no payment yet

I certified the past 2 weeks on Sunday morning and when I go to the Claim History page those 2 claims show up with status “Paid”. However, when I look at the transaction details for those 2 claims, neither has a Payment ID. Also, when I go to the Payment History page it does not show a payment for those 2 claims.

Any idea what’s up?

My disability was supposed to end as of 2/15. My doctor submitted my continued claim form but I am not sure of the date. I got enough email saying that I am extended through 5/4. I have been paid through 2/17. Does anyone know if there another 7 day waiting period for continued payments from the date the continued form was received? Or do you get paid as if it never lapsed? I checked BofA and there is no payment yet. It’s only Monday though. I would appreciate any help! Thanks.

Anybody received payment yet??

I submitted my claim Sunday 12/22/14 around 3 pm usally I get paid by Tues or weds but so far it’s been a week and nothing can it be cuz of the christmas holiday it’s gonna be late is anyone else having this problem?

Mailed paper claim 12/1/2014. Normally paid Thursday night has anyone been paid yet

I usually receive my DI payments Wednesday Evening. As of 10am this morning 10/16, no payment yet. The EDD DI website for my account says “No payments processed”. Debit card still says balance is $0. Is this because of Columbus Day? I can’t get thru to EDD by phone, and really need the money by at least tonight. Is there a way to get a hold of them by phone other than calling 800 number?

Webcerted Mon. 1/13, submission date “changed” to 1/14…but no payment yet.

Anyone else?