System Upgrade Sucks!!

October 16, 2017 · 14 comments

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New system and can’t log in! Kept telling me my password not correct. Tried requesting a new password…stated EDD sent me email with a link to get new one. Almost 4 hours later and still no email! I am now locked out of my account! I am mailing my claim form because who knows how long it will take to fix this. This is the reason I made sure they continued to send me paper claims even though I was doing online. I’m so pissed right now! More reasons to delay paying us!!

  • Jason

    I was actually able to login to the new system and submit my claim early this morning, but now that I try to log in again to check its not working! I OWE BILLS NEED THAT MONEY!!!

    • Cassie

      Were you able to get back on?

  • S0lly

    It looks like they combing a bunch of state programs on the website together. Instead of UI online, or SDI online, you can log onto a single portal. You have to create a new account from your existing UI online account. You may have to choose a new password and the little picture that identifies your account, but it really isn’t that hard. When you register, it is going to send a link to your e-mail. Just follow the directions carefully. You can do it!

    • Cassie

      I did follow directions very carefully! I am not stupid! Read my post!! It is now a day later and I still have not received the email with a link. I am locked out of my account still! I’m happy that you were able to get into your account with no problems but obviously I wasn’t and it looks like others are having problems too. People are already dealing with enough because of no job…you sounding like an a$$ and giving instructions that we already know, doesn’t help our situation!

    • Christian Ramz

      S0lly … I already logged in to the new account successfully. I certified for 2 weeks as usual but I only got paid for one week. The second week status says “pending”. I did everything as usual and this would barely be my 3rd bi-weekly payment. Do you know why they would only pay for one week?

  • Magick

    Did anyone get paid yet?

    • Tish

      No. I usually get my deposit between 6:50pm and 7:20pm.

  • eric

    I too have not been able to login since the system “upgrade”. I get to the new password page (the one with a personal image & caption fields) and enter the correct password but got an “incorrect email and/or password” message. After a few tries my account was locked and I am stuck.

    • Cassie

      I was locked out yesterday morning and it is still locked. I tried calling EDD and too many calls…won’t let me hold. Thankfully I have my paper claims still mailed to me so I was able to mail it off yesterday. I’m hoping I will get paid by end of the week…not sure how long doing it this way takes. I hope you get yours fixed soon!

    • Cassie

      I had sent EDD an email asking them for help. I received an email reply today. They unlocked my account and sentbme a link to get in. I am niw able to use! If you still can’t get in, send them an email.

  • Don Jennett

    I had to do exactly what you did. After the upgrade, I follow the instructions but they don’t send the e-mail! (Yes, I checked the spam folder). When I try through the main benefits login, it says “your account is locked. Please try again later.” That has been the message for four days. Yesterday morning I finally just mailed it. They are pretty quick (or at least they WERE before I switched to online), but this new system is ridiculous.

    • Cassie

      Send EDD an email stating you are locked out. I did and they replied. They unlocked my account and sent me a link to get in. So far, everything seems to work okay. I was able to do my claim online…it shows it’s paid but I still have not received the money on my card. It’s been almost 24 hours…I will check again tonight.

  • Nora E Barragala

    Same happened to me cause I forgot my username. I was able to get in today though, and I submitted my de 2500a. However, it was due on the 21st and today is the22nd. I was trying to login the past week and wasn’t able to because of the upgrade. Its one day late. Am I still getting my money??? I have bills to pay and no food or gas money. The upgrade was horrible!

  • Jane Dough

    Same thing happened to me today. Went through the process, got a link, clicked on the link, but the password “key” (photo) they showed me wasn’t mine. No info on the page about what to do in that case. Re-tried the process, but this time no link was sent to my email. Tried several more times, still no link.

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