I originally got fired from 7-Eleven in September and started going for UI towards the end of the month. Now keep in mind, I’m homeless at the time (still am).

I got called for the interview and the lady on the line was…ok. A bit rude and misunderstanding, but at least I could get my point across.

Roughly a week later, I got approved early October.

Now, this should’ve been the end of the story. I had a trustworthy friend who I had for my mailing address, and he’d make sure to let me know if anything new came in (he works nights at a Subway that I frequent nightly).

Now previously, I’d lost the paper that had my Customer # on it so I had to get it from EDD. Only problem is I didn’t know I needed it or what I would’ve needed it for so I didn’t ask.

Getting back on track, I waited for a few weeks, even making sure my phone had minutes to use on it to make sure I could be reached.

Nothing. No mail. No call. No email.

I figured I didn’t get approved, so I just kept going with my EBT card.

Fast forward a few into January 2016 and my EBT card is discontinued since it’d been a year since I had it. I go over to the EBT and GR office in Santa Ana and try to reactivate my EBT benefits as well as go for GR to have some extra cash on hand. I do all the paperwork, fill out the forms, and sign them.

I wait for about 30 minutes and I get called in. The lady who was working with me asked me if I was getting Unemployment and I said “no,” saying also that, “if I were getting Unemployment, I wouldn’t be here applying for GR.” She informed me that I was approved for UI Benefits and should’ve been receiving since early October.

Now, here’s the kicker! Remember how I lost my Customer #? Yeah, I needed that for UI Online so I could certify for everything.

Continued in Part 2…

Been receiving EBT for me (one person), added a relative to my quarterly report–he has zero income in process to disability and moved in with me. I included that info on qr7 report, didnt get benefits uploaded to card. Would anyone know why? Is there a follow up form? Any info I would be greatful! (I know this isn’t EBT, but the lines are outrageous, plus I would love to know to be prepared). THANK YOU

EBT question, please!

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Adding a person on qr7 report, new person disabled, by adding them and preparing meals together,will amount go up next month? Or will I need to provide additional information they will be requesting? The report doesn’t ask for income info for that person.

EBT…does anyone know?

April 14, 2014

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Being that this EUC is stilllll pending; When your calfresh expires (being honest and thinking I’d qualify for this extension, I assumed I no longer would qualify) does anyone know what form I can print to continue? Or what to do? (As of 3/31/14 CA stopping benefits). Thank you for any help.

After EUC was cut off, I applied for food stamps. I was approved a few weeks ago and my ebt card was retroactively credited from the date I applied so I have a few hundred on my card. Just after I got the card, I got a job so I have to cancel my food stamps.

I’m wondering since the card credited me from when I was not making money, if I get to keep the balance on the ebt card?

Does anyone know?

If EDD had chosen Xerox instead of Deloitte:
1) We would have been paid.
2) The problem would already have been fixed.
3) At least some California employees would have benefited.

EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana


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I know we all want our money to survive, some of us have had to get EBT food card to help ourselves eat at least, the whole ebt system is down in several states. people get ready, prepare yourself for a meltdown.