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February 11, 2018 · 12 comments

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Now, I usually certify my Benefits early Sunday Morning. It usually goes from pending to paid almost instantly. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes. Today (02/11/2018) Ive been on pending since 6:00am. Thats when I certified. Its 3:05pm. Im in Southern California. Usually hits my BofA card no later than 7:00pm Sunday night. Anybody having this long “pending” problem? Let me know.

  • picklesmane

    Mine went through pretty quickly, so it should be here by 6:38. Last time it took that long for mine to go through, I had accidentally checked that I had changed address; took about a day for it to go through. Will update.

    • Jay

      Okay for sure. Yea it usually hits the card by that time, but thats when your status is on “paid” mine still says Pending. Never taken this long. BUT this is the first Sunday that I can certify for my new benefits. My last payment was in september. I just re applied in January Because my year was up. Had my phone interview this passed Friday. The Rep said my new claim is Valid and I can Certify this Sunday which is today. So maybe its just taking long because of that. Idk. Whatever. Lol itll come.

    • Jayson Culpepperr

      I checked change of address box to but I’m moving to Las Vegas NV on Sunday February 11th I certified at 12am still says pending is it because I changed address and will i still receive benefits if I call in the morning my money is usually on my card by 730pm but it’s 8pm still pending please help

      • Jay

        Yea I feel you bro. Its 8:40pm Im still on pending. i guess Its a waiting game at this point cuz getting a hold of anybody at edd is damn near impossible. Lol smh

        • Jayson Culpepperr

          Can checking the change of address box delay my payment

  • sarah campbell

    I gpt super worried once because mine said “pending” but I got paid like usual that time. No worries, I would think.

    • Jayson Culpepperr

      I certified today also at 12am usually says paid in the morning but still says pending i checked change of address to because I’m moving to Las Vegas tomorrow on the 12th but I apply for jobs online so my move won’t affect my availability also I have started to apply online for jobs in the new state but everything is online is this the reason why it’s pending and will i still receive my benefits

  • Fuckedd

    I have been pending since last sunday 2/4/18 and when ever i try to call edd..i cant get through..then its 12pm and they close

    • Jayson Culpepperr

      That’s crazy mine always goes to paid but I am moving so I changed my address i hope that I can get it approved when edd opens does anyone know if checking change of address box will delay benefits

      • Jay

        Yea idk if that will delay it or not. Ive never checked that box so I couldnt tell you. But yea mine is still pending too though. Ridiculous

    • Jay

      Yea its impossible to get a hold of edd. You can call them right when the clock strikes 8:00am and they already have tooooo many callers. Like yea whatever. So stupid.

  • Cassie

    Even if it states “pending”…call BofA and check balance on your card! Mine always says pending for like 2 days but the money is ALWAYS in my BofA acoount within 24 hours.
    If you are trying to call…it will ALWAYS say too many waiting first thing at 8am. If you REALLY need to speak to someone, hang up and call every 10-15 min. You WILL get thru that way…works for me.

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