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Find out all things related to opening a new claim or re opening an old one.

Just logged on to Calif. Webcert and out of blue shows 13 weeks ready to certify. Claim anniversary 12/15/13.Last pmt was from 12/28. I filed new claim 3/30. Had 13 weeks left if euc passed. Is this new or screw up? Is state getting certs ready if bill pases?


Unfortunately, despite correctly certifying last September – EDD issued payment in full without reducing for my earnings. Now, my benefits are being applied to my overpayment repayment, lol. Which actually means 2 have weeks so far have passed where I received nothing. Nada! Rien! Zilch! As it would happen this is the week after my new claim began so of course that required the waiting period week of no benefits. Which was after the week where I certified 37 hours only to be told that was “excessive” and would not be paid any benefits. The weeks prior to this appear to have completely fallen off the calendar for EDD – we went from 2/1/14 then crickets until the claim form explanations listed above begin again on 3/1/14 so 2/8, 2/15 & 2/22 are stuck somewhere in the upgraded 30 year old system.

Does anyone know is there some sort of mercy rule, that would prevent the EDD from refusing to pay benefits for more than a month’s worth of perfectly received certifications? Are they hoping I simply starve to death or lose my home and am unable to survive in the elements? This seems incredibly cruel for a Human Services department.


Hi everyone. I applied for a new claim and was denied because I didn’t have new earnings (I had enough earnings, but they were from my initial claim 4/1/13). Several days later I received an award letter with my weekly benefit amount. Am I still denied? Was the award letter just automatic and sent with every initial claim?


I exhausted all of my benefits for my initial 26 week claim. I am on CTB through WIA, and therefore qualify for a training related extension. I emailed edd requesting an extension be filed and they mailed me a form for a telephone interview. I had my interview and was I formed the training extension would be filed. It has been almost 2 weeks I have been waiting for my claim forms, so I called and finally got through to someone who said my extension was never filed, and that he would be doing so today. WHAT THE FUCK was the interview scheduled for if they never filed my claim!!!!! In addition I have been emailing them for new claim forms and they keep telling me they were mailed out but when I talked to the rep today he said my claim was exhausted so he doesn’t know what they mailed out!!! Incompetent!!!!!!! I am trying to finish school so I can have a better job and not go through this BS again. Why can’t just one person work on a claim instead of it going through everyone elses hands!!!! I have already had my car repoed because of late Payments, and everyone giving me the run around now this!!!!!!!!!


Hello All! I lost my job in March of 2013 and collected unemployment benefits into the first part of a tier 1 extension. Well as we all know the extension’s were stopped so no more benefits came in. I recently got a notice of Unemployment Insurance award letter from EDD, Filed March 23 2014 to March 23, 2015, with the same benefit amount I had before.

Did they file a new claim for me, and I was still eligible for the same amount? I checked my web cert but noticed no new claim forms available and being that today is April 8th, i have a feeling something is not right.

Did i actually get a new claim, or does this have something to do with the extension? God forbid, I’d actually be able to talk to someone from EDD on the phone…. I appreciate it!


Hello guys,

My 26 wks benefit was exhausted last week and got a letter to refile. I Understand there’s no more tiers or extension but prior to being laid off by my last company, I had work at 3 different places and earned income for all three companies. The timeline is as follow;

Last company February 2013-sept2013

Company 3 sept 2012- February 2013

Company 2 april 2011- sept 2012

Company 1 dec 2009- April 2011

I am wondering will I be able to refile a new claim and be eligible for benefits again since I had worked for different companies, prior to getting laid off with the last employer?

Thank you and have a good Sunday.


I just received a letter to file a new claim because my benefits ran out last week. It only took them two months, a phone interview and an appeal to get my money. Now I have to recertify.


My 6 months ran up 2 weeks ago im still unemployed. If they approve the extension, how will I file for it? Do I just file a new claim on the website or is there a different link for extension filings? Appreciate any feedback.


Last week EDD never deposited money on my card. Instead I got a letter in the mail stating they scheduled a phone interview for today from 10-12 but no one called.

Given reason for interview:

Why you did not provide the information required to file your new claim.

This is confusing because I didn’t file a new claim.

I called EDD last week and (somehow) got through but they wouldn’t tell me anything other than that I have an interview today.

The new cert that came in the mail does not have the usual amount left on claim at the top. I haven’t been paid in 4 weeks now, what do I do?


I have a couple question! I worked for 10 months and my job ended in Feb 2013, opened a claim I was off for two months or so, got another job in April of 2013, worked for 6 months and was terminated in September 2013, Edd reopened a continued claim which ran out March 29 2014. I filed a new claim on March 30 and am wondering if, one, will I be eligible to collect on a new claim, and two, if the termination will have to be reviewed a second time. I was found to be eligible for UI despite the employers claims. I know its kind of confusing. Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. I did read the handbook and reviewed the archives and am still unsure.


Hi everyone. I was laid off 3/29/13. Collected through 12/28/13. My BYE was 3/29/14. Am I eligible to file a new claim without having worked for a new employer during the current base period? I still have earnings from the employer on that claim in two quarters if I were to file a new claim using the current base period.

If the answer is yes:

I moved out of state once the extensions ended. What reasons might EDD find me ineligble based on the new area I moved to?