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Find out all things related to opening a new claim or re opening an old one.

I have a letter from EDD stating a new claim was opened 12/28/2014.

Then How come I have no MONEY.

Almost 3 months, without any payment!!
EDD must be hiring non english speaking idiots.

Give me my money!!!


EDD told me me I need a new initial claim, the one I sent was a week too early, my old claim was good for that week. ok,
So I sent a new claim in Jan. they do not have a new one. So when I sent my 2 week form in, late Jan. I sent a copy of the initial claim. Guess what they still say they do not have it.

So on 2/10 sent another 2 week form in and a 3rd copy of my new initial claim. Still no $ and still no word from EDD.

They blaming computers that were supposed to solve the delays, this was in 2013. Still say computer problems. Someone is lying to all of us.


I was able to web cert on my new claim but the BOfA card I had with my prior claim expired. Will I receive a new card with this claim or..? Thanks!

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My benefits are about to run out and I’m about 5 months away from the “claim ending”. Is there a way once my benefits run out to open a new claim?

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So for some reason from 1/4 to 1/10 was a one week claim, though I have been getting benefits since July and it has ALWAYS been 2 weeks at a time. Since I did not realize this was happening I did not log in to file my claim until 1/16 thinking it was the normal 2 week period. It has been two weeks since 1/10 and there is no new claim for me!! I think that since I took a week to file my last claim they ended my benefits without saying anything to me. I really feel like I was tricked. Now I have to try to call them (OMG kill me now) and see what happened and have them reopen my claim if they indeed ended it. Do you think they can reinstate the claim from 1/11-1/24 and I can turn it in late?? I feel like it’s totally not my fault!! I was so angry when I realized this when I logged in today. Rent is going to be due soon :(

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As an actor I have been filling out my claim forms off and on for 16 years now.

Since August 2014 the EDD has not sent one payment. I have had to call and be on hold and disconnected each two weeks for hours upon hours.

As an actor if you get a residual check (a check for a re-run on TV) you may have shot the job in 2012 but it re-ran in 2014 and you didn’t receive the check until 2015. So what I have always done is write down the date I received the check in the mail and list that as the DATE WORKED. I also used to write N/A on amount of hours worked and always made sure to write RESIDUAL CHECK in the reason no longer working box.

Now, however, none of it matters.

As noted I have not received a payment on time even once in 5 months and each time I call I get a different answer. Two weeks ago I was told the “New System” can’t recognize the N/A mark (even though I have done that for years) and was told to enter a 0. When I advised that I’d been rejected previously for writing 0, I was told a supervisor had just informed the operator that that was the new way with the “New System.” So I put a 0.

Guess what’s been rejected again?

I was advised that I’d been doing things correctly (after 45 minutes of the phone support person looking at the forms I sent in that are on file) and was offered an information sheet to be mailed to me regarding filling out slips for actors.

The sheet arrived and has no information at all about what to put in the HOURS WORKED slot.

The EDD is a wonderful support system I’m thankful to have but the information forms do not work for actors and they seem to have zero interest in changing it. I have received contradictory answers each time.

Calling is the only thing that works and even then be prepared that they will just send you out new claim forms two or three times until you get someone who’ll finally manually approve your form. And even then it will take an additional 3 or 4 business days IF they do it.


I have two claims with the wrong dates on them. The first one (from November) I actually sent EDD an email about it and they never responded. Now I have a new claim with wrong dates again. Web-cert has the wrong date as well. Should I just write in the correct dates and send it in?