I was approved on 10th of june. I have not recieved a payment for the week of 6-17-17. I’ve been messaged that it was used as a waiting period so their is no benefits. I checked the status of that payment and it says Waiting period served, but wheres the money at? I got paid for 6/24. Why claim 2 weeks for benefits if you only get paid for 1, the system is broken because it is claiming i get paid $205 a week when i get $205 every 2 weeks. It is sunday and i filed for the next 2 weeks of claims and under payment activity it says the 2 weeks which are 7/1 and 7/8 i claimed are now paid for yet the week 6-11-17 is still waiting period servered. It is sunday and my bank account still has no money. When am i going to get paid for any of these weeks? I promised to payback borrowed money by money and im a little scared this money wont come in til like thursday. can anybody please help me out. I’ve sent an email with my regards and i cant call because i cant afford a phone anymore.

I recently got my unemployment extended since I am going to school. I go to work part time and they said as long as I report the wages when I do work, I can still get the full amount on slow weeks when I don’t work. I have already submitted a few weeks and gotten paid $20-$50 from my usual weekly amount so I know that isn’t the issue (me working).

It has been 3 weeks since I have received a payment and I don’t understand why? Is anyone else having a “pending” payment? I have never been able to reach a representative but I did email them on 06/11/2017 but no response. Any tips or something?

EDD sent me an email saying I can now certify for last 2 weeks. I did so, and then noticed that the home page on UI Online says “disqualified ” next to the 2 weeks I had just been requested to certify for. Does anyone else have this problem? Will the certification and proof of looking for work for the past 2 weeks, override the disqualification message? HELP

So I just got a full time job. Started May 1st 2017 (monday). Wanted to know how to cancel my claim. Also on the EDD website to certify my benefits I see that 4/23-4/29 I didn’t have a job and still looked for work since the job I landed wasn’t guaranteed till I received an email on the 29th confirming that I start on May 1st.

My 14 month contract ended on 12/31/2016. I applied for CA EDD and no problem. I got it. I was unemployed for 6 weeks and I took a six week temp job with a “TEMP AGENCY” in Feb and it ended on 3/31/2016. I certified the first two weeks on April and had to do an EDD eligibility on 4/20/2017. All the rep asked me if the “TEMP AGENCY” was my last employer. I said yes and I been certifying each week. That is all the EDD rep asked. She ended the call. I still have not had my BofA card funded yet and I have not received any notifications if I am cut off. Should I call them on Monday? For my 6 week assignment, I have an email from TEMP AGENCY that the assignment will end because they filled it with an internal person for that company and there is no work available.

So I checked the box to be paid waiting for my appeal when I was denied. Then the IME denied me and I got an overpayment. Well I appealed it, and I won. So I get an email today that they applied my payment to my overpayments? WTF! The judge reversed it, so I shouldn’t have any overpayment. It’s even stated on the paperwork that the date is as of the date before my IME. And of course I can’t get anyone to help me. I called the overpayment number and they told me they can’t help me because they just get the information to collect and that’s it. And of course you can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone.

My doctor tried to logon to her account to complete my application. She couldn’t remember her password and asked for a reset. It then wants to email her a reset password.

The problem is her account was setup with an email she no longer has access to. She has called the doctor line every day for 4 weeks and they tell her it has been sent to the IT department. The 49 day deadline for filing is in a few days. The deadline for the doctor to respond is also in a few days?

Any ideas?