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Find out all things related to opening a new claim or re opening an old one.

Hello all, so I lost my job on 7/13 and got my six months UE from employer A. I exhausted my claim and after 7 month, I was employed part time for employer B.

This lasted from 1/14 to 5/14 when I was laid off. I had to wait until 6/23 to file a new claim because my first one was not yet over. I did so putting down all the money I made in each period including the wages from employer A.

Today I received an award letter for some $6000, but it’s from the money I made from employer A which I had already exhausted. Should I go ahead and mail in my weekly claim form or should I try to spend all of this week attempting to talk to a live representative. I don’t want to do anything fraudulent. Thanks.


My claim ran out. I received a letter to inform me as such. The letter instructed me to visit the website to re-open or start a new claim. I did that, and the website helpfully informed me that I would have to call EDD. I’ve tried this (without exaggeration) probably 50 times, and the recording simply says that they can’t take my call, and directs me to the same website that consistently tells me to call. Someone out there must have a number I can call to reach a human, right?


I was working for about 6-7 months in 2013, my last job ended in december 2013, I was getting edd before all that. I was able to reopen my old claim, which lasted about 2 weeks, end of december. So in the end of January 2014, I filed a new claim and was able to get edd til may 10th, which was when my claim expire. I got a letter saying my claim has expire but I might be eligible for a new claim, it also said my claim balance is 800. I called up edd and ask about the new claim, the operator said I was qualify for the new claim. How can it be possible Im eligible for a new claim and when I filed for a new claim in January in 2014? Im also getting more weekly allowance than my January 2014 claim? Almost double the allowance.


I haven’t been on this site for a while, so I’m sorry if this has already been asked. According to EDD my first claim end date is 6/7/14. I wanted to file for a new state claim then. My question is.. Since they base it off of the first 4 of the last 5 quarters worked, I’m confused a bit how to fill out the form. I did get a severance check and listed it on my first claim. Do you think I can can count that as ‘wages’ for June of last year?


So I got a letter today saying ” You have received all the beneftts payable on your claim. Since you may qualify for a new claim call your unemployment insurance office immediately or visit our website at Your claim balance after this payment is 760.00. Should I go to their website and try to filed a new claim?


I applied for benefits 1/5/14 and my claim doesn’t expire until 1/5/2014 but I just received something in the mail that says “You have received all the benefits payable on your claim and no extended benefits are available to you. If unemployed, you may file a new claim by visiting…” after only being on unemployment for 15 weeks?

Is this correct information? I was told that the department should automatically file for me if I qualify.

Please advise me how to move forward. I really appreciate it.


I was receiving my UI benefits with no problem until my final week to claim. I had just accepted a job to begin 9/9/2013 so sent in my final claim form which allowed me only one week of UI benefits before my job began. I reported my earnings via the paper claim form for my new job for that second week, so they would know I was employed and should not be paid UI that week. Unfortunately this occurred at the same time they had just begun overhauling their computer systems last fall. I mailed in the form, then didn’t receive any payment, but did receive a form letter letting me know there were delays in processing due to the system being upgraded. Weeks later I noticed a payment had been posted for the full 2 week period and had been direct deposited like my previous payments were. I attempted to contact them to let them know, but did not receive a response after several attempts.I figured they would send me a letter of overpayment, I would pay and it would be taken care of. Fast forward it’s 7 months later, and I just received a Notice of Potential Overpayment. I’m thinking That’s fine, I’ll just pay it and it will be taken care of, except at the bottom of the form they had checked a box that said: ‘If it is found that the overpayment was not your fault, you may be eligible to have the overpayment waived. To apply for this waiver, complete and return the attached financial statement within 10 days’. As the over payment was not my fault but an error in their system, I filled out the form and submitted it. Meanwhile, yesterday I was let go from my sales job due to failure to meet my sales goals so now must file a new unemployment claim asap. I have not heard back from EDD regarding a decision on the potential overpayment and am wondering if I should wait to file for benefits until this issue is cleared up as I don’t want to be denied. I am prepared to pay back the overpayment, but just don’t want to be penalized. Since this is a new claim should I just file now?


Just logged on to Calif. Webcert and out of blue shows 13 weeks ready to certify. Claim anniversary 12/15/13.Last pmt was from 12/28. I filed new claim 3/30. Had 13 weeks left if euc passed. Is this new or screw up? Is state getting certs ready if bill pases?


Unfortunately, despite correctly certifying last September – EDD issued payment in full without reducing for my earnings. Now, my benefits are being applied to my overpayment repayment, lol. Which actually means 2 have weeks so far have passed where I received nothing. Nada! Rien! Zilch! As it would happen this is the week after my new claim began so of course that required the waiting period week of no benefits. Which was after the week where I certified 37 hours only to be told that was “excessive” and would not be paid any benefits. The weeks prior to this appear to have completely fallen off the calendar for EDD – we went from 2/1/14 then crickets until the claim form explanations listed above begin again on 3/1/14 so 2/8, 2/15 & 2/22 are stuck somewhere in the upgraded 30 year old system.

Does anyone know is there some sort of mercy rule, that would prevent the EDD from refusing to pay benefits for more than a month’s worth of perfectly received certifications? Are they hoping I simply starve to death or lose my home and am unable to survive in the elements? This seems incredibly cruel for a Human Services department.


Hi everyone. I applied for a new claim and was denied because I didn’t have new earnings (I had enough earnings, but they were from my initial claim 4/1/13). Several days later I received an award letter with my weekly benefit amount. Am I still denied? Was the award letter just automatic and sent with every initial claim?


I exhausted all of my benefits for my initial 26 week claim. I am on CTB through WIA, and therefore qualify for a training related extension. I emailed edd requesting an extension be filed and they mailed me a form for a telephone interview. I had my interview and was I formed the training extension would be filed. It has been almost 2 weeks I have been waiting for my claim forms, so I called and finally got through to someone who said my extension was never filed, and that he would be doing so today. WHAT THE FUCK was the interview scheduled for if they never filed my claim!!!!! In addition I have been emailing them for new claim forms and they keep telling me they were mailed out but when I talked to the rep today he said my claim was exhausted so he doesn’t know what they mailed out!!! Incompetent!!!!!!! I am trying to finish school so I can have a better job and not go through this BS again. Why can’t just one person work on a claim instead of it going through everyone elses hands!!!! I have already had my car repoed because of late Payments, and everyone giving me the run around now this!!!!!!!!!