Ive been on CA SDI since May 2017.My claim end date was originally Dec 31 2018. My doctor wants to extend it. When I called for the extension paperwork first they sent me a whole new application. Then suddenly I get a short payment and a letter telling me I have to see an independent doctor. Who I assume will be biased and try to cut my benefits. From what I read for extensions your personal doc just fills out the extension paperwork. Why am I being singled out for to see this EDD doctor??? Do they usually cut your benefits? Should I still have my regular doctor fill out the paperwork? I had never heard of this BS. I thought when your claim was up they sent an extension form. Why is this happening? What should I expect

well. at first it looked like i was getting benefits. online on edd ui it showes how much a week and the total amount. so i certefied for benefits, waited and it said disqualification now that i certefied the second time it says it agian. the i received a letter in the mail saying something about the tax withholdings. i called edd and a lady told me that i got denied benefits cuz i didnt worked in the past 12 month. i receivbed benefits before started last july on the 25th of 2016 and i ran out jan. 2017. so i reapplied june 2017. idk if i applied to early or what but it is still showing online that i have abalance. and i never received a denie letter saying i got denied and should fiele for an appeal, no instead i keep receiving the continued claim forms. so im confused. plus the senate approved extensions for 2017.dose someone know whats going on


July 14, 2017 · 1 comment

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my claim is coming to an end (the money is down to 2 payments), yet I am still unemployed. Are they giving any type of extensions in 2017? thanks

Hey everyone. My UI claim will be exhausted in about a week or so and I am still not back at work in my regular occupation. Also the claim does not expire until like October 2016. I am currently receiving 20 hours a week @ 11.07, but that still leaves me about $150 short on my rent, not to mention electricity, food, etc. I didn’t get suspended from work until October 2015, so I still have UI money somewhere in the system, but what now? There aren’t any extensions from what I’ve been told, and I will be going back to work at my old job, just unsure when. What can I do until then?


February 23, 2016 · 1 comment

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I’m on my last check 26 weeks and still no job. I heard Senate had passed emergency extensions(EUC) can anyone confirm or deny this? I was on disability before unemployment can I go back to disability if there are no extensions?

I was in the CTB program and my first claim ended 9/19/15 but was informed through an appeal decision letter that my benefits would end sometime in March of 2016 with my extensions. and was told to file a new claim. I just received a notice of an invalid claim section 1277. The box to the side of “this determination will not affect your extended benefits” is NOT marked. Has there been anyone that has still gotten benefits even with the box NOT marked??? And should I appeal since I was told I would have benefits till March of 2016??

So yeah, so I used up all my EDD and the crooks in Washington cut me off before I was able to cash the entire thing out (NOPE I didn’t want to have another job, because the place I had worked for was shady and I was working for a bunch of assholes that I thought were my friends, and they still are fucking pieces of shit) NO NEED for me to apologize. I suggest nobody ever work for Iraqi people in the United States. They are filthy pieces of shit.

Anyway, I have 1 cent balance left on my EDD card and I keep getting balances from BOA about it. What should I do? LOL should I just leave it there so they have to keep maintaining their system or should I contact the bank. After all, our government shafted me for thousands of dollars after the extensions wore off and I have no been able to contribute to our pathetic American system since then because none of these worthless motherfuckers will give me a job. I just sponge, which wasn’t my plan but that is all I can do because this place is terrible. I have applied to tons of jobs and I have technical skills as well as am re-certifying in network security and other IT work. I’m DOING stuff but you ASSHOLES in this country won’t give me a job. So I have medi-cal and whatever else.

Fuck this country. Anyway I would work if someone would hire me but nobody will.