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Annoyed as HELL

March 13, 2014 · 2 comments

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I have been trying to call, and I have been emailing every single day. I mailed in my claim form almost 2 weeks ago for my fist run with California Training Benefits. I have not seen a single cent. Finally today, I receive an email that the edd has received my claim form and they are going to process it quickly as possible. In other words they have not even started on it!!!!! Meanwhile, I am so broke. No gas money to get back and fourth to school, can’t pay my rent, by groceries’ or anything. I have to turn in my second claim on Monday next week. This is a bunch of bullshit.

This site has been pretty great. I can’t believe I just found it a couple days ago.
I was on the verge of imploding from stress and anxiety for almost 2 months. I applied November 1st, last day of work was Halloween (no I didn’t work at Party City). I received nothing. I called and called that 800 number for hours and days. First, when I applied, they didn’t have my apartment number. Managed to change that. I finally got my Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award mailed out 11/27/13.
Stress bottled up, I breathe a sigh a relief. Nothing for another 10 days. Then I get the Continued Claim form for 10/27 – 11/8. Mailed it back. Nothing. Web cert for the following 4 weeks became available. Filled out properly. Nothing.
I had to call because now it’s dire for me. Presents for the holidays are already out of the question, I’m just trying to eat and have a home to stay.
I was not going to call that damn 800 number. I searched up and down the ‘contacting edd’ tag. Wrote down 10 numbers I found on there. Got through to 408-436-5603 on the first ring. This rude lady was like “your claim is in San Diego. How did you get this number? ….You should go find their number the same way…” yada yada. I said you know what, fuck it. She told me San Diego, I’ll take it. Thanks, you asshole.
Then searched the search box on this site for “san diego”. ended up getting 619-525-4995.
I dialed that number for 2 hours straight. It’s easier than the 800 for me because even though it cuts off quite often, you still feel like you could be in a waiting line, and it’s not hopeless. Anyways, finally got through! I jumped in excitement and almost knocked my Christmas tree over. She took my soc.sec number, told me to hold and then came back and said there were flags all over my account, but couldn’t explain to me why or from what. She took them off and said I have 24 hours until the money is in my account.
I’m so grateful. Thank you Best to all

EDD mindless drones

December 4, 2013 · 5 comments

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These fucks wont answer the phones and theyve made it impossible to reach them by design. They say they dont take money from our checks but fuck every paycheck Ive had has a deduction for unemployment. These people are heartless robots at best. I hope they all lose their jobs and have to deal with the same system and all its traps and impossibilities.
I had a goddamn phone interview 15 days ago, the bitch on the phone said 10 days, oh well shes a lyin ass bitch with no spine.Ive worked since I was 18 Im 40 now. When money is taken from my checks I have no choice. I wish I could avoid paying them how they avoid paying me. My old employer even said he wants me to get unemployment and wont fight it, yet they still havemt paid a dime, they avoid answering phones and contacting edd via email is a goddamn joke, there literally isnt a way to contact them unless you enter a different reason into the contact edd window.
.man fuck these people, Im ready to go downtown and start throing fucking ricks at any civil service asshole I see. We need to overthrow our government, what ever happened to no taxation without representation? Im being taxed by edd and dont say I dont pay into, thays a bullshit technicality I see the deductions on my goddamn paystubs!! Sure maybe the employer sends it in to the beaurocrats but make no mistake that money is deducted from my fucking check..
Fuck the EDD! Facist bastards, I never asked to pay into your bullshit system, false hope bullshiy assholes, 10 fucking days my ass!!!

I have not gotten paid since august 21. I tried to call everyday and its always busy. Can I get some help on how u guys are able to get someone on the phone. Please explain with FULL FULL FULL details. Thank you…god bless

I called edd a few days after the 3rd wondering where my payment was and was told there was no funds left in my account and I couldn’t claim a new one until December. I just got paid yesterday tho so I’m starting to wonder if they were just making excuses up. Has anyone else experienced this?

HI –
I made the mistake of leaving an answer blank on a claim form which held up payment. I tried calling the 800 number only to be disconnected time and time again. I found this edd phone trick online and it worked
call the 1800-300-5616 after pressing one when the guy says “welcome” listen to the long dreadful message, at the end press 6-7-1 fast and then you’ll be asked for your ss# and be put on hold for the next person
Totally worked for me and got my issue resolved with a really nice EDD operator.

I just received a letter saying that I have received all my benefit have expired even though I opened my claim in February. It says I that I may qualify for a new claim and to call the unemployment insurance office, but we all know it’s almost impossible to get a hold of them. Does anyone know how to do it online or if I should even bother to file for a new claim?