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Help Filing Extension

November 2, 2017 · 1 comment

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I filed in January 2017…only collected for 2 weeks..took a temporary job…worked til June and was laid off there so I filed again but it was still under that claim from January 2017. I still haven’t found a job and my benefits will run out soon. I don’t want to scramble to figure out how to file for an extension…there is no information on website. I know I will have money because I worked during the the time a new claim will be calculated. Just need to know how to file extension…or do I just file a new claim? Filing a new claim doesn’t make sense because there is no job that I lost…just ran out of benefits. I have benefits until Dec 4th and want to avoid any interuptions in payments if I don’t find a job by then!
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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I filed for U.I. benefits I’mwhen I was laid off in October 2016. I exhausted the benefits on my claim. I opened a new claim since I’m still unemployed. Will I still be eligible to receive U.I. benefits?


I was approved for CTB for 18 months when my school ends. Online TE states it is one time for 6 months. Which is correct? Or is after the extended 6 months when I get a new claim award based on new earnings?


Hi! So this is my 3rd time being on state disability (California) I just started this new claim early March and I’ve already done one continued claim (2500A) for a 14 day period and now I have to do another one at the end of this 14 day period. I’ve never had these so frequently. Normally it’s every few months or so. Does anyone have any idea why?

So, I usually religiously certify Midnight Sunday Morning or as soon as I wake up at around 6am or 7am, but this time, I forgot about it until Monday and filed my two weeks certification online at 9:48AM. (It’s been almost a year since I’ve needed it much so got out of habit.) Second issue is that this is a new claim. Third issue is that I have a telephone interview scheduled for next Monday. My first guess was that I’d be held back until they interview me. But, then, I was allowed to use the online certification. I am now curious as to whether or not I will get a surprise this Tuesday evening with a load at around 9pm-11pm or so. It’s already 8:15pm, so it seems doubtful: they would have processed the bulk of approvals Monday evening, so today should have been a fast run, and have already happened by 8:15pm. I’m assuming I have to pass the telephone interview and then they will release it for that Tuesday.

Week 1 Certification Status
Duplicate for week ending 01/21/2017

Week 2 Certification Status
Duplicate for week ending 01/28/2017

what does this mean and how come i have only received my first payment and not the rest of them.

and why does it keep saying to reopen my claim when i had opened a new claim in February and they want me to open another one for the new benefit year? whats that mean.
this in advance

I filed my new claim on week of 01/08/17 to 01/14/17. I was approved. I received my notice of award letter. I also had two weeks work of work search to clerify. I mailed them back the same day I got them on Saturday, 1/21/17, I already have my direct deposit set up from the last claim last year. I was wondering if do you think I will get any money this week?

BTW the website keeps crashing, and tele cert wouldnt let me do it either. Paper is the only way I could do it.

Thank you!