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still pending…

January 29, 2017 · 4 comments

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every 2 weeks i dread having to certify, what in the fuck is the problem now, im stuck on pending. I ususally would have had it loaded on my boa debit card by now, never had it stuck on pending so God knows what im in store for. anyone else stuck on pending?

Edd office is a joke!

January 24, 2017

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I filed for unemployment benefits on 12/12/2016. I didn’t get a phone interview until 01/03/2017. I was approved for benefits on 01/06/2017. I requested Ui Paper forms twice and to no anvail recieved no forms. I found out about Ui online and certified through ui online but first I had to call ui online support for my customer account number because EDD never sent me my customer account number either. I was told by ui online rep I neeeded to call edd officce because my account doesn’t look in good hands. on 01/16/2017 I call EDD. Through trial and error he resolved my account problems. My Claim rep acidentally put an extra day before my intital claim for payment and din’t waive the first week as the waiting period. She also didn’t correct my current status because my previous unemployment many years ago was disqualified. The edd rep asked me if I still had my previous card. I said no and would need a new debit card. He said ok no problem, A card will be shipped out to you tomorrow and be there by 01/24/2017. I call BOA today to find out my previous card is still activated so I had to cancel the previous card , request a new card and pay $10 for express shipping because my rent is due before reg shipping date feburary 7th. I am expecting me card on 01/27/2017. I’ll keep this post updated as to if my card arrives on time or not. I am infuriated with the EDD Office. This experience is un-fucking believable. This is money I PAID. The government isn’t giving me a helping hand. I worked hard for this fucking money! How fucking dare they take their sweet time to pay me money I paid them!!!!

I was laid off October 2015 and applied for unemployment and they interviewed me and was found eligible. The last week I got my weekly benefits was May 2016. Since then I struggled to find a job in my field but unfortunately didn’t get lucky. I even tried to drive for uber for a week but wasn’t profitable since I was studying full time (not mentioned to EDD). I tried to reapply for the same claim in December 2016 and I got few letters from EDD: the first one said I was ineligible since I didn’t earn enough money, the second ones they sent me a debit card and said I was eligible for mid $x,xxx since I earned more than x amount in the quarters ending in Sep 15 and Dec 15. I signed in and found that my account was refilled and weekly benefits are there ($440). A week later I got an email that I have weeks available to certify for benefits, I certified and showed that I looked for jobs and all other things they want to hear. Two days later I saw that the status changed to “disqualified for week ending in” for both weeks that I certified for.

Now I’m very confused and don’t get it, there’s no code or reason for this decision. Can anyone help me if you can clarify to me what this means; am I getting benefits or not? If not why on earth they refilled my account and sent me a card?


October 22, 2016 · 2 comments

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Has anyone received payment this week. Mine usually posts to the debit card account by 8 on Saturday morning (today)
So far nothing and the website is down for Maint…..

New to EDD

August 17, 2016 · 2 comments

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Hi all. I’ve searched through the site for answers but I’m still pretty lost.

When a status says “paid”, does that mean you passed the phone interview? I have not received a card, letter, or phone call telling me I have. When I called the number on their site, it tells me no payments have been issued & “No Results Found” on their site. I also do not have the edd debit card. Can someone clarify whats going on here?

EDD Debit Card

July 26, 2016

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I filed the end of June and got approved and have been using WebCert to do my bi-weekly certifying. So far, UI online says I’ve been paid 1000$, but I haven’t received a debit card yet. I called the Bank of America EDD debt and they told me it was sent out on 7/11.. it is not 7/26. Anybody have an idea on how long it should take to receive my card in the mail?

I filed back in May. I had a phone interview, registered online, registered for caljobs and also went to an REA appointment. When I look online all my certifications say “pending”, I have 6 total so far. I have not gotten any other mail, and every 2 weeks I get an email asking me to fill out my certification…which I complete.
When I was at my REA appointment they mentioned that everyone should hear something within a week, its been almost 2 now.
Has anyone else experienced this long of a wait for their first payment? I dont have a debit card yet, and like I mentioned all my payment certifications say pending.