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Need Help!!!

September 7, 2016 · 1 comment

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So last year I was given a removal from the US Postal Service. Somehow I managed to pass the phone interview and everything worked smoothly. Exhausted all of my benefits. I went back to work, but have since received another removal for the same incident. Once my benefit year ends would I re-open my claim or would I have to file a new claim? Benefit year ends 09/17/2016. Can I file it now or do I have to wait until next Saturday?

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I resigned in my first job(a semiconductor industry) after I had an argument with the supervisor.But instead of accepting my resignation,he fired me instead.After the day we quarreled,I decided to filed of Unemployment Insurance.I got through a phone interview.Luckily three weeks during the appeals process,I get a temp job and wasn’t able to attend the hearing process personally as it conflicted with my new work schedule.The judge ruled not in favor and decided against me by not to provide me with my money during those three weeks that I wasn’t employed. Five months later,I got laid off from my new temp job.The temp company told me not to stop coming to company that I am currently working for(a biomedical company) on that particular day as they no longer need my services.I filed for EDD after I have received this notice. Upon registering at UI Online and certifying for my benefits for the first two weeks that I was unemployed, it was stated in my new claim that it was now under appeal now that it was still on the current benefit year when I first lost my job. Why is it so? Will I have to go through another appeals proccess particularly a phone interview and another hearing? Please give insight to my situation.

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I collected the final amount on the existing claim year said to expire in September. I have been working on and off and paying into my unemployment funds.
It says I can apply for a new claim 1-5 days prior to expiration. Those this require a new application and phone interview? Or is this automatically approved?


Hello all,

I’ve been perusing this site and I’ve found lots of useful information (thank you!), but I’m still pretty confused after comparing EDD website info and what I’ve found here.


Here’s the key info:

Benefits year is 08/02/2015 – 07/30/2016

Last Payment Issued
$342.00 on 06/20/2016

Claim Balance

Weekly Benefit Amount

Week 1 Certification Status
Paid for week ending 06/11/2016

Week 2 Certification Status
Paid for week ending 06/18/2016


I am entitled to certify for one more week of benefits.

Since I was let go from my full-time job, I have worked part-time roughly 6-7 hours a week. I worked for someone in the private sector and also from my own self-employment.

It would appear that maybe, MAYBE, having worked part-time would entitle me for more or continued or additional benefits until I can submit a new claim, or to somehow “extend” the old benefits (I’m aware that “extending” doesn’t really exist anymore).

The closest option that would appear to apply to me is the “additional claim” option, except that there technically wasn’t any “break” for me (since I certified for all weeks available) and I only have $101.00 left anyhow…

Can anyone confirm or disconfirm? Any info would be useful!

Thank you again and thank goodness for this resource!


I recieved a waiting period week notice,This is not a new claim and i have already received payments before many times. The claim is 3 months old and ive been paid before many times. I have only received partial payments because ive worked part time. The week in question was the first full payment due on this claim though.


I’m just curious how many days after being paid do you receive a new claim form I got paid on the 25th of May and haven’t received a new claim form yet

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I wrote to EDD: I meet the requirements for WIOA. My UI “runs out” end of June. I called my America’s Job Center and told this to the woman who answered the phone and that I was calling to ask for information about WIOA / how to enroll. She laughed at me and said “Honey, we don’t have any funds for that and won’t until July. Call back then.” and hung up on me. Uh, what should I do next?
Here is the reply:
Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact the department 1-5 days prior to the end date of your claim, 12/17/2016 to establish a new claim. Other options may be to contact the America’s Job Center and/or search for other training/programs that you may qualify for. Other government/state assistance programs include: General Relief and 211 California that can potentially offer assistance to individuals who are facing hardships.
So now I’m confused – I should contact Job Center again? And my claim expires 12/17/16, but I don’t get paid for my entire claim? Uh, what should I do next?

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