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December 16, 2017 · 5 comments

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So, I have not been paid any benefits yet. I was let go on 11/1, had my phone interview on 11/20 and I received my approval letter the first week of December. Due to an issue on their end I could not certify for benefits until yesterday, 12/15. Today I logged back in and I see another phone interview for 12/22, which seems like its probably a mistake. Is this common or should I just call them again because it seems like it will just further delay me getting any benefits. Thanks!

  • Cassie

    I’m not sure why you would have another interview but WTF?!?! 13 days for your first phone interview?!? That is fucking ridiculous!! EDD sucks!!!

    • Skip

      Yes, this is turning into a major pain in the rear.. I received UI about a decade ago after being laid off and I don’t recall it being such a pain.

  • Jane Davis

    I don’t understand why they would need a 2nd interview a whole after the first phone interview. Don’t wait until that date. Call the right away. Because whatever matter that they need to clear up with you probably will be done when you make the phone call to them. Don’t wait. It will further delay you getting paid. You have waited far to long already. You should get check within 4 weeks of opening of filing your claim.

    • Skip

      Thanks for the response and it is a bit baffling. My guess is that it’s probably related to the fact that I made money the week I was let go but the person on the phone who I spoke with told me all that would mean is that I would have two weeks before I would get unemployment. Honestly, it just seems that they don’t want to pay out.

  • Sandy

    Hmm…that’s strange because so far I’ve had about 5 phone interviews with EDD. It seems like someone has gone through my entire file from years ago and now they are coming after me for an overpayment back in 2013. Not to mention all these phone interviews with EDD but also currently going through an appeal with the appeals board. Not too sure but…Think I’m moving to a different state.

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