SDI Payment Status “Qualification” & how to get a live person on the phone

May 6, 2013 · 9 comments

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I have been on SDI for several months. It was hell getting my claim started! Because I could never get through to a live person on the phone. I had countless days of literally dialing 1-800-480-3287 all day for several days in a row just to find out I needed something else to get paid!

Fast forward to this weekend, I logged into my online SDI account because I received a work status verification last week which I sent in. I wanted to know if it was received so my payments would not be delayed. An online version of the form was available which I filled out as well. Then I noticed a payment was authorized that day? Being on autopay I was confused. I looked at my payment history and it showed a payment for 8 days was authorized with a status of “Qualification”. I googled and searched for an explanation, with no luck. I new I had to call and try to get a human on the phone to figure this out!

I called and called since this morning, finally got into the hold que and waited about 45 minutes for someone to answer, ask my name, DOB and SS. As soon as he took my SS he hung up on me! I was pissed! It didn’t surprise me, because this happened many times when I have had to call before. But, it was so frustrating.

HERE’S THE GOOD PART! I was looking for a local office online and what if anything I could do. I came across an EDD tip to hit 5110. Of course it doesn’t work for SDI. But, I tried using the employer option to get through. It is basically 1 when the first voice comes On. Then 5 at the next voice (which is for employer). Then 0 to get into the hold loop. It took about 5 minutes from start to finish to get someone on the phone!!! I couldn’t believe it. So, I had to share!

“Qualification” status, for those who don’t know what it means, like I didn’t. If you are on autopay the system generates a work status update every so many weeks. This form suspends your autopay until it is received. Once received they issue a payment to catch you up, and back to auto.

  • cagoulet

    It works!! Call 1 (800) 480-3287, press 1 when the first voice comes on, then 5 at the next voice, then 0. There’s a wait, but it was only about 7 minutes, and the most wonderful representative helped me!

    • Nessa909

      I tried it DOSEN’T work

      • Gina

        Yes they figured out that little loophole and they closed it. I haven’t seen any updates about it since. All I do is, at the first voice hit “1”. Then hit “1” again at the second voice. You’re going to have to listen to about 3 or 4 minutes work of talking. Then it will tell you to enter your SS# and your PIN. At the next voice, hit “0”. Then pray.

        • MRV

          Hey Gina – thank you! This is by FAR quicker (and actually got me to the hold part) and better than anything else I’ve tried. Unfortunately, I don’t think I prayed hard enough. After 8 times, while this totally got me to the “wait for a representative” part, it would then say “were sorry, the maximum amount of people are already on hold” or something to that effect…then it disconnected me! Lol, hey, it still got me to the right area at least! ?

          • Gina

            I’m glad you got to the right area!! Honestly, I think I called 8 times in 1 day before I hit paydirt. Very frustrating. My best wishes to you in your pursuit of a human voice at that place!

          • Nat

            I tried this! It worked. Try to enter your pin on time. I waited too late and they said they wanted me to verify my birthday, zip code, and benefit amount (crazy right?). FORTUNATELY, after entering my birthday, they passed me through a rep so I didn’t have to enter all the other mumbo jumbo! whew. (: thanks guys!

  • EV

    Just tried this myself! It does work!

  • Cheezchoc


  • John Hundley

    there is no option 5

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