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The latest news, updates, and gossip on the EUC vote. Come on politicians get your shit together!!

And here I thought I was proactive by budgeting four months in advance from December, thinking the EUC if it passed would be around now. Instead no extension, temp job or employment. Awesome.


a look at the EUC bill, at least he is not rejecting it….it was on msnbc



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Let have a little reality here. I’m going to start by saying this in order to avoid all the “your a Republican fascist this and that crap” I have supported the Democratic party in the past and so far for now at least continue to do so. Now let look at some of the posts in here blaming Republican party for screwing us out of EUC at every single turn.. in some instances this may be true but it is not always the case. We all have seem to have forgotten that both parties knew that EUC was scheduled to end in the new year yet both parties seemed to have little interest in working on passing an extension. If the Democratic party was so so eager to make sure that it passed they could have joined it into that must pass bill that both parties needed to pass in order for the government and our nation to continue functioning and they (the dems) chose not to knowing full well that by doing so would enable the Republican party the ability to filibuster any bill for said extension. Then by doing just that it helped the Democratic party in am election year mind you to be able to point the fat finger of blame towards the republicans and say how they don’t care this and that. Coincidence? I think not.. from what I have seen and hell I may be wrong is that there are a lit of job creation bills that are being held up in the Senate by the Democratic majority and why not? Why would they want the opposition looking better in this election year? Why would they want to show any other sign than the Republican party doesn’t care about the unemployed? So what better way than to block these job creation bills that are sponsored by the evil American hating Republicans.. Lol its not just about a pipeline or how one party hates unemployed etc its all politics nothing more nothing less. Delay after delay. Unfortunately there are just over 2.8 million people in this game that are suffering and being made to suffer over something as simple as votes and who gets them. I can go on and on. Food for tho


I ran out of unemployment in the beginning of March. I applied for my first extension almost 20 days ago and have not heard anything from EDD. I haven’t gotten anything in the mail either. I received a confirmation number after I applied so I know it went through. Is this because of the whole thing that is going on with congress and EUC? Someone please help me!


EUC vote

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Senate has reached an agreement on H.R.3979, the legislative vehicle for the Unemployment Insurance Extension bill. Under the agreement, there will be up to 3 roll call votes (2 expected) at 2:30pm today and one roll call vote at 5:30pm on Monday. The details of the agreement are below.

At 2:30pm today, all post-cloture time on the Reed amendment #2874 will be considered expired. The following amendments will be withdrawn: #2875, #2877 and #2878.

Senator Sessions or his designee will then be recognized to raise a budget point of order against the Reed amendment #2874; once the budget point of order is raised, Senator Murray or her designee will be recognized to make a motion to waive.

At 2:30pm today, there will be up to 3 roll call votes (2 expected):

1) Murray or designee motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to the Reed amendment #2874 (60-vote threshold)

2) If the motion is successful (which is expected), adoption of the Reed amendment #2874, as amended, if amended (expected voice vote)

3) Motion to invoke cloture on H.R.3979, as amended, if amended (60-vote threshold)

If cloture is invoked on H.R.3979, all post-cloture time will be expired at 5:30pm on Monday, April 7th and the Senate will vote on passage of H.R.3979, as amended, if amended.

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They are going to go on their recess and when they come back the EUC will be history.

Today’s news has jobs UP, housing sales UP, (quote) “our economy improving better than analysts had “expected” (unquote).

If you think that congress cares, think again!



I have a strong feeling that nothing will happen tomorrow. Congress will leave on their next two week recess and when they do return, the EUC won’t even be on the table. It’ll be a thing of the past. They’ve just plain and simple have taken way too long for this EUC (always saying “next week, next week…”), giving people false hope, because these millionaire MFs just don’t give a crap about any of us. It’s all a political game to them – it has been from the get go. Each side trying to point fingers and blame each other “if you would have agreed to….” Etc. What a bunch of BS!!! I hate all of them, period. If their lips are moving they are lying!


I recall a poster referring to a site that said this is the vehicle that the EUC will be attached to. Someone else hinted that because this bill began in the house, if the senate approves it then Boehner can’t block it.

Is that true?



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Can someone please provide the latest info on what happened today?

Thanks SO much!

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For CA UI Claimants

April 1, 2014 · 9 comments

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The longer it takes Congress to pass or decide on anything – retro, no retro, start date, even if EUC will happen, the longer it will tasks EDD to pay their Claimants. You’re looking at July or August, and that is if their Deloitte system is working.