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Find out all things related to opening a new claim or re opening an old one.

I had an open claim from 9-12-14 until 9-12-15. I filed a new claim on 9-20-15 (because Im under the impression that because there are no more federal extentions you just need to file a new claim). Ive now recieved some very confusing letters from the EDD. The first letter I got says that its a notice of determination of invalid claim, section 1277 (doesnt this mean I was denied?). The second letter says its a notice of unemployment insurance award and the amount I was awarded. The third is a continued claim form that tells me to certify just as I did last year when recieviving benefits. So doesnt that mean I am going to get my money??? Please help!!! Im so confused and cant find any current info online :(


I was in the CTB program and my first claim ended 9/19/15 but was informed through an appeal decision letter that my benefits would end sometime in March of 2016 with my extensions. and was told to file a new claim. I just received a notice of an invalid claim section 1277. The box to the side of “this determination will not affect your extended benefits” is NOT marked. Has there been anyone that has still gotten benefits even with the box NOT marked??? And should I appeal since I was told I would have benefits till March of 2016??


i filed my claim in April, which just re-opened the existing claim I had started the year before. In July, my claim rolled over to a new claim with a higher weekly benefit amount (yay!) and I had a waiting period week then.

Fast forward to August. I started working part time again. Certified for weeks A and B using UI Online. Week B I worked too much and had 0 benefit. Last week I received my paper claim form in the mail, along with another letter that stated that I had filed a new claim. I did not file a new claim, my current claim goes until July 2016 and I have $6000 left on it. Today, I certified for weeks C and D. UI Online is showing that week C is a waiting period and I get no benefits. I worked less than 10 hours that week, and really needed that money. I can’t even afford to feed my dog, she’s been eating beans and leftovers for the past few days. I scrounged for loose change just to buy gas to get to work and am praying that I don’t run out of gas on the freeway again today, I can’t even call AAA because my phone is shut off.

I am pretty familiar with the ins and outs of EDD, and I can’t figure out why this is happening. I submitted a question via Ask EDD (which isn’t easy anymore) and will post an update once I receive a response. Has this happened to anyone else? I hope it’s a system glitch and we can correct it, but if not, I want to know why so I can plan for it if it’s going to happen again.


so i applied for benefits feb. 2015 and it is now aug 2015 and i got a letter saying..

“You have received all the benefits payable on your claim and no extended benefits are available to you. If unemployed, you many file a new claim by visiting our………”

it says i can reapply jan 2016 when my claim is over?????

So are all my benefits over already. I wont get any help even tho my claim is still open? arent extended benefits available? atleast tier 1 extension?

Im upset its taking me so long to find a job and i am more upset that I need more time to find a job and stable out. And im just horrified t at the EDD basically told me to go f*** myself…

WIth all this stress and worry, very hard to just focus on finding job, I got kids and roof to maintain :(



I am filing a new unemployment claim next week, I have W-2 wages. I also had a 1099 contract job recently that was for 2 days.

My question:
Would I list that 2 day 1099 job on the new claim form application?

Thank you for an info.

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I reopened my previous EDD claim on July 10th, this claim is due to expire on August 15th and I was told that I will need to re-apply. EDD said since I was already found eligible it should be an easier process, my question is, when should I apply for the new claim?

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I’m a bit confused and see if maybe one of you guys on here can help out with thoughts and inputs. So I filed a new claim mid-June and got my a response letter a week and a half later with my benefits amount on there as well as a continued claim form telling me to start filing for benefits starting July 5. BUT I realized that I should’ve waited until July to file a new claim form based on their quarterly base chart (to receive a more substantial benefit) ! Stupid me !

So I called in and got through to a representative on the phone to cancel my current claim.

Fast forward 3 days later into July, I filed another new claim since I had cancelled the previous one. A week and a half later, I received my EDD letter with the benefit amount but this time no continued claim form which is different. I just called into the telecert line to see if I can telecert and it stated that I could.

So now I’m confused. Being able to telecert right now without getting a continued claim form sent with the EDD confirmation letter is odd because usually the system won’t let you certify for benefits until you get that mailed continued claim form with the minimum date to certify….SO does that mean THAT continued claim form is still attached to my cancelled claim?

Or me being able to telecert right now is attached to the current claim and not the cancelled one?

If I certify right now, how do I know if EDD is using the right claim (this current claim) instead of the previous cancelled claim?

Sorry for the confusing question. Hope it makes sense !