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The latest news, updates, and gossip on the EUC vote. Come on politicians get your shit together!!

We bailed them out with our tax dollars when they went belly up now they send 12 billion to China to boost up their autoworker factories? 50,000 Chinese will now be gainfully employed for the next 20 years while here at home Speaker Boehner will not bring the EUC to a vote stating it doesn’t create jobs! Am I missing something!!!! Keep the GM jobs here Mr. Speaker!!!


when they get back about the EUC, sounds like good news


Wake The Fuck Up

April 19, 2014 · 2 comments

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EUC? I got cut off december 2013 to except one day in Feb. I woke the fuck up. Sure id love retro pay for the rough times i had to go through dealing with this republican caused and failed economy. (Under G.Bush) We went into reseccion over people being too damn greedy and what do we do give them more millions and billions. No we didnt throw them in jail like we would do a middle class citizen (if that still exist). We bailed them out in the tune of billions. Crazy part, nobody said shit, we just let it happen. My point being we dont even stand up for ourself against our government when they do the worse shit to us. They hide shit from us. Put us in situations that other countries HATE us.. But we constantly come out wit money to bail them out too even though we are in debt (how does that work? I have no idea) i picked my self up from being dragged along the EUC train to who knows where the fuck its going, but i did so because EUC is not the problem, sadly its not the fix either. EUC shouldnt ecist because WE ALL SHOULD HAVE JOBS!! AMERICA SHOULD HAVE A JOB FOR EVERYONE SO THERE WOULDNT BE A NEED FOR EUC!! Before u think im hoping and wishing on a star. Im trying to figure out WHY NOT. We can pay off billions of millionaire fuck ups or pay billions invest in all american being equal. Wooah america equal?? Crazy idea right lol. But going back to what the real problem is the real problem is how the government is run and how we have little or no say so till an elections. Which millions and billions of dollars from investors and healthy bizznessmen are always put your single vote. That only counts for points to win a state. Aka a fucking joke lol. I say we clean the whole government out!! Everybody must go!! They rarely help US!! Hey heres a fun fact.. While some are waiting for EUC or a higher min wage.. Write this down.. SINCE 1988 CONGRESS HAS RAISED THEIR SALARY 15 times. In that same span min wage went up 3 times lol crazy right!


Bohner has made himself clear – passing EUC isn’t going to happen.

T – R – U – S – T • M – E! ;)



April 18, 2014 · 23 comments

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After reading some of the posts on here, I’m really surprised at how many people STILL think that the EUC is going to pass! Heck, maybe you guys are right, and I’m the one who perhaps missed something, but I have absolutely NO faith in our Representatives (which we are stuck with), and even LESS in a Repubs controlled House!

Hey, who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us! Wouldn’t this be a shhhhhhhocker!?

I wish all of you a Blessed Easter!

: )


So, California is not one of the states that have been mailing out claim forms but I know some states have been doing so since Dec 28th.

Which states are those?

Sending out mass amounts of claim forms to me hasn’t been a problem in the past when I got tangled up in an appeal mess that I eventually won. Now, this is much longer however it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of “unworkable” to send out claim forms en mass to everyone who was cut off.

So, Nevada has been sending forms? What other states have been doing that?


get back, it will be almost may, but i think it will pass when they get back


Since almost 3 million people are not counted since they are no longer receiving unemployment and therefore no longer “tracked” the over all number of people who have found jobs compared to the number of people who are unemployed is skewed. If the people cut off from EUC were properly counted as unemployed politicians, basically republicans, would not be able to say that employment numbers are going up and that there is no need for EUC, an ironic position for them to take anyway since they are the ones who are always saying job prospects are poor under Obama


I posted this mix about a month ago in hopes that the EUC would be solved. Needless to say that we are still at an impasse. So I’m re-posting it to help you get through the next two weeks. Pass this on to friends, re-tweet it, letting our feelings be heard. For your listening pleasures,sadly I present to you again. The Unauthorized EUC-UI Mix, God Bless Us All

-1 Love, God Willing


Have 75% dropped out of this site?
I really thought their was going to be a victory parade for those that got off on taunting the unemployed waiting for EUC.
I read a few revenge posts of 26 weekers versus 50+ wankers
“you ruined it for us honest people I’m glad your not getting yours!… I have a job now blah bla blah!”
But no real victory lap…did they find online humanity?
What happened to the troll patrols?
Were they all just one Trog?
Also a few picket the White House have gone silent.
Harry Reid tweets have gone off the air (yes I know he’s out of the picture but still I thought a few crackling tweets from radio dial or his intern found a better gig)
Was their a Zombie apocalypse while I’ve been in this basement and everything is on auto?
I’m starting to suspect that I was all alone here to begin with and one commenter was replying to their on comment.
Then I truly am the last EUC survivor.
I pray I don’t start commenting to myself…This old behavior came to my attention again recently, because I found myself deep in a hole blogging self doubt. It can be extremely difficult not to … others within the blogging world: who …. friends on twitter, who has the highest page views…… ultimately, who gets the most comments. I found myself consumed with self doubt about commenting….I …insane …wh…t…f……nex..t ……will…vo..o..te…


Being that this EUC is stilllll pending; When your calfresh expires (being honest and thinking I’d qualify for this extension, I assumed I no longer would qualify) does anyone know what form I can print to continue? Or what to do? (As of 3/31/14 CA stopping benefits). Thank you for any help.