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The latest news, updates, and gossip on the Federal unemployment extensions. Come on politicians get your shit together!!


March 17, 2014 · 7 comments

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It has been 2 weeks since I mailed my last claim form off. I mailed a new one today. I still have not received payment for the month of March, and I have bills to pay. I understand that everyone is trying to find out more info on the federal extensions, so I hate having to post about waiting a measely 2 weeks. It is so frustrating however, because I am on my regular benefits no extension, and even I can’t seem to get any help. Lets let the EDD explain to our bill collectors and landlords when we can’t pay!!!!


whose federal benefits expired in January 2014 to discontinue weekly unemployment certifications. The department had asked claimants to continue weekly certifications through mid-February in the event Congress extended federal unemployment benefits called Emergency Unemployment Compensation or EUC.

There has been a lot of uncertainty whether Congress would extend these unemployment benefits, but there has not been congressional action to resume these federal extensions. “After debate, the reversion was not passed, so the long-term unemployed should move forward with the assumption that this congressional decision will stand,” said Labor Commissioner Burns Phillips.



i understand the extensions stopped 12/28, but what point last year did they ‘announce’ that sequestration cuts were no more and they were going to cut it off completely?

im newly laid off and currently getting unemployment through the state… didnt hear about the federal extensions being cut off till recently, at what point last year did they announce this (been out of the loop obvi)


This letter that I just recieved TODAY! tells me I need to refile by the second just in case they reopen extensions. What the hell this is some shady bullshit. Has anyone else had this problem?


hello I have a question about extensions. I started my claim this past November, I only have roughly 2400 on my claim. that is due to run out in about 4 weeks. my question is dose my money then stop because I don’t have anymore in my “bank” or is that when the first extension start. also I have done the math on the federal extension (that part where u times ur weekly benefits by whatever number is is…and I don’t make the minimal amount for the federal extensions)…but someone told me the first 52 weeks isnt federal it is the individuall state that picks up the first year.

I have already email THOSE people over a month ago and have not gotten back any answer…so any info would be wonderful


My boyfriend starts a firefighting job in February and I have a job interview on Wednesday. If I get it it will be $20 an hour. My federal extensions have run out and I am no longer betting on Congress anymore. My boyfriend was supposed to have maximum unemployment due to his federal position in 2013, but EDD messed up his paperwork and forgot to state his federal wages on its award letter although a representative verified it for him last December. Therefore, the award letter from EDD is currently $0 before it is adjusted for his federal wages. We also have a child. I am embarrassed to ask but if we apply for welfare, is it immediate at the DPSS office? I only plan for it to be very short-term and will report our jobs to their office immediately once they take place.


What happened in 2010?

January 19, 2014 · 3 comments

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On another message board, I read that federal extensions came to a full stop for 7 weeks before Congress finally signed off on a bill. What exactly happened, if anyone can recall, and is it very similar to what is going on? I was working at the time and don’t remember the news about this.


that they spoke to an Edd rep and the rep said that Congress must vote SOON, because the law has to be in affect by January 15th or they cannot fund the federal extensions.

Is that true????!!!


I hope they pass the federal extensions because we worked hard, hit a rough patch and our UI enabled us to maintain what dignity we had left. Just waking up daily costs money. It isn’t free to live and it isn’t free to die. I would much rather have a good job that allows me to grow within the company and be apart of something instead of being unemployed. But since we can’t run on dreams and whispers, we need MONEY to just get us through the day to find that job we want so bad. No job = no money and no security and extending benefits = money and security.
These are people’s lives they are playing with. It certainly won’t increase the unemployed’s chances of finding a job if they are homeless, if they don’t have a phone, or if they can’t even take a shower to be presentable.
And we certainly can’t be at our best when our body is hungry. I am hungry. And I know there are many, many others out there going to bed without dinner either. If the extensions pass I know a lot of people who will barely be able to keep a roof over their heads let alone trying to keep their belly full.
Its already hard with unemployment benefits, but it gives us hope. But without it, we are hopeless with nothing to lose…and those are the type of people that scare me the most.



January 9, 2014 · 1 comment

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So I was one of the millions of people that got there federal extensions canceled/claim expired. But today I received a new claim with a new amount. Im confused did they open a new claim for me ? Did I qualify for one?

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I became unemployed December 2012.I signed up for unemployment March 2013 so I am on my original unemployment.I got paid for the week of Dec 22 to the 31st.Will I continue to receive my unemployment till March ? Or was that my last check ? I heard some peole say that the original state unemployment was only 26 weeks without the federal extensions that are now cut.So I am wondering is that true ? Will I be cut off now also or am U still ok for a few more months? I’m sorry to ask this if its information that can be found somewhere but I need to know ASAP.Thank you a million to anyone who can answer! god bless you