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Filed on Jan 12, 2018 got the mailed notifications in a timely manner and that every thing was on track. Hit a bit of s speed bump because I recently started receiving a small pension from an employer back in the 90’s. Had to do a phone interview and got the impression I was good-to-go after it. Signed up online for online portal Web Certs and required Caljobs. First week non-payment was OK’d, and as of Feb 19 the online portal says the following 5 weeks have been “paid.”

Here’s the Snafu… after 6 weeks… NO DEBIT CARD! I’ve emailed inquiries a few times, first EDD reply says it was mailed on 2/6/18, but still no card after 14 days of supposed mailing. Sent a 2nd EDD email early last week ago and no answer. Dreading having to do call-in and wait in the queue for hours. Gives new meaning to “the check’s in the mail.”


I was approved for benefits and went onto my account today to see that my payment was issued on 2/13/18, problem is that I have no received a debit card. Should I have already gotten this card or is it on the way? I’m so confused.

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So I’m very confused here. I worked a part time job for 2 years (20 hours a week or so) and the restaurant i worked for was closed. I’m also a full time student, so i thought i would take advantage of California’s unemployment while looking for a job and going to school. So i applied and got my debit card and first payment, but haven’t been paid again, and that was 2 months ago. I’m having a phone interview, but i’m confused, do i need to get a full time job? Full time would be difficult with my schedule, so I am only wanting to get a part time job, like the one i filed my claim off of. I believe that they are questioning my eligibility due to me saying no to the question regarding if I’m available to work full time on the claim form. So i put no to that, since i want to work part time, not full time, and still answered yes to looking for work. So my question is, do i need to get a full time job to get benefits? Even after applying for unemployment on a part time job?

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Exhibiting symptoms of confusion here, hope someone here can help. Three weeks ago, I applied for UI, had a phone interview on 8/30/2016. After which, I certified for UI benefits online. I have not received an approval or denial letter from EDD, however. When I check my UI account online, it shows EDD issued one payment for 2nd week and the 1st was the (Waiting Period Served for week ending 08/19/2017). So far so good, now. Keep in mind I have yet to receive and debit card or approval or denial letter from EDD. What I did get in the mail was, continued claim form for the next two weeks. Here is my confusion, I login to my UI account this morning and under “notification” it reads:
“Reopen Your Claim

If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim”

and just below that it reads, under notifications.

09:00 a.m.

In-Person Appointment

Reemployment Eligibility Assessment

You have an in-person appointment scheduled. You must appear at the date and time shown. Failure to attend this appointment may affect your eligibility to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits. A letter was sent to you containing information about your appointment. If you have not received this letter before your appointment date, contact us.

Does this suggest that my UI claim was denied and I have to reapply (hence the reopen your claim title)? and there is a link to reopen claim. Since its a holiday weekend, I cant get in touch with edd rep. Hoping someone here can help me understand, if my claim was denied and that I have to reapply.
Thank you all in advance.


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Certified 5 weeks already and haven’t received a debit card. Is this normal? What number do I call??? Also if I chose to have taxes withheld.I do get that back when I file my income taxes, right?

I haven’t had unemployment in over 10 years yet I still a monthly statement on my BoA edd account. When I ask Ca EDD who’s paying for this statement on my unused EDD account I don’t get a definitive reply. The same happens when I inquire at BoA edd debit card. Millions of unused edd child support and other state debit exist bilking the taxpayers.

I’ve been on Unemployment since March. That’s four months. I had to fight with them just to receive my money. They kept insisting they sent me my debit card when they never did. Finally, after a lot of battling, I finally got the card only to find out that in this entire time, I’ve only received $54! Why?! I want answers. I can’t get answers from them, since they’ve made it’s so difficult to get a hold of a live person. The name of this website says it all……