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I used webcert to certify for benefits for the weeks ending the 26th of april and still no funds. On webcert it says issued but b of a card shows nothing. This will be my second payment. My first payment was deposited on the card in three days total. I also got my new continued claim form in the mail today 5/2/15 and its has no when to file date or a payment history for the weeks im still waiting payment for even tho it says issued for those weeks . Can someone give me some insight on whats going on cause this is rediculous lol


I mailed my last continued claim form on the 20th. It’s the 28th and I haven’t been paid yet. Anyone else experienced/experiencing this long a wait after mailing in a claim?

(And yes, I’m going to web-cert or tele-cert next time.)


I was getting Paid Family Leave, and now am switching to Unemployment. I received my continued claim form, however, the first three days of week 1 I was on Paid Family Leave. How do I claim the last four days, but not the first three? Has anyone gone through this?

My best guess would be to check that I worked or earned money on question 6 and put PFL as the employer, but that just seems wrong. I don’t want to fill the form out wrong because it’s such a hassle whenever anything isn’t done perfectly with EDD.

Please only answer if you for sure know how to properly fill out the form.

Thank You!


My disability was supposed to end as of 2/15. My doctor submitted my continued claim form but I am not sure of the date. I got enough email saying that I am extended through 5/4. I have been paid through 2/17. Does anyone know if there another 7 day waiting period for continued payments from the date the continued form was received? Or do you get paid as if it never lapsed? I checked BofA and there is no payment yet. It’s only Monday though. I would appreciate any help! Thanks.


Hey all – after submitting my first continued claim form, I got my second claim form in the mail. Instead of a check (or a BofA debit card) at the top of my second claim form it said: “NO BENEFITS ARE PAYABLE BECAUSE THE WEEK ENDING XXXX HAS BEEN APPLIED TO YOUR DISQUALIFICATION.” I received this second claim form 5 days ago. I’ve yet to receive an explanation letter informing me for the reason or duration of my disqualification. I put an email inquiry in with EDD but they don’t always respond in a timely fashion. For those who have been through this, how soon after this should I receive a notice explaining my disqualification and the length of period I’ll be in the penalty box? For context: I filed for unemployment several years ago after getting laid off from my first post-college job. I didn’t realize that you had to report part-time temp work while collecting unemployment. Dumb, I know, but I didn’t. Now, more than 5 years later EDD sent me a notice saying I’d been overpaid by $3k and I promptly set up a monthly payment system with them. But, then, bam! I got laid off from my current job and could no longer make the overpayment monthly payments. I still owe about $2.5k. What’s not clear to me yet is (1). How long my penalty/disqualification period is for; (2). What happens after the disqualification period has ended. Do they automatically deduct a portion of my overpayment balance from each bi-weekly claim payment or do they deduct 100% of each bi-weekly claim payment until my debt is settled? Thanks for any help you can provide!


Got laid off.

Applied for unemployment benefits;

Registered for Cal-Works and uploaded my resume to their system;

Received NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE AWARD from EDD listing my benefit amount;

Never received further communications from EDD

I write EDD (via Ask EDD email) to say I have not received any further communication since receiving NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE AWARD;

EDD responds that it has now been more than 30 days since I filed my claim so I have to refile/re-open my claim;

I figure, it’s probably just a mail mix up and I’ll just do what they say and re-open my claim.


Another 30 days goes by and I do not receive any email, mail, phone messages from EDD;

I contact Ask EDD again via email and explain I’ve now filed twice, but after filing/re-opening, I never receive further communication from them. And, yes, I have confirmation numbers from filing/re-opening.

I finally get an email response from EDD after 12 days. The response says that they have no record of receiving my first continued claim form back from me and that because it has been more than 30 days again, I will need to refile/reopen;

This is insanity. How can I send them my first continued claim form if THEY won’t send it to me first?? It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had to dealt with EDD. I know things are mostly electronic now, but don’t they still have to send you your FIRST continued claim form via snail mail? Their own Web-Cert page says that before you can start Web-Cert you have to have NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT AWARD (DE429) – which I *do*, and your CONTINUED CLAIM FORM (DE 4581) – which I do *not*.

Can anyone offer any hope? If I refile/reopen now for a THIRD time, will I finally receive my CONTINUED CLAIM FORM (DE4581) within 30 days of filing? This is getting so depressing.


I received money from my former employer, it is called a cash balance. I didn’t contribute only my former employer did. What do I put in A and B to report this income? Or is it not counted as income. Thank you.

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