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Find out all things related to opening a new claim or re opening an old one.

I was laid off two weeks ago, April 2015, and I immediately applied for unemployment the day after to minimize the wait time. I just received a letter today in the mail from EDD stating that I have no benefits available for my claim. I’m a freelancer and I’ve worked from May 2014 – April 2015, with 2 weeks off period because the production company shuts down for the holidays. I’ve previously applied for EDD in December of 2014, but never finished the process because I was insured work shortly after, and I did received work. I’ve received another letter within the mail along with the “No Benefits Available” letter that states the beginning of my claim started back in December 2014. I’m really confused. I never received any money from EDD and I did not finish the application process so doesn’t that mean the claim was closed and when I applied for a new claim on April 2015, it would start from a new quarter? I’ve never applied for EDD before so I’m very new to this. Please let me know if I can provide any further info to make this clearer. And thank you for any advise and tip that you can provide. Thanks!



My old claim expired on the 18th of March. I had received a letter from EDD telling me that my claim was about to expire and that I should apply for a new claim 1-5 days before my current claim expires. I applied for a new claim on March 18, 2015. A few days later I received a “Notice of Claim filed letter” but nothing else. No award letter or new claim forms. I should have received my new claim forms by today, but alas nothing. Paper form or webcert.

Has anyone ever experienced this and what course of action have you taken. Since I cant get them on the phone, I plan on going to the office in the morning. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated


Mid April is the end of my one year claim date; fortunately, have worked temp job last four months and should re-qualify. Any known pros/cons to reopening a claim during the final week of current claim or should I let it expire and then open a new claim?? Secondly, new claim will qualify only on Alternate base period wages –so do I have to request this calculation or will EDD automatically calc for me?? Thanks for any insight.


I collected umemployment insurance from July 2011 to January 2012, and then I became employed and stopped collecting unemployment benefits. Then, I became unemployed again in February 2015 and filed a new claim. I filled out my first claim for in the mail, and now I just received an REA appointment notice. Why do I have to attend this interview if I did not file for an extension and am starting a new claim?

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Here’s the situation: I had a claim in 2008. I neglected to declare some part-time employment which resulted in an overpayment. My fault, I get it. Cut to Jan 2015: I get laid off and file a new claim. EDD informs me that I’m on a penalty period of 10 weeks after which time, EDD will deduct 100% of my weekly benefit amount until my overpayment balance is paid. I took that to mean that the overpayment balance would NOT be deducted during the penalty period and that the penalty period would essentially be a “holding period” during no payments would be made to me and no repayments would be deducted for my overpayment. But, here’s the thing: my 10 week penalty period ended three weeks ago and this week I received my EDD debit card with $900 on it. Does this mean that EDD already deducted my overpayment balance from my total payout amount or has something gone wrong? Note: my overpayment balance was $2800, so no way could it have cleared in three weeks if they’re only taking $450/wk. What’s going on? Anyone else experience this?


I have a letter from EDD stating a new claim was opened 12/28/2014.

Then How come I have no MONEY.

Almost 3 months, without any payment!!
EDD must be hiring non english speaking idiots.

Give me my money!!!


EDD told me me I need a new initial claim, the one I sent was a week too early, my old claim was good for that week. ok,
So I sent a new claim in Jan. they do not have a new one. So when I sent my 2 week form in, late Jan. I sent a copy of the initial claim. Guess what they still say they do not have it.

So on 2/10 sent another 2 week form in and a 3rd copy of my new initial claim. Still no $ and still no word from EDD.

They blaming computers that were supposed to solve the delays, this was in 2013. Still say computer problems. Someone is lying to all of us.