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So I certify with Telecert beacuse the online/mobile cert always errors out or won’t let me log in. As many of you know, If a state holiday falls on a Monday Telecert demands you mail in your continued claim form. My question is… if I just wait untill after the holiday and call will it go through? Beacuse id rather not wait the 10 days they estimate for the paper form to be processed.

Purge on Claim

January 26, 2017

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I filed a claim on 4/10/16. I was eligible. They sent a letter to sign up for UI Online to do my weekly certs online. I served my waiting period and received one week of benefits of 220.00 then found a job. I reported i started working. Unfortunately i had to leave my job so I quit. I knew i wouldn’t be eligible for UC so i didn’t reopen my claim. Although my job reported it to edd and i received a letter stating i was inelgible due to quitting and not checking to see if i could work something with my employer. It stated i need to make over 1100.00 to qualify to receive benefits on my continued claim form. I found a job in November 2016. I was told it would be long term. With no warning on Dec 19th 2016 I was told they had to let me go. She stated it wasn’t working out which is strange because i know i was doing well. She told me it was at will. I asked whats that and she told me laid off. The paper i received said Terminated which i didn’t notice till i got home because of i didn’t want to be where i wasn’t wanted. I shook their hands and told them thank you for the opportunity.
i made more than the amount to reopen my claim so i did. I had a phone interview on 1/5/17. I saw on the UI Online that i was able to certify for benefits. I did and it stated disqualification. I received no letter nothing.i emailed edd to find out why i was disqualified. 7 days later i received a response on 1/20/2017. She said I’m elgible but i need to send my wages. On 1/23/2017 i called edd and the lady gave me a fax and said they would purge it. There’s been no changes they received my next weekly certs and it states disqualified. I called 1/25/2017 And still they said there’s nothing that says i sent my wages. I sent it Monday and tuesday. My question is how long does it take for them to purge my claim because i do qualify for sure. I’m clueless ive never been fired and i never did a continued claim form. Thank you in advance.


February 4, 2016 · 1 comment

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I submitted my continued claim form through UI Online Tuesday(2/3/2015) my transactions show paid but nothing in my edd card. This is my second continued claim form ,so I’m past the waiting period.
Has anyone else been through this and is this normal to show paid ?
Really frustrated and behind on bills as we all are.
Thanks for the comments in advance!

Should I certify online as well?

December 15, 2015

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I mailed in my claim form yesterday, and later on that day I got the award letter and account number info mail from Ed so I set up my account. Since I mailed in my continued claim form, would it be necessary to certify online as well?

I recieved the continued claim form and a noticed to sign up on the cal job site today. I never recieved the award letter. I have been on w’2 for the last two years. Do anyone know what may be the issue? Or am I not qualified? I got laid off from my last employer so I’m not sure what can be the issue why I haven’t gotten my award letter. Please kindly advise. Thank you


I’m trying to determine my 10 digit EDD Customer Account Number from my “Continued Claim Form”. This is 10 digits so not the same as SSN.

There is a long string of numbers near the top of my continued claim form – the string starts off with my SSN (represented as 1-9 below). Then there are 24 characters after that(represented as A-X below).

Can someone kindly look at their continued claim form and tell me which letters below represent the Customer Account Number?


Many thanks!

I’ve been approved for Unemployment Insurance through California’s EDD. So far, I’ve received two continued claim documents that say, “Your balance after this payment is…” yet no payment came with either continued claim form. It doesn’t appear possible to speak to anyone when I call, nor does the online message system work to my advantage.