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The latest news, updates, and gossip on the EUC vote. Come on politicians get your shit together!!

…trolls and nancys find articles to post about EUC…


Great start to week
Retro over!!
1/2 OF us not looking for work???
They planned on letting EUC expire to make people take any job!
From article:
The 2014 unemployment extension debate took an interesting twist when it was revealed that almost half of the unemployed Americans, including some who are still receiving unemployment benefits, are not even looking for a job in the first place.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the original unemployment extension bill passed by the Senate would have extended benefits until June 1, 2014. But now that this date is a mere week away everyone agrees that it’s unlikely the House will bother passing it.

So now some Republicans and Democrats are working together to create a new unemployment extension bill they hope will meet the demands of John Boehner. Unfortunately for those who were cut off in December, the current plans by Senator Dean Heller currently do not include providing retroactive unemployment benefits, which would have meant that the money missed out in 2014 would have been paid in full. The focus for the new bill is mostly on the newly jobless and they’re also trying to figure out how to spur on job creation.

There have been arguments over whether letting the unemployment extension die would encourage people to look harder. For example, Diana Furchtgott-Roth at Real Clear Markets argued that letting the unemployment benefits die would help the economy:

“Americans who are employed or looking for a job rose four tenths of a percentage point between December and March, one of the fastest increases since the beginning of 2010. The number of unemployed out of work for more than 26 weeks declined by 110,000. One of the reasons was undoubtedly the end of emergency unemployment benefits.”



…that the hope crushing hate troll that spends all of its time cherry picking and thinking up reasons and lists they will never reinstate EUC again is like 12 years old..or at least has the mind of a child and not yet fully developed?

And with that thought I bid you all a happy holiday weekend. I will see you all again Tuesday to squash me some troll again as there is no way any more accurate updates are coming in until then and I want to try to make the best of this time without vomiting by reading any more troll posts and nancy nonsense pulled out of ass brains.


From “trolls” to “drunk” to the latest

“Orange Man.”

Yes – all of these mature, educated, efforts (not to mention the F/C/S/D/B words), will get the EUC not only to pass, but also to be RETRO! Yeayhhhhh!!!

Just the way a SUCCESSFUL company is ran…

This screams volumes as to the mentality of most here, and why you’re still unemployed! Take this TIME & ENERGY into finding work or finding a NEW way to create an income for yourselves.

While you’ve been busy being creative (and you “think” smart with the name calling), you’ve failed to notice that throughout the country, our labor markets have changed DRASTICALLY. It’s NOT just the amount of jobs, pay, benefits, no benefits, etc., but primarily, it’s HOW EMPLOYERS NOW HIRE. Think about it. If you don’t change with the times, you WILL BE the ones left behind, while the ones willing to adapt, will GET the jobs. Orange man or NO orange man.

But hey, whatever scratches your itch…


EUC we need it.

May 23, 2014 · 1 comment

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Thank YOU 113 congress. The most worthless do nothing congress in American history. You guys are the most drunken freeloading politicans ever. riding on the back of blue collar America for wages and health care and retirement. You can all go to hell. All we ask is some help to find new jobs but you asholes do not care, dEMS, reps, oR tea party. I hope you all rot in hell with orange faces like bonniers.

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One of the more controversial bill in quite a while gets passed. Yet, the EUC which has had bipartisan support for quite some time previously gets stalled and forgotten about?

Is it because the millions of Americans that have been effected by this DON’T have lobbyists of their own? We don’t host fundraisers, or contribute obscene amounts of money to your campaigns? So I guess we’re not worth the time right? That shit show in the Ukraine seemed to simmer right down after they got their money? What a coincidence? Well, at least the news isn’t reporting about it as much. I’m guessing they got a share too?

I mean after all, it was the shady back room deals with “job creators” that has gotten us to this economic point right? But hey, bailouts for those “too big to fail”. Am I right?

Maybe they should have “been allowed” fail, exactly like millions of Americans are failing each and every day that the UNITED STATES CONGRESS DOES NOTHING!!!


• UI/EUC is not a guarantee
• It can change on a whim
• All the prior historical facts & figures, are just this – PRIOR
• We are on our own, nobody cares about us
• No matter how many times we post in here that we lost our jobs “through no fault of our own” it all falls on deaf ears – nobody cares about this. Heck, they don’t even care if it WAS our fault
• If we stop and look outside of our situations, we’d see that the other 99% of the country are going about their lives just fine
• The only ones who care is US. We don’t have sufficient #s to make Congress pay attention to us, rather than just their lies, false hope, & lip service
• UI rates keep dropping each week
• Our government keeps reporting how the economy continues to improve
• They also ensure to inform is of the # of jobs which were filled each prior month

And I (as well as you guys) can continue to add to this list, but now you see why our EUC light is barely dim and we have a HUGE uphill battle.

In addition, for those of us in CA, the EDD has already notified DOL (as reported by NASWA), that “IF” a retro was ever passed, that CA does not have the capability to do retro due to their phucked-up “new” computer system, and that they would opt out! What do we do with this? Of course, I feel that we’ll never have to cross this bridge.

Lastly, MSNBC reported today (the blond chick analyst – can’t think of her name), that when Congress returns in June, the EUC is not even scheduled to be taken up.

This NEW labor market, is something which will take us a while to get used to! Talk about an EMPLOYERS MARKET! OMG!

And the hits just keep on coming….. :(


Will Boehner please f*ckin’ pass EUC.


Just an update and please do not kill the messenger. Not holding my breath on this either or trying to promote any “false hope”. One thing at least in this article it states “There’s also talk about adding retroactive unemployment benefits to pay those who were cut off back in December.”

However it does not seem to address Boners “job creation” demands at this point. However for those who just want closure sadly as stated on this website before don’t expect any closure anytime soon unless you ignore congress. Those few who support EUC are not going to ever give up on the issue for various reasons (political and otherwise) until something is reinstated or the long term rate drops to pre recession levels, whichever comes first. So if you can’t handle the roller coaster ride, simply get off.



Hello my fellow EUC’ers. I would like to personally thank everyone that listened to the EUC-UI Mix, and encouraged me to continue working toward achieving my dream job of working in some facet of the music industry. Thank you for the wonderful advice (Trolls included), I’ve begun to create my own brand, so that someday I will not be at the mercy of individuals that do not have my best interest at heart. Thank you for the support, and I present to you the I DON”T NEED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ROCK MIX! Don’t let the EUC situation ruin your holiday weekend, sometimes you just gotta ROCK! Have a wonderful memorial day weekend and god bless us all.

1-Love, God Willing


Pay me my back pay. Ain’t nobody got time for this political BULLSHIT!!!