If anyone has exhausted all administrative options in appealing decisions with the EDD and have received a letter of denial from the appeals board in Sacramento, ca-I can type your appeal for you to file with the Superior court. Email me


Second level appeal

October 27, 2017

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I lost ny eppeal to edd so I filed for a second level higher appeal. Has anyone won the second appeal? If so, how long did it take?

I was recruited by a competetor. I was given a company vehicle to perform my job. I have had a company vehicle in the same job type for 10 years. My family has only one vehicle.

After working for new job they actively recruted me for (quit a job for them), I used the company vehicle in an emergency where my wife broke down. One time. Emergency. My new company, a small one owner company, never said I could never use it for personal use.

I was denied benefits because I was fired after only having the vehicle for 5 days and working there for 4 weeks! I was denied benefits because I broke a reasonable company rule.

If the rule is not communicated properly, I should still qualify. No other complaints about performance. No warnings. Company lied an said I had already received a warning (after one week?). I honestly didn’t think I would get fired if I explained the emergency (wife broken down, dark, late, by herself).

Filed appeal.. Sent to another Republican county. The owner once again stated I had been warned but admitted I had no other conduct problems. I denied the warning ever ocurred. The appeal judge asked if either of us had anything to add and the employer who fired me said he suspected drug use????!!!! What? Not true number one but can you just throw a statement out there like that? I was denied and could not beleive it.

I filed a 2nd level but waited almost 5 months for my first hearing.

Any thoughts??

So on Thursday, August 31, my wife and I got a call about fostering two children. I had been laid off from my job and on unemployment for a few weeks prior.

We got the kids Thursday night and I applied to get on Paid Family Leave the next week. Since there was a seven day waiting period, I assumed I was able to fill out my claim for the week and got scheduled for a phone interview.

During the interview I was told I had knowingly submitted a false statement and should have checked “yes” under “Yes” or “No” and said there was a reason I was unable to work.

She said I would have to pay back for the day and would probably get a 5 week penalty.

I feel like this was an honest mistake, but the worker was so accusatory. Like I was trying to scam the government for the 50 bucks or whatever I was paid for the day. Is the only thing I can do now to appeal this is to go before the judge? What a hassle.

So i found out through my own investigation that i was disqualified for at least 4 weeks (i certified twice for 4 different weeks 2 weeks at a time and thats how i found out) but i have yet to actually receive a notice of determination. now that seems a bit odd and maybe its just lost in the mail. but if the deadline is up, and i truly never receive it even though i called UI and had a representative repeatedly tell me its on the way, is there a way i can be granted the money i was rightfully free to appeal? essentially i dont think ill be able to appeal the ruling because of the fact that i havent got the letter, i havent got the appeal form, no one is answering my questions.

I filed for unemployment. The last place I worked at last year was a pizza place. I delivered. I told EDD I left because I had to go back to Illinois to help put my father with ALS move into an assisted living place. And the pizza owner would not give more than 2 days off. I had to go back several times to Illinois since. Sold my car for money later so cant’ deliver.

Was denied. Now appealing. Any appeal tips? PLEASE. THANKS

well. at first it looked like i was getting benefits. online on edd ui it showes how much a week and the total amount. so i certefied for benefits, waited and it said disqualification now that i certefied the second time it says it agian. the i received a letter in the mail saying something about the tax withholdings. i called edd and a lady told me that i got denied benefits cuz i didnt worked in the past 12 month. i receivbed benefits before started last july on the 25th of 2016 and i ran out jan. 2017. so i reapplied june 2017. idk if i applied to early or what but it is still showing online that i have abalance. and i never received a denie letter saying i got denied and should fiele for an appeal, no instead i keep receiving the continued claim forms. so im confused. plus the senate approved extensions for 2017.dose someone know whats going on