If anyone has exhausted all administrative options in appealing decisions with the EDD and have received a letter of denial from the appeals board in Sacramento, ca-I can type your appeal for you to file with the Superior court. Email me


I have filled out the application 4x. The first 3x I did not print anything out, or
save the confirmation number, so I thought it was my fault. The 4th time I filled out the application and they told me to send the confirmation number even though IT WAS IN THE EMAIL I SENT THEM TO TELL THEM I HAD APPLIED FOR THE 4TH TIME. I also tried to call for 2w in a row, but was unsuccessful in getting through. Why dont they hire more people to answer the phones? There would probably be a tremendous drop in the unemployment number! And why dont they actually read their email? And even provide a place in their many fields to put the confirmation number so that they can find it since they have such a difficult time reading. Perhaps I could provide a literacy service for them. Oh well. I’m done for the day, if I dont get a real email or phone call tomorrow, I am calling my congressman and the governor.


Please help!

January 25, 2018 · 1 comment

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I applied early in Jan. And I didnt hear anything back for over 20 days. I did finally get the letter notice of edd claim filed and just now received email stating I had weeks to certify for. I did not have a telephone interview and I didnt receive a letter of award. Does this “certify for benefits” mean I was awarded ?

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January 21, 2018 · 227 comments

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I have been certifying benefits for weeks. My status always goes to paid but I notice this morning the status is pending. Is the system lagging because of the government shutdown? Anyone else have this issue today? I also didn’t receive the email that I have new benefits to certify for, which I always do. :/

Missed REA Appointment

January 16, 2018

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1/16/18 I Missed 8am REA (Re employment Service Eligibility) I was late and the doors lock if your 5 min late. It’s best Not to miss this appointment it is a requirement and it does interrupt your check payment. I attempted to call but no answer so I drove down there and they advise me I could take the second class at 1:30. Even though I attended the same day I still receive a pending on my check until I called the EDD and confirmed i attend. You need to take your letter with you when you attend REA Appointment and arrived 10 minute early. You watch a video educating you on what’s available. They offer you a lot of help from writing up a resume to a Mock interview with Real employers. I discovered that i was not networking. They are there to help you. Enrolling for Cal job is more than updating your resume. It offer you a build in email where employer interested in hiring you leave you a message and list the local jobs in your area something i missed the first time around. It’s expensive to do job search and the career One Stop is a Great tool. If you miss your appointment, don’t be scared it’s best to reschedule right away. It’s Best to call the EDD at 8:am dial the 800 listen and dial 1 for english and when the recording stop 6-7-1 (2 min wait) they stop taking calls at 12pm. Anything your not sure about it’s best to call and write your question down so you don’t forget to ask something. When your check is pending it will tell you if you read it carefully your not in compliance and you call the EDD immediately and satisfy what need to get resolved. Once you resolve it, they will pay you within 48 hours. it can be frightful. I hope this help someone …

Still pending

December 29, 2017

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Quick question I filed on the 26th of nov and still haven’t received a payment i had a interview on dec 20 and lady told me to fax everything I did and haven’t received any updates still pending I emailed two days ago and on the email it saidI was denied because of identity but i still have received a letter of denial and i had to certify for another two weeks? I already faxed everything the lady said I would get my money after Christmas and said she would call me that two days after my interview and she never called do you think I can still get benefits or should I keep calling? Someone help anyone please

I was receiving benefits until july ’17 and had an account with UIOnline. Had to re-register when I just got laid off around xmas. I was wondering why i kept getting logged out (wrong password maybe?) but when I clicked on Forgot Password to get a temp one, it seemed like i would never receive the reset emails.

After dealing with the phone system, they said they redid the system in october, so i figured, what the hell… i re-registered for UI Online and i immediately got a reply email.

So give that a shot.