Labor Day

I web certified on Sunday morning (9/6/15) using the new EDD site for the first time. I usually get direct deposit on the following Tuesday morning like around 7AM (should be today) but I did not get paid.

I checked my EDD BOA account and also went back to the new EDD webcert site, and neither show anything about any open or pending payments. I’ll hang tight until the next few days, but I’m sure it’s just a little delay because of the holiday.

Is everyone else experiencing the same thing? Or did any of you get paid from Sunday’s webcert?


February 9, 2014 · 2 comments

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I had to take an early retirement just to survive seeing as no one is going to hire me at 62. I have been on unemployment which has now run out (I will get my last check this week) with a grand total of $59.00 a week. I applied for Medi-Cal which was approved with no problems before I started receiving my SS checks. Then I got a notice saying I would have a share of cost. I called and called and could not get through (this should of tipped me off ) – finally I went down to the Social Services office (which should really be called the United Nations as no one but the employees speak any english) and was told that I make TOO MUCH money to qualify for Medi-Cal now that I am getting Social security. Now, no matter how I looked at it, it was adding up to under what the cutoff is, and when I brought that to the lady’s attention, she looked at me and said I was right, and she would fix it right away. And then, wait for it, she said to me – “This is a new system and it makes mistakes” It took every ounce of self control to not reach across the counter and strangle her. I waited 7 weeks to get an unemployment check when their “new system” screwed up getting everyone’s unemployment payments to them after Labor Day, and now I am being told this “new system” is screwing up my Medi-Cal???? This is just so unbelieveable to me, why are they messing with perfectly good systems to improve them, and we are the ones that get screwed. Please stop messing with the systems you have, they work better than the new ones – kind of like employees.

OAKLAND – Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday it’s a “good question” whether the contractor managing a major computer system upgrade that delayed jobless benefits for thousands of Californians should be given more state work.
“That’s a good question,” Brown said of Deloitte Consulting after an event in Oakland. “We’re looking into that.”

Brown told reporters “it seems like there’s been multiple screw-ups” and that his administration is seeking to fix them and install “sustainable leadership” within the Employment Development Department.

He did not elaborate.

A problem converting old unemployment claims into the state’s new processing system over the Labor Day weekend delayed jobless benefits for nearly 150,000 Californians.

Deloitte Federal Political Action Committee gave $17,000 to Brown’s re-election committee on Sept. 3, just after the Labor Day weekend. The Democratic governor said the donation was “news to me.”

“I first learned about this program when I read about it in the paper,” Brown said. “I don’t think you’ll find a more independent person in the governor’s office when it comes to bills, when it comes to decisions. So trying to tie contributions and actions, I think it’s worth, you know, a little bit of your time, but not much.”

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To address a few of your concerns:

If you want to call daily, of course you can. However, please know that when we see that a particular claim has a WARNING message, we IMMEDIATELY send a “fix-it ticket” directly to Deloitte. You don’t have to call us for us to do this. We do it regardless – whether we speak with you or not. We have been doing this since Labor Day weekend.

The first reason why we have to send 2, 3, 4, +++++ fix-it tickets, it’s because Deloitte does NOT, and HAS NOT, provided EDD with sufficient programmers to handle the massive F-ups which their system has created and CONTINUES to create! ALL of you need to call the GOV’s office, and since he is not doing anything about FORCING EDD to revert back to SCDB (which DID pay), then he should at the very least, ensure that Deloitte provides EDD with sufficient programmers to fix ALL of the errors which this system generates!

The second reason why we have to send SO MANY repetitive requests, is because the Deloitte programmers are placing band-aids on the repair process! THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO GET THIS WARNING ISSUE FIXED! Therefore, they tweak something, JUST SO that we can process a payment/s, and once we do this, then the WARNING is back on your claim AGAIN!!! I know – unfrikking believable!!! Deloitte can’t permanently remove the WARNING from some of the claims. They don’t even know why it’s occurring, do how can they fix it?

This IS what your EDD big muck-mucks and your Governor, are allowing Deloitte to get away with!

I’m VERY sorry for those of you STUCK with this horrid problem! Talk about “…through no fault of your own…,” eh? THE irony of ironies!!!!

EDD can suck a big one

December 10, 2013 · 2 comments

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EDD opens claims for me in 2012 and 2013based on residule checks. I already told them about those checks before and they said it was ok. Got an overpayment for checks I never received even though I reported them when they arrived. Spoke to the meanest lady and she cancelled 2 claims because they were residule based claims.Rewind 5 weeks of disqualification then the whole Labor Day debacle. Still not one check. Next they reopen old claim but new computer can’t read it. 1 month later they fix it. Next they say I missed Rea apointment that I def went to, I got that fixed. Now there’s a warning on my claim that they are supposedly fixing now. Still waiting.This all started in July and I have not received one dime. I only hope that whoevers fault all this will be fired and forced to deal with the same EDD nightmares We all faced. Thank god for family and residules..I hope you all get paid and remember that Edd can suck a big one

Unemployment Extensions

December 8, 2013 · 2 comments

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Every year we go through the same thing. People on unemployment start to panic about the extensions going into the next year. Please, stop worrying. Politicians know what the effect of not extending would do to their sorry little lives, it is political suicide for them to deny. Granted, they will take it to the wire and make all of us go crazy with worry, but it is always extended. Tier 4 will never be back, so right there it means there is more money for extensions. I see the panic of people writing on this website, and some of the comments are so mean and negative. I had to wait over a month for a payment after Labor Day so I know the frustrations, I got robbed of Tier 4 and am really hurting for money,but EDD workers are not the enemy here, they do not deserve to be treated as “trolls” as they seem to be named on this website. Congress, lame as they are, will pass the extensions. I just wish they would do it quickly so we can relax during the holidays.

Scheduled Interview

December 2, 2013

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Just a re post since I did not title my tale correctly.
I am scheduled for a phone interview, since According to EDD I have been returning my forms late.
Actually since Labor Day my forms have been up to 8 weeks late, and after multiple contacts with Ask EDD the forms finally arrive with no date.
I send them right back and do not receive payment for a week, since I declare wages.
Then we start again. Right now I am 4 weeks behind, waiting for forms.
I cannot believe I am having a phone interview for EDD incompetence. Crazy stuff.