My 14 month contract ended on 12/31/2016. I applied for CA EDD and no problem. I got it. I was unemployed for 6 weeks and I took a six week temp job with a “TEMP AGENCY” in Feb and it ended on 3/31/2016. I certified the first two weeks on April and had to do an EDD eligibility on 4/20/2017. All the rep asked me if the “TEMP AGENCY” was my last employer. I said yes and I been certifying each week. That is all the EDD rep asked. She ended the call. I still have not had my BofA card funded yet and I have not received any notifications if I am cut off. Should I call them on Monday? For my 6 week assignment, I have an email from TEMP AGENCY that the assignment will end because they filled it with an internal person for that company and there is no work available.


Hi Everyone:

I have lost my card, and when I call the BofA number, I am still getting a “holiday closure” message and can’t report it or request a new one. Anyone else?


I webcerted on Jan understand that EDD was closed as well as BofA on Jan 2nd.. Now its Jan 3rd and I still have answers. I sent an email to edd asking where my money and they received the email on Jan 2… Anyone experience issues after the first of the year?

I certify for benefits in CA. Early like literally as soon as it hits 12am on Sunday. My payment usually hits that evening if not by early Monday morning. Now because of the holiday I’m a bit worried. My status says paid on web cert but I keep checking BofA and no money. I heard the prompt of BofA saying funds should be there late Tuesday early Wednesday. Is it because of the New year that the office and bank are causing delays? Did anyone else have this issue or could it be there’s a hold on my claim? Anyone going through this please feel free to comment.

So I always when I get my edd go to Wells Fargo and cash advance. This time it got declined for some reason (pretty sure the teller messed up).

Anyways, the $$ is in limbo and BofA (who fucking suck btw) said I’ll get back it. Cool 2 days later, my transaction history on BofA says the $$ was pulled out as cash by the teller?! The fuck dude?

Neither bank has the $$ and both think I’m a dumbass and I’m bullshitting them.

Anyone dealt with this? Either the teller straight up jacked me, or something is fucking up that no one can explain.

I was denied in withdrawing my money from my EDD debit card account on 11/11/2016.
The teller at this BofA branch, 8850 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683, initially told me that this branch does not handle EDD Debit account. Then he asked me if I have a BofA account, I replied “no”. Then he said that if I have the pin# I can use the ATM machine in the lobby. I told him I want to withdraw all my money in the account. He said sorry and I asked him when did they start to not processing EDD debit account at teller window. He said that they stopped processing EDD debit account since beginning of the year 2016. I told him that EDD website said I can use any BofA branch. I was so mad since I have been waiting in the teller’s line for 15 minutes. I have emailed the info to all the BofA officers.

Hi, They don’t answer the phones. I was on SDI some time ago with a card and online account. I shredded the card 4 years ago, and can’t remember my p/w, etc. for SDI online. I was approved, but the new card did not come in the mail. All paperwork says after 5 days contact EDD. They don’t answer. I want to talk to someone because I think it’s a USPS problem. I placed an recurring (not automatic) order that is always here in 3 days. Did not arrive. That is about the time my BofA debit card should have been delivered. Anyone have an idea of how to get a hold of them?
P.S. I work for EDD so it’s very sad.