I am at my wit’s end and slowly breaking down. I filed a claim for SDI in early November, and since then, there’s been nothing but stalling and delays.
I live nearby an office, and every time I go up there to check on the status of my claim there seems to be an issue that delays the processing time.

The first delay was when I went up to the office the first week of December and found I had missed a signature on a form. I signed it and they told me I would have my claim processed in 7-10 days. I waited two weeks and went back to the office in mid-December after not hearing any updates, and this time they said my claim was invalid due to an error with my wages (my job’s fault). Again, another 7-10 business days to “process.” Today, I went up to the office, yet again, and this time there were notes on my account to verify certain questions on my application. I answered them and was told that I have to wait another 7-10 days before it was processed.

It’s been in this cycle of being “processed” for two months now. I have no money, and I am scared that I will lose my apartment and everything else that I have because of this. Had I not been able to go to the office to check on my claim, things would be going even slower than they have. The worst part is that I’m just waiting to get approved…which means if I am denied, I am screwed.

It’s really messing with my head and I feel like I’m about to have a mental breakdown any day now. I’ve tried being patient, but it’s been two months and counting too long.

Still pending

December 29, 2017

in Where's my Money!?

Quick question I filed on the 26th of nov and still haven’t received a payment i had a interview on dec 20 and lady told me to fax everything I did and haven’t received any updates still pending I emailed two days ago and on the email it saidI was denied because of identity but i still have received a letter of denial and i had to certify for another two weeks? I already faxed everything the lady said I would get my money after Christmas and said she would call me that two days after my interview and she never called do you think I can still get benefits or should I keep calling? Someone help anyone please

I was recruited by a competetor. I was given a company vehicle to perform my job. I have had a company vehicle in the same job type for 10 years. My family has only one vehicle.

After working for new job they actively recruted me for (quit a job for them), I used the company vehicle in an emergency where my wife broke down. One time. Emergency. My new company, a small one owner company, never said I could never use it for personal use.

I was denied benefits because I was fired after only having the vehicle for 5 days and working there for 4 weeks! I was denied benefits because I broke a reasonable company rule.

If the rule is not communicated properly, I should still qualify. No other complaints about performance. No warnings. Company lied an said I had already received a warning (after one week?). I honestly didn’t think I would get fired if I explained the emergency (wife broken down, dark, late, by herself).

Filed appeal.. Sent to another Republican county. The owner once again stated I had been warned but admitted I had no other conduct problems. I denied the warning ever ocurred. The appeal judge asked if either of us had anything to add and the employer who fired me said he suspected drug use????!!!! What? Not true number one but can you just throw a statement out there like that? I was denied and could not beleive it.

I filed a 2nd level but waited almost 5 months for my first hearing.

Any thoughts??

Missed phone interview

October 11, 2017

in ¿Confused?

Last Wednesday was my phone interview. I got a call from a “unknown” number and the voicemail said it was my EDD lady. Called her back w/in 4 minutes and got the voicemail. Left a message and never heard back (even though I left it at 1:30pm, when our scheduled time was 1-3pm). Called her Thursday and she said she got my message and would try to call Friday from 1-4pm. Didn’t hear from her, so I called at 4:02pm and left a message. Called Monday (not realizing it was a holiday) and left another message. Waited Tuesday and today I called just an hour ago and pressed 0 to speak to someone else instead of leaving another voicemail. They said I have to wait for my interview girl to call me back when she has time…

She has until next Tuesday I believe but I’m nervous about getting denied since she doesn’t have time for me. I don’t know what to do – has anyone else had a similar situation?

Hi, so, I’m in the CTB program and I recently got my CTE because my benefits ran out on my current claim. Anyway, I’ve been on a program that is “supposed” to last only 6months. I put it in quotes because you can extend it if you feel you need more time and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing dissatisfactory work. I recently got my program extended to January 20, 2018(original end date was October 20) due to my mental health. I have depression an anxiety and for the last few months I was going through a lot of stress because I also work part time and I’m trying to focus on school plus I need to pay bills which as we all know UI doesn’t pay enough even with a part time job. Anyway, I started having suicidal thoughts and I was just going through a downward spiral I seemed out help I’m now in therapy and back on meds. However, that caused delays and I’m not going to be able to finish by October which is why my advisor extended it to January but I’m hoping to finish in December.
When I called EDD to inform them of the change they asked me why and one told me to say about my mental health while another rep told me that I’ll get instantly denied for the extension of my CTE from Oct to Jan because they don’t care for personal reasons. I have a phone interview tomorrow Tuesday I haven’t been able to sleep because I don’t know what I’m going to say or should even say. Living off unemployment is the worst but I need to finish school and I’m also working part time. Can someone advise me on perhaps what I should say? Will I get denied if I mention my setback due to my mental health deteriorating due to massive amount of stress?
The rep who told me Not to mention any tho V personal told me to “just say it was extended, nothing else” but I feel EDD is going to ask why. But why else would schools extend an end date? Please help I’m stressed out. Thank you

I filed for unemployment. The last place I worked at last year was a pizza place. I delivered. I told EDD I left because I had to go back to Illinois to help put my father with ALS move into an assisted living place. And the pizza owner would not give more than 2 days off. I had to go back several times to Illinois since. Sold my car for money later so cant’ deliver.

Was denied. Now appealing. Any appeal tips? PLEASE. THANKS

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Exhibiting symptoms of confusion here, hope someone here can help. Three weeks ago, I applied for UI, had a phone interview on 8/30/2016. After which, I certified for UI benefits online. I have not received an approval or denial letter from EDD, however. When I check my UI account online, it shows EDD issued one payment for 2nd week and the 1st was the (Waiting Period Served for week ending 08/19/2017). So far so good, now. Keep in mind I have yet to receive and debit card or approval or denial letter from EDD. What I did get in the mail was, continued claim form for the next two weeks. Here is my confusion, I login to my UI account this morning and under “notification” it reads:
“Reopen Your Claim

If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim”

and just below that it reads, under notifications.

09:00 a.m.

In-Person Appointment

Reemployment Eligibility Assessment

You have an in-person appointment scheduled. You must appear at the date and time shown. Failure to attend this appointment may affect your eligibility to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits. A letter was sent to you containing information about your appointment. If you have not received this letter before your appointment date, contact us.

Does this suggest that my UI claim was denied and I have to reapply (hence the reopen your claim title)? and there is a link to reopen claim. Since its a holiday weekend, I cant get in touch with edd rep. Hoping someone here can help me understand, if my claim was denied and that I have to reapply.
Thank you all in advance.