November 16, 2017 · 4 comments

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Got SDI questions?

  • Veronica Wilson

    I applied online for sdi 1on until 10/31/17 my doctor didn’t mail her portion until 11/13/17, how long before her info should show in the system and I get paid? I have been off work since 10/23.

    • Nang Hul

      About 2 weeks. If you call the doctors portion ca be found and claim paid right then.

      • Veronica Wilson

        It was received 11/19 and now pending processing.

  • Emily Whiteman

    Yes! Questions here. My husband applied for sdi back in May was accepted. Dr put Dec 31 as end date now dr wants to extend claim and my husband agrees. He called edd after waiting for a human forever he asked for the extension form his Dr would fill out. They say they’ll send it instead they stop his benefits and send a letter saying he has to see an EDD doctor. Wth? Why is he being singled out for this??? His dr is willing to fill out whatever paperwork SDI/EDD wants. Why does he have to see an “impartial” EDD dr who we assume will cut his benefits…don’t get this at all.

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