worked for my company for 4 years, commuting by bus,at 5 hrs a day, $200 mo bus fare. In mid march my hrs were teduced from 40 per week to 20 per week due to budgeting. I cintinued to work but my commute then became 7 hrs round trip because no express buses ran that late, causing more aggravation and pain in my 4 heeniated discs. I quit. Now 5 weeks later, second intervoew, no pay and denial, i mailed my appeal today. Anyone win a appeal and how long did it take? I should have just aoplief for short term disability. Now i have no insurance and cannot even continue medical care, let aline pay bills and eat.


So I am in the field of psychology and had a bunch of hours to complete to get my license as well as a credential since I studied two different fields of psychology. While completing my hours, almost 3,600 I injured my back somehow and ended up needed surgery after two years of trying everything else.

I spent one year working two part time jobs which meant when they ended I could not get unemployment since they were contractual and part-time. My credential hours had 3 paid positions offered within a 60 mile radius of my home and I did not land any of them and took an unpaid internship. As my internship neared completion, I started applying for jobs, intereviewed and was offered the first one, so I stopped looking. So when the question on the online form asked are you looking for work I clicked NO. I had just finished my internship, graduate school, and had been offered a job. But I would still need money over the summer while recovering from surgery to pay my expenses.
I applied for Disability and was denied because “I had withdrawn from the workforce,” by taking an unpaid internship for a year and getting a job that started in August since I work in the K-12 school system which gives you the summer off. Despite clarifying this on the website, with a person, and completing multiple forms. I am lost as to how to get my money, since I paid into SSDI and now can’t get it when I need it.
Awaiting the appeal process.

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So confused!!!

March 14, 2017

in Pissed!

I’m so pissed! I went to an IME, who obviously denied me. I applied for an appeal and checked the box to be paid while waiting. Well I got an overpayment. I ended up winning my appeal. They issued a payment last night and applied it to the flipping overpayment! The overpayment that’s supposed to be cleared since I won my damn appeal! And of course no fucking one can help me. And they tell me in the overpayment number that my claim is handled in Long Beach, which is seriously like 90 miles from my fucking house. So if this shit can’t get handled today I guess I’m dragging my 2 year old to damn Long Beach!

So I checked the box to be paid waiting for my appeal when I was denied. Then the IME denied me and I got an overpayment. Well I appealed it, and I won. So I get an email today that they applied my payment to my overpayments? WTF! The judge reversed it, so I shouldn’t have any overpayment. It’s even stated on the paperwork that the date is as of the date before my IME. And of course I can’t get anyone to help me. I called the overpayment number and they told me they can’t help me because they just get the information to collect and that’s it. And of course you can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone.

Horrible Interview

March 8, 2017

in Pissed!

So I get a notice for an interview asking me a bunch of questions why I quit working for my less than part-time employer last year during my previous claim (almost a year ago). I had quit this job because of the excessive time it took me to get there (3+ hours by bus one way). During this time I was collecting partial benefits and reported all of my income.
I didn’t specifically tell them I quit because the job had highly variable hours where I didn’t even work some weeks, and I didn’t know my last day was even going to be my last day.
The interviewer berated me on the phone for not specifically telling them I quit and demanded I make repayment arrangements right then and there. I said there was no way I could afford to and she said it would come out of my tax return. I told her I wasn’t getting a tax refund either.
They haven’t approved my last claim which I filed a few days ago and I don’t expect them to. Needless to say I’m probably going to have to file an appeal. Worst experience ever with an EDD employee..

I have been employed for 2 years at this point at the same job! Thank god! I recently got a letter from EDD. I froze when I saw it – what on earth can they want! I open it up and they say I was overpaid a full week 2 years ago. It was the first week of my last job. The story is I was confused filling out my first 2 weeks of the claim. For my frist week of work I put down I made 0 cause at the end of your frist week you make 0 you don’t get paid till the following week. This is incorrect. Since was 2 years ago I racked my brain and said well I must have made a mistake so I look at the date of me having to send it all back in and I literally have 2 days till the make a decision? I Send the full amount in and get a letter back saying since I didn’t explain myself I owe the full money (which I already sent in and they cashed) plus a 150.00 penalty plus a suspension for 5 weeks if I ever get back on EDD! Let me remind you this was my first mistake at EDD and I said sorry paid the amount and now they’re doing this! I asked for an appeal on the 150.00 penalty and the 5 week one. It’s robbery! I can’t even get them on the phone. Anyone else experience this? I guess I’ll go in person and fight it. So frustrating!

EDD overpayment

February 11, 2017 · 1 comment

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I received a notice that the money I received before my benefits were temporarily suspended pending a review/appeal decision was an overpayment and needed to be paid back. I paid them back and then I won my case, but I have yet to see that money that I wrongly paid back. Will I automatically get it back or do I have to call EDD and ask for it back?