So I (unintentionally) misreported the wages from a recent temporary position. I made about $500 in two weeks of February, but reported it all in a single claim week after I’d already gotten paid. EDD docked one week’s payment, and I thought that was that.

Since the numbers/dates didn’t match up exactly, they recently flagged my account and told me I had a phone interview scheduled next week.

Now, I know I messed up because I didn’t read the fine print. But if anyone has had a similar experience… what exactly can I say during this interview to ensure that I continue getting the rest of my UI claim?

Will they accept the fact that this was an honest mistake and perhaps dock another week or two as penalty, or charge me for fraud and stop payments altogether?


I have been employed for 2 years at this point at the same job! Thank god! I recently got a letter from EDD. I froze when I saw it – what on earth can they want! I open it up and they say I was overpaid a full week 2 years ago. It was the first week of my last job. The story is I was confused filling out my first 2 weeks of the claim. For my frist week of work I put down I made 0 cause at the end of your frist week you make 0 you don’t get paid till the following week. This is incorrect. Since was 2 years ago I racked my brain and said well I must have made a mistake so I look at the date of me having to send it all back in and I literally have 2 days till the make a decision? I Send the full amount in and get a letter back saying since I didn’t explain myself I owe the full money (which I already sent in and they cashed) plus a 150.00 penalty plus a suspension for 5 weeks if I ever get back on EDD! Let me remind you this was my first mistake at EDD and I said sorry paid the amount and now they’re doing this! I asked for an appeal on the 150.00 penalty and the 5 week one. It’s robbery! I can’t even get them on the phone. Anyone else experience this? I guess I’ll go in person and fight it. So frustrating!

What a mess

April 25, 2016

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Filled claim 3/20 and got approved a week later. Got work certification forms a week later. Sent them in on time and after the wait was forever. So called and after trying soo many times got a hold if someone who told me my payment was delayed because of a mistake they made on a claim I filed in 2013. After that was fixed I sat here waiting because they said payment was issued. All I got in mail was work search forms no check or debit card when the rep told me I would get a check cos the other card had expired.kept checking mail and today I received receipt that payment was disbursed it seems to debit card which was weird cos I didn’t get one to begin with. After reading stufd here I called bof A to send me a card since EDD never told them to issue me one. Filed a claim on 3/20 im just now getting payment. Be patient cos the system is slow.

I filed for EDD back in January 2016 because my employer laid me off stating I wasn’t a good fit for the company! I waited until the end of Feb 2016 to even get a phone interview (during this time i was waiting for my tax return but I didn’t receive it because EDD made a mistake and took my tax refund!). After finally straightening that out I was audited by the IRS and learned my tax man had filed wrong thus leaving me broke, homeless, and my car repossessed. I know many people have family and friends they can turn too but I have no one! I’m alone!
Then I get a letter from EDD the first week in March 2016 stating I was disqualified because my employer claimed I stole money and lied about my hours (which was a lie!!!!! For the sake of being honest, yes I did record my hours in my personal time sheet log but never submitted it for payroll BUT the hours that were incorrect were because she fired me over the phone because I was out sick so I could not repair my logs correctly because she terminated me and logged me out of the system. Then she had the nerve to say I stole $16 from the company’s PayPal account, which never happened. Yes, I used the money but it was for a company item at Staples. I could not provide proof because she locked me out of all the company files and fired me on a weekend! Mind you this is the head of Labor 411, a company that is suppose to be advocate for the people and she abuses her employees!! She should be ashamed. Her former office manager ripped her off for $10000 and she held me hostage with paranoia the whole time I was employed there because of that.
SO now I wait on my EDD appeal! I am homeless, carless, unemployed, no family or friends to help me and the EDD doesn’t care! My cell phone is scheduled to be turned off any day and I’m contemplating suicide! The EDD should be ashamed of what they put people through! Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can call or email to speed up my appeal?? Anything will help, please!!!

i was delay on my funds for a week , but the EDD stated i made an mistake on my claim form and going issue me a new claim form , question is do they resend you the original claim form so i could see the mistake i made ?

$10 off

February 26, 2016 · 1 comment

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Been on EDD for 2 months already , 8th of this month i did a 1 day job which was $10 an hour for 8 hours , i claim on the form amd mail it in, 2 days later the check for my work came in and its for $90 dollars instead of the $80 i have claim and recieve the EDD funds already , i called the EDD to let them know about the mistake about and why and yesterday was the interview explain to the EDD what happen ….my question whats happens if youre $10 dollars off ?

my weekly EDD is $180. a week

The EDD took my tax refund by mistake in the amount of $6000. When I contacted them they advised me it was an error and would take them 5-12 weeks to refund it back to me. Any other time I would suck it up but I am currently unemployed and homeless. I was relying on that money to get back on my feet. WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE TO TAKE MY MONEY WHEN THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!