Where are my benefits?

January 9, 2017 · 2 comments

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like a moron i sent my claim form out during the holidays.. its been two weeks. nothing..losing hope.. I have bills to pay.

Hi Everyone:

I have lost my card, and when I call the BofA number, I am still getting a “holiday closure” message and can’t report it or request a new one. Anyone else?


Bank of America and The EDD are both closed Monday December 26 in observance of Christmas. So, Im assuming that funds will be loaded Tuesday at midnight

I hate these damn holidays

February 16, 2016

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I need my money i cant join my union let alone start my new job without paying the initiaion fee of atleast 300 and this late ass payment of ui benefits is killing me like always

BOA info

January 1, 2016 · 1 comment

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Just as a reminder with the holidays payment does get delayed. BOA does not take interest on money placed on hold due to bd and holiday delays. IF you get a 200 deposit, that same amount is on hold, then 200 dollars post to your account, therefore no money was taken to benefit BOA as they get payed through the state. Another thing, the deposits only come in bds (mon-fri) mostly between 11pm-8am Pacific time, there is no control from BOA to release anytime earlier even by a supervisor, (trust me I have asked several times).

Just a FYI for everyone who certified ONLINE yesterday Sunday (dec 27) I called bank of America and they said the holidays are not going to effect todays (Monday) payment.They said todays payment and processing times are back to normal so if u get them usually monday(like me) then they are still coming today on time.. I will let you know when I received mines and will you all do the same!

I filed a claim approx 5 months ago for unemployment I was fired and denied benefits, I didnt appeal because I found a job a couple of weeks later, I worked there 3 months a temporary job then was laid off, no fault of my own, company slow for the holidays, laid off this november 6th, so I filed another claim and recently recieved the letter stating that I was laid off, and next day recieved and filled out claim form for the 2 weeks, and mailed it in, today i recieved what I thought was another form to fill out for the next 2 weeks, but it was just a blank form with the stub at the top stating claim ends 7/ 15/2016 which is 6 months however it said on the stub benifits paid for each week is $0.00is this because the other claim is not valid now and this new claim cant be opened for 52 weeks? never sent me a letter of a phone interview or ant other reason do i have to wait 52 weeks to open a new claim, or is the previous claim been closed because i was dis qualified I have money in there which wasnt paid because of disqualification thank you for your help, I cant contact edd ofcourse