• anonymous

    We all make mistakes! I did the same thing and was able to access 2 or 3 days later. Good luck!

  • SDI Friend

    A locked SDI account resets automatically after a full 60 minutes. But be sure to wait the FULL 60 minutes. If you try to sign on after 58 minutes, the “lock clock” begins the 60 minute count again

    • SDI Hater

      Woah… Didn’t expect to find an answer. Thank you so much! I tried calling them to reset and it hung up on me because they’ve reached the maximum number of callers (WTF?!).

    • Brenda

      Thanks so much! I’ll try that. I too got that “maximum number of people has been reached” message. They want to encourage people to enroll online, but they make it very difficult.

  • Padma

    Same here. And I always hit max call limit as well. Will retry logging in after 60 minutes (maybe couple hours to be sure.) This is annoying.

  • SuperFrustrated2

    Thanks so much for that answer!! What a royal pain in the keaster. There is NO way to get a simple, but yet very important, question answered like this about the on-line process.. gar! If they want ppl to use on-line then they need to step on the ol Q&A bit.

  • anonymous

    This website is absolutely horrendous. An idiot clearly made it, or I should say a genius actually. If you think about it, no one actually has to work at the EDD office. My account is locked, their temporary password doesn’t seem to be working because of course, their temporary password usually involves the most difficult arrangement of numbers, letters and other randomness. The website tells me to call (during the wrong hours btw) and doesn’t let me in, and when I call their office, it hangs up on me and tells me to go online. I never get my disability and they don’t have to do a damn thing. Love it.

    • Cynthia

      Exact same thing here! I tried to call their “tech support” (option 6) and after waiting 90 minutes, the guy said he cannot help me with that. Just to keep trying to reset my password after an hour. I have done this 7 TIMES and I still cannot get in!!!

  • luke

    yeah dude. unemployment insurance is a FULL TIME JOB 😉

  • c.lowe

    I’m the same boat. I reset the password and still didn’t work. Called the help desk and I always get the same thing automated system then a to many callers,and it hangs up. YES EDD SUCKS…and know I’m locked out lol..what else can go wrong..

  • angry

    Happy to hear it’s not just me. I can’t get on at all. Reset my password over 4 hours ago and it still says my account is locked. I’m not sure how long I have to wait before I can log back in. I hate to wait for everything to come in through the mail.

  • jim

    finally got through and got a temp password bust I’m unable to reset it. Any suggestions????

  • jim


  • chefanie

    My password jas been locked FOR WEEKS! No kidding. It wont let me do a temporary password, so here I am wasting my morning away redialing, again and again..

    • christine

      call the number and dail “0” once or twice , you may have to wait for awhile but i was able to speak to a real person after 45 minutes waiting and they were actually very friendly (:

  • Chelsie

    I’ve been through it all with this entire system for a year and a half now. Supposedly they are in the process of re-designing their automated phone system… Hopefully that makes a difference. As far as getting a hold of an EDD representative via telephone Christine has the right idea… When you first call the automated system, dial the number for your language. After that just press 0 like she mentioned (to bypass more repetitive automated information). More times than not (and I mean A LOT) you get put on an initial hold while the automated system explains ‘there’s a high volume of callers right now blah blah”- and then the system will inform you to call back later because they’re at max. caller capacity… then it just HANGS UP on you. If you’re lucky you will be put on queue for an actual human representative (which the wait will take awhile but cheers for being 40 minutes away from a human on the phone).

    What I’ve been doing for the past year and a half while attempting to reach a human representative and I get hung up on- is just call back, press my language, and press 0. I then go through the next stage of automated messages, and then eventually I’d get hung up on again. So, then I’d just redial, wash, rinse, and repeat until I bumped my way into the actual queue to wait for an actual representative. It is so, so very annoying. I try to obey the “peak times and days to call” bit, but there’s been times I just tried for hours (I’ve needed to actually SPEAK to them a lot) and finally got through.

    The representatives also have the power to reset your password, e-mail you any online documentation you need to fill out in your EDD SDI online inbox, or fix any issues or mistakes you’ve run into.
    I document dates, times, names of representatives, and issued resolved every time I actually speak to a human (because it really does take way too much time and effort to make this system work for YOU).

    One thing that might help is clearing the cache and cookie history for the EDD SDI Login website on your internet browser. Sometimes the information your browser stores doesn’t let the EDD website reset your new information like it should be. Be aware clearing ALL of your cache/cookies with your browser will erase all password and info saved for every website you use. Here’s a good link to explain how to safely reset for one website only:

    Hope this helps, sorry for the lengthiness- But I have learned a lot going through this utterly frustrating process >.>

    Any info or experience that I have that may be helpful for people dealing with the terrible design and function of this totally IMPORTANT HEALTHCARE system I am more than happy to share and help individuals with. Especially when you’re in a time of need, the system just makes you feel even more hopeless about it.

    Until it works:)


    Im positive I put in the correct password and after 3 attempts it locked me out. Then got a temporary password thinking I was using an incorrect one. I tried several times and was locked out of that one too. Im a nurse and am pretty technical with computers….Of course after weeks of trying to call the “help desk” and being hung up on , I drove to an EDD office and explained my problem. The nice gal there went to my account and “reset” my account and a new password was sent to me which I checked on my phone email right in front of the gal and it had been sent to me. She said to wait 24 hours before trying to login. Well…. I waited 26 hours, 2 extra for good measure, and tried again with the new password x THREE!!!! …..DIDNT WORK and am locked out again !!!!!! Ive EVEN
    done this with my IT Director husband watching me to make sure I did everything correctly. Im super frustrated. Im cussing.

    • Mike Mathers

      Try emailing the help desk. I went through the same thing u did and finally got my account reset after i emailed them…

      • Kt

        how do you email the help desk?

  • Diana Almengor

    My name is Diana Almengor I have been waiting for one month for SDI check . I send my form in Oct 31 2015 it was to confirm that I am still under a doctor care i can’t get thru my new address 601 east10 #a Bakersfield Ca 93307

    • Mike Mathers

      Putting your personal info here wont help u as EDD doesnt monitor this site.

      U need to contact EDD to give them your change of address


  • Lily

    I had no problem getting a temporary password, and it was emailed to me instantly. When you re-enter the temporary password, type it in, DO NOT copy and paste. It only let me log in with the temporary password when I typed it. The phone was like being in limbo, but the website was pretty easy to navigate once you login.

  • Kash

    Seriously the same thing happened to me a billion times. In my case, the temporary password they provided, wouldn’t even work. Fixing the problem with customer service is impossible with the alleged “Maximum Call Volume!” Therefore thanks to the flaw from their system, I’m locked out, while unfortunately the deadline provided for my claim is TOMORROW! I’ve been stuck in this mess for a few days nows.

  • Adam

    It locked me out after the first try… I thought you got three chances? Also i was very careful typing. Perhaps I’m on their blacklist

  • Cappuccino goddess

    1-855-327-7058 call this number for any online technical help

  • Adrian Alvarez

    omg i enter the caption and the word and my password and it never works the unlock all the time and nothing works!

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