EUC Vote 2014

The latest news, updates, and gossip on the EUC vote. Come on politicians get your shit together!!

…down 2.9% Seems to me that is a clear sign we are not recovered from the great recession. Now of course the repubs will just use this to blame obamacare or some other bullshit and offer NOTHING else and the only thing they stand for anymore is distracting from real important issues. It kills them that millions of less fortunate now have health just kills them..

But onto the economy and unemployed. The evidence again shows without doubt there is still a need for EUC. The bottom line is the conservative GOP does not want it. They have not made a clear case why they oppose it but have said things like “cutting EUC will create job growth and force people back to work” (how is that panning out?)…and “EUC makes the unemployed lazy gub’ment handout addicted junkies”. How does it make you feel that as the economy is still failing this is what elected officials think about you? Was it your fault the economy crashed and you got laid off? If not, you should be outraged and take extreme offense regardless of which party you blame for this. I for one have seen the votes and heard from those in congress that are trying to make a case to continue EUC, and those either ignoring it or strongly opposing it and fabricating any reasons they can to continue opposing it yet offer no alternative to help anything.

Sorry to vent here but I had to.


….just so we don’t lose sight of why we currently stand where we do….

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Sorry folks…it is not going to be retro confirmed…due to cost. If there is any chance of the bigots in the house considering this it has to be paid for.. However at least those cut off in December are not left out. Quote from the article….

“This means the benefits will be available going forward for the long-term unemployed, and those that were cut off when the program expired will be able to pick up where they left off. So, for instance, if you were eligible for 6 more weeks of EUC benefits when the program was cut off on December 28, and you are still looking for a job now, you are eligible to receive federal UI help for those 6 weeks. Our goal is to try to help those out of work get the help they need.”


Now to the hate mongering troll. Instead of being a useless cunt why don’t you actually research the data that concludes EUC is still needed and that although the economy and job market are slowly improving we are still not at pre recession levels yet…you moron idiot simple tool.


The nerve of people

June 22, 2014 · 8 comments

in Pissed!

I wish people will quit with this FREE RIDE, ENABLING THE LAZY, GO JOIN WELFARE BULL SHIT as a responce to people needing EUC. NOBODY WANTS A FREE RIDE, hell we dont even want EUC!! 99% of the people needing EUC want jobs. Now matter what the numbers say, what studies say, what the government throws out there as the unemployment rate (which is BULLSHIT). No matter how u slice it. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS IN AMERICA FOR EVERYBODY. SO EVERYBODY EVEN CONGRESS CAN QUIT WITH OUT THIS JUDGEMENTAL SHIT. PEOPLE WHO NEED EUC HAVE TO HAVE LOST A JOB TO NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN OR SOME SORT OF OTHER QUALIFICATION. They arent handing the shit out to anybody. THOSE CONSTANT ARGUEMENTS PEOPLE MAKE JUST ARENT FACTS. THEIR EXCUSES!!


Geez guys, you should re-read some of the stuff you write! Still waiting for that retro EUC, huh? Wow! Amazing! If only you’ve bothered to read most of the newspapers or visit web sites which don’t just have a pity-party all day, you might discover that unemployment is DOWN, and employers ARE hiring!!! Ever wonder why you’re the 10-20 on this site who are STILL unemployed? Maybe employers can see right through you at interviews? You know – that bitter venom coming out your pours… And BTW – nobody OWES you anything! I hope you’ve signed up for welfare, as this will be your paycheck for life! If you haven’t found a job by now – even YOU know you’ll never work again. Fact. I don’t make the rules, I’m just a realist. The TAXPAYER will be your new boss now. Enjoy the free ride (yet again!).


So the perfectly ok with giving guadamala $250 million dollars to help their country with unemployment and preventing children from crossing our borders but it’s a big problem to pass a EUC extension? I don’t get it I really don’t. If someone can explain please do. People pass judgements on Americans that need unemployment and they say we are lazy and only looking for a handout. Well what do you have to say about America giving aid to another country because they are poor. So are Americans!!! The difference is we are actually trying to find work and yet we are the lazy ones. Explain this


….. someone said they would cut all funding to help cancer research unless it includes a cure. Of course we all want a cure for cancer just like we all would want a cure for the lack of economic growth, lack if jobs and the long term unemployment rate problem.

The thing is some are claiming the senate was unwilling to work with the house when the house did nothing. Boner said clearly that unless the bill included private sector job creation he would not consider it. The non partisan congressional budget office found reinstating EUC would create up to 1/4 million jobs….more then a pipleline that has opposition for several reasons unrelated to our jobs problems and economy. So now all of a sudden the government is supposed to magically create private sector jobs and until then everyone laid off gets screwed out of a taxpayer benefit that workers did indeed pay into as long as they were working and paid taxes?

Perhaps if congress had noticed we have outsourced way more jobs then we have unemployed that might be a place to start looking? But no….it seems any measures to address this is strongly opposed and blocked by the conservative GOP. Ever wonder why? Regardless if you like Bill Clinton or not do some research on how the recession then was handled and figure out what was done different then Bush to create more jobs and economic growth in history vs the worst recession in history during the Bush era. The data is there and irrefutable by the conservative sock puppet spin doctors and propagandists who have nothing to stand for or run on so resort to creating “scandals” until we all want to puke.