I was approved for CTB for 18 months when my school ends. Online TE states it is one time for 6 months. Which is correct? Or is after the extended 6 months when I get a new claim award based on new earnings?

Hi, so, I’m in the CTB program and I recently got my CTE because my benefits ran out on my current claim. Anyway, I’ve been on a program that is “supposed” to last only 6months. I put it in quotes because you can extend it if you feel you need more time and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing dissatisfactory work. I recently got my program extended to January 20, 2018(original end date was October 20) due to my mental health. I have depression an anxiety and for the last few months I was going through a lot of stress because I also work part time and I’m trying to focus on school plus I need to pay bills which as we all know UI doesn’t pay enough even with a part time job. Anyway, I started having suicidal thoughts and I was just going through a downward spiral I seemed out help I’m now in therapy and back on meds. However, that caused delays and I’m not going to be able to finish by October which is why my advisor extended it to January but I’m hoping to finish in December.
When I called EDD to inform them of the change they asked me why and one told me to say about my mental health while another rep told me that I’ll get instantly denied for the extension of my CTE from Oct to Jan because they don’t care for personal reasons. I have a phone interview tomorrow Tuesday I haven’t been able to sleep because I don’t know what I’m going to say or should even say. Living off unemployment is the worst but I need to finish school and I’m also working part time. Can someone advise me on perhaps what I should say? Will I get denied if I mention my setback due to my mental health deteriorating due to massive amount of stress?
The rep who told me Not to mention any tho V personal told me to “just say it was extended, nothing else” but I feel EDD is going to ask why. But why else would schools extend an end date? Please help I’m stressed out. Thank you

CTB/TE-WIOA Benefits

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I’m receiving UI benefits and I started a program and it’s before my 16th week. I requested and informed EDD and a phone interview is scheduled. The program is on the ETPL providers list in CA and it’s available for WIOA funding.

They don’t have funding which seems to be the norm for WIOA but would they at least be able to approve the training and send in something to the EDD before funding? If I start self initated CTB claim, how do I get approved? I have a interview next week via phone.

I received approval for CTB due to school enrollment but when I went to UI online, it looks like my claim was closed. Do I need to reopen it so I can certify each week? I appreciate any feedback.

CTB question

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I took an edd approved training course on extension which recently ended and I got paid for my last week of school but I did not get paid for the week after. I got the notice saying my work search requirements have changed since school ended and to continue to receive benefits i need to look for work each week. Shortly after that i got scheduled for an edd phone interview and when the rep called he just asked when i finished school and hung up. I check my UI Online and for the week after school ended it went from pending to disqualified. My claim balance is still showing and it also says to certify for weeks still. Just wondering is it over or will I still be able to receive benefits while looking for a job with my new skill from school.

I have a month left on my EDD before benefits run out. I just started school, was approved, got a letter stating I do not have to meet the work requirments.

On UI online, they closed my claim. Do I need to reopen it to get my weekly benefits? I started to reopen, but it’s asking me the same questions when I 1st applied for UE, and just doesn’t seem right after being approved for CTB.

Does it automatically deposit in my EDD debit card and if so… how long does it take? Or is there something I need to fill out on UI online that I’m not seeing?

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July 31, 2016

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Do you have to reopen your claim to get the CTB TE?