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Yeah I know this issue is dead in the water at least until after midterm elections but just thought it would be nice to point out that the GOP plan to get us all back to work and fix the economy by cutting EUC does not seem to be working quite as well as they claim. I guess next time we hear from them they won’t be boasting about how by blocking EUC they magically fixed everything and created jobs.

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I Demand It !!!!!!!!

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what is going on?

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OMG!!! Where is my EUC?

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It’s Q3 and Q4 of 2013 + that EDD is not using the latest U.S. Dept of Labor statistics that is the real reason why Californians are not receiving an EUC. Do the math from the links below which official state UI rates are calculated using a rolling 3 quarter period (Sept 2013-June 2014). Per the US bureau of labor statistics, California’s REAL unemployment rate as of June 2014 should be 9.1% (9.0% UI rate qualifies for extension) calculated as follows:


So, even with the exclusion of the so-called “discouraged workers” of 0.6%, California would qualify as of July 2014. Bottom line is, the House is using only U3 and not factoring in the “marginally unemployed” defined as “A “marginally attached” worker is someone who:

-is currently not in the labor force
-wants full-time work
-has actively looked for a job sometime in the past 12 months

Source: Official U.S. Dept of Labor

(U-3, total unemployed, as a percent of the civilian labor force (this is the definition used for the official unemployment rate.

U-4, total unemployed plus discouraged workers, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus discouraged workers;

U-5, total unemployed, plus discouraged workers, plus all other marginally attached workers, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers.

What all this means is that if the EDD took into account the above calculation, and the fact that UI rates in Q3 and Q4 are always lower because of the holiday seasonal hiring only, the UI EUC would be unquestioned. If you look at all of this that way, the EUC should kick in October. If you don’t receive retro EUC by then, you can smash the pie down the House’s collective throats. And we should use this to barrage them.


Original claim expired. I never collected EUC. I managed to land a job after my state benefits were exhasted, earning around $3,000 – $4,000 … the job let me go, when I re-apply for a new claim will they take my original earnings from my 1st claim or base it off my new earnings?

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working on the EUC….what a crock of shit…the repubs. have not made any amendants to it so far…


Looks like they are eating into the “pay for” regarding EUC and using it for other things. Not that it matters since Boner opposed it anyhow but between this and the republicans claiming victory for blocking EUC, it looks all the more hopeless.

“As Roll Call, again, pointed out, “Obama has yet to hold any Republican priorities hostage to an unemployment extension.”

“But Republicans have not only held the unemployment bill hostage, they have claimed that by not passing an unemployment extension, they have actually lowered the 2014 unemployment rate — a claim contradicted by data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”


So we get a jobs report that shows unemployment is improving (which it has been at the same rate since like 2012) and the republicans yell it is because of them blocking EUC. Now how come when the last report came out and showed the economy was down by almost 3% they were not yelling to restore EUC?

Yes, we know both side tend to spin data to make themselves look better, especially with mid term elections around the corner but for those of you that still need EUC to survive while continuing your job search, does it really matter how they spin things? The bottom line for you is who is working to get you a lifeline, and who is blocking it. Seems apparent to me the GOP is boasting and bragging how by them cutting EUC has solved the unemployment problem. Does anyone with a brain really think we are back to pre recession levels as far as the long term unemployed? Does anyone with a brain really think we have enough jobs for everyone all of a sudden and this was due to the GOP blocking all the EUC bills?


the EUC,now they say it has a better chance of passing cause it will cost less… when the fuck are they going to review it..dean heller is working on it…Bwahahahaah

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So it seems Boner and the repubs and that Fox news sock puppet SHILL Krauthammer are going to try to take credit for the bogus jobs report showing a decline in unemployment for the fact that they screwed millions of long term laid off workers and thousands or war veterans out of any and all EUC. Folks…that is the kind of LYING jackasses we have representing us and why you might not get SQUAT for help….no EUC, and no real jobs measures. They are just going to blame blame blame. Blame the Dems, blame Obama, and worst of all blame YOU!

This is what they have to do rather then just admit that Obamas economy is recovering despite all their obstructions. But no folks….they want to BLAME it on you chose to get laid off and chose to not get hired in 26 weeks or less and are willing to choose a lifestyle of unemployment half pay or less rather then the pride of a job and a living wage.. They don’t take anything else into consideration such as how difficult it is for some long term and especially older workers to get ANY job or how many dropped out of the workforce and have not been counted since… guess what???? THEY ARE NOT GETTING EUC, OR A PAYCHECK YOU LYING HYPOCRITE SCHMUCKS!

Read this and get sick…