EUC Vote 2014

The latest news, updates, and gossip on the EUC vote. Come on politicians get your shit together!!

EUC for me

May 8, 2014 · 1 comment

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My benefits will run out on August 18th. I really hope they forget about this retro bullshit and take care of me instead.

Sincerely, Butthead

the UE extension for the tax cut for the rich, same thing happen before and the EUC passed…..its called…….
wheeling and dealing in the white house.

fudge packers….lol

it will never pass, the whole reason they wanted the EUC was for long term unemployed, the dems will never let that pass…..back to the drawing board.

Boner sucks donkey dick

if that is why republicans are hesitant to renew it, because to them it made job-seekers “lazy”. has cutting it really helped?

To the site owner

May 7, 2014 · 6 comments

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I just started work with EDD and it is an inside joke with some reps to come here and post daily complaints about EUC to cluster the board and control the topic away from any complaints. We are told to use our cells to play this game at work and switch to home comp if we have changing ip. Its way too childish to be a part of. Just trace the cell ip and although the ip changes the city location stays the same. Odd all euc posts and responses come from the same city. Ive learned there are some very immature adults working for the state

This may be a few months to late but finally someone from the Obama administration putting Boehner on the spot on EUC.
I think the democratic party died with Teddy Kennedy. He was rich and privileged and lost two brothers serving the country, but spent his whole life looking out for the poor and middle class. Now all these politician’s are more worried about getting reelected then pissing off the big money funding them. I posted before I have not seen any one in congress stepping out to get EUC passed. No two day filibusters on EUC on the Senate floor, the president not drawing a line and saying get this passed or else, all legislation stops on my desk. Some of you say he could not do it, this is a fringe issue, but it speaks to how this country takes care of its own.
Anyway this is what should have been done months ago, put Boehner in the corner and make him put his cards on the table.

Now what?

May 7, 2014 · 11 comments

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Anything on calendar about the EUC? I just started a new job a few weeks ago so I haven’t been following, but I should still qualify for backpay/retro for the few months I was living in my car and taking showers and brushing my teeth at the gym.

Anyway, anything on calendar or did they just methodically leave everyone in a “now what?” state with this whole EUC fiasco?