EUC Vote 2014

The latest news, updates, and gossip on the EUC vote. Come on politicians get your shit together!!

Have 75% dropped out of this site?
I really thought their was going to be a victory parade for those that got off on taunting the unemployed waiting for EUC.
I read a few revenge posts of 26 weekers versus 50+ wankers
“you ruined it for us honest people I’m glad your not getting yours!… I have a job now blah bla blah!”
But no real victory lap…did they find online humanity?
What happened to the troll patrols?
Were they all just one Trog?
Also a few picket the White House have gone silent.
Harry Reid tweets have gone off the air (yes I know he’s out of the picture but still I thought a few crackling tweets from radio dial or his intern found a better gig)
Was their a Zombie apocalypse while I’ve been in this basement and everything is on auto?
I’m starting to suspect that I was all alone here to begin with and one commenter was replying to their on comment.
Then I truly am the last EUC survivor.
I pray I don’t start commenting to myself…This old behavior came to my attention again recently, because I found myself deep in a hole blogging self doubt. It can be extremely difficult not to … others within the blogging world: who …. friends on twitter, who has the highest page views…… ultimately, who gets the most comments. I found myself consumed with self doubt about commenting….I …insane …wh…t…f……nex..t ……will…vo..o..te…


Being that this EUC is stilllll pending; When your calfresh expires (being honest and thinking I’d qualify for this extension, I assumed I no longer would qualify) does anyone know what form I can print to continue? Or what to do? (As of 3/31/14 CA stopping benefits). Thank you for any help.


Talk about a fukd situation we are going through with these government people. All we want is some help and all they are doing is making it much worse then it needs to be. They are horrible leaders for our country.


I just made a car payment and noticed after 2 freaking years the principle is actually going down. So I went to Kelly Blue Book and at least according to them I actually owe less for my car then what it is worth. This might be the first time ever I am not upside down on my car payments. However there is no point in selling it since I need a car and it is still in great shape and low miles. The only downside it is a 5 speed manual and I would prefer an auto but I know if I trade it in I will get screwed or if I sell it privately and go to buy another car I will get screwed so might as well hold on to it. Well at least until it gets repossessed….lol…nah I am going to try hard to prevent that from happening. I don’t really know why but my credit rating is going up and I have been unemployed since March of 2013. They just increased one of my credit cards from $400 to $1500. Maybe my luck is turning around. I see EUC retro in my future and an awesome job…strike while the iron is hot.



April 14, 2014 · 45 comments

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Everybody who is affected by the EUC war should check out HR 3885 retro will be given. This is the same bill made in January 2014 that these dirty politics been sitting on for 4 months thst would be part of the euc bill. One year extention too. Check it out if it goes down.


rejected the EUC and its still in the house….I bet this passes with some wheeling and dealing like last time..
we just have to wait a couple of weeks


No link to this rant, just a troll making trouble

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this will NOT offer retro..

this way the SOB’s can kinda say we passed a bill that covered just about the entire year..

we are forgotten!


how much you want to bet, its going to be a big showdown on EUC, the repub’s are going to want to wheeel and deal on it….by the time it passes it will be may…cocksuckers


I need the EUC 2014 to pass as much as anyone else, being single and over 50 and cut off of unemployment as of January 2014,,,but;;;You know several months back I read somewhere that NOBODY really wanted EUC 2014 to pass and that includes the democrats, republicans, as well as the White House due to the cost of funding another extension and how they are stringing us along I just wonder if it isn’t true. Actually I believe if the Democrats really wanted this to pass they would have looked ahead of the game and had it included in the Budget (knowing it was expiring on December 31, 2013)so this crap wouldn’t have happened and I think they knew if they didn’t include it in the budget all of what is happening now ‘could happen’. I hope it passes but I sadly believe that nobody in congress really ‘wants’ it to.


It’s time…

April 11, 2014 · 6 comments

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We have called Boner enough. It is time to call the White House and tell them something needs to be done. It is clear now that Boner is putting the ball in the Presidents court and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. So is the white house going to let the ball sit there…or hit it? I am not blaming Obama for this has he supports it and is ready to sign a bill but the bottom up approach is failing. Who is on top of Boner? That would be the president. Now maybe he can’t legally force Boner to address EUC and allow a vote but he also can’t just be quiet and do nothing now that Boner is publicly blaming him for this. He is being forced to make a move and he really has to. Any other president would if he cared about this issue.