Should tier 4 be paid/ lawsuit coming?

September 9, 2013 · 5 comments

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What if, as you read this, the tier 4 for unemployment should not be discontinued because the 8.7 quoted figure for unemployment in California has a plus or minus of .4 (tenths) which means that California is between 8.3-9.1 in unemployment as of September 2013. What if a lawsuit could be filed that proves out that the California unemployment office EDD owes all people who were dropped from tier 4 as of August 15, 2013 back payments.

Join me in e mailing and calling gov. Browns office to have them rule if tier four unemployment should indeed keep going and not be extinguished back on August 15, 2013.

Governor Brown is a good man, and he and his assistants may pick up the phone and rule that the tier four needs to be paid because California is within the 9.0 unemployment figure stated for the trigger on sequestration agreements.

Let us let the law work for us. Please e mail the governor. Just google gov. brown’s office and submit e mail or call.

here is a clarification letter from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that I got by e mail and it shows california as of September 9, 2013 has unemployment of between 8.3 and 9.1 %
These are the facts.


The official unemployment rates that the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes for states on a monthly basis are estimates derived from econometric models that use payroll employment estimates from an establishment survey and unemployment insurance claims counts from the state workforce agencies to mitigate volatility in the employment and unemployment measures tabulated directly from the Current Population Survey, which is the sample survey of households used to track the national unemployment rate. As such, the data are indeed subject to both sampling error and nonsampling error. Sampling error is a measure of sampling variability—that is, variation that occurs by chance because a sample rather than the entire population is surveyed. We maintain information on sampling error at The 90-percent confidence interval for the current (July 2013) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for California is 8.3–9.1 percent, as you can see from the first XLS table listed. So, from a statistical standpoint, the State’s current rate could be at or slightly above 9.0 percent.

While we are 90-percent confident that the sampling error on the current unemployment rate for California is no more than 0.4 percentage point, we have no corresponding measure of nonsampling error, such as that introduced by the Current Population Survey collection and processing operations or the modeling technique. Technical information on our state models is available at

Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Jst Me

    The removal of Tier 4 destroyed me. It sickened me watching it slip away with numbers that just never added up. I had planned CTB if there was no job prospect in July just as a back up plan. It all went down the drain in July. Since that time I’ve begged for the lowest of low jobs. Exhausted, hungry, missing bill payments trying to hoard money to keep a roof over my head as long as I can and put gas in my car to look for work. I’m down to weeks now ending tier 3. I don’t eat, sleep, and have prepared to take my life come early Oct if there is no job. The task of finding work while carrying this horror on my shoulders is an insurmountable obstacle. We all know California in particular has not honestly seen a surge in new jobs nor have we seen a decline in unemployment. What has happened is those falling off of unemployment are no longer counted. Seasonal, temp, underpaid and self employed carried the new hires. I envy those who at least had all of their unemployment available to them while trying to find work. It seems every step I have taken to make it back in the job market while living in poverty as I don’t collect even half of the max has been a huge failure. Losing T4 for me destroyed my final chance of surviving. no one will care. I will email the Gov’s office and wish others would do the same but I don’t trust anyone in Government to help us. We are the forgotten. The low guy on the totem pole. It would be a miracle if the reinstated it by October.

  • Isabella4ever

    “Governor Brown is a good man, and he and his assistants may pick up
    the phone and rule that the tier four needs to be paid because
    California is within the 9.0 unemployment figure stated for the trigger
    on sequestration agreements.”

    Governor Brown CANNOT rule anything on payment of EUC Tier 4.

    EUC Tier 4 is federal money paid under federal rules. USDOL governs rules under which these tiers are authorized, NOT the State of California. FEDERAL legislation says trigger for Tier 4 is 9% – using FEDERAL statistics.

    USDOL will need to be convinced the BLS statistics are wrong. Per above, BLS says there could be a .4 margin of error.

    You can put pressure on Govs office to put pressure on USDOL to change its statistics, but Gov. CANNOT overrule DOL on how these statistics are to be applied to payment of EUC.

    Each week USDOL issues a trigger report on EUC which is federal money, payment of which is authorized by the DOL.

    Gov. cannot change those numbers. Only DOL can do that.

    • Mark

      I disagree with you 100%. The honorable Governor Brown can roll up his sleeves and pick up the phone, and call the people you suggest to overturn what is going on. He has influence and can make calls. Please do not write to give him a pass. He is in charge of the EDD department, and he is investigating it as we speak and exploring if things are running properly. He can pick up the phone and say, “HEY GUYS, THE UNEMPLOYMENT FIGURES IN CALIFORNIA ARE IN A WINDOW OF 8.3-9.1 AND THIS MEANS ALL OF CALIFORNIA CAN OR COULD BE ABOVE THE 9 figure THAT IS TO TRIGGER THE ENDINGOF TIER 4. THE GOVERNOR CAN SPEAK FOR THE PEOPLE, HECK READ THE POST DIRECTLY ABOVE YOURS AND LOOK AT THE PAIN THAT PERSON IS IN.
      did you e mail his office as I did?

      • Mark

        The governor of California can pick up the phone and call the USDOL people and others that he knows of to push for the battle to keep tier four alive in california since the window of unemployment is above the trigger number of nine.
        I hope someone from the gov. office reads this.

      • Isabella4ever

        Did you READ anything I wrote.

        I said Gov could call the DOL.

        I NEVER said he could not.

        What I said was he can’t OVERRULE the DOL.

        All he can do put pressure.

        Please reread what I wrote.

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