs up on me and tells me to go online. I never get my disability and they don’t have to do a damn thing. Love it.

  • luke

    yeah dude. unemployment insurance is a FULL TIME JOB ;)

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