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Can i claim california unemployment if i move out of state? I work here in california now, but the business is closing and I will be laid off. I am going to move back to my family in the east coast. Can i still claim unemployment from california? Thanks

Can I web cert online from out of state?

I live in CA, am unemployed through a corporate layoff, and currently receiving EDD benefits.

I recently began applying for jobs in Austin as TX has a huge market in my industry. Thankfully, I have 2 interviews coming up in TX but the dates will intersect with the weekend I’m supposed to webcert online.

Most likely I’ll have to remain out of state to attend follow up interviews, maybe for up to 1 additional week after the initial rounds.

Would there be any issue if I web certed from TX? Should I call and notify EDD in advance?

I guess if it came down to it, I can ask the companies I’m interviewing with for written validation, but that would be damned embarrassing and I reckon a turn off to the hiring managers.

SDI question.

November 24, 2014

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I worked in California from 2012 to Jan 2014, now live out of state, I do have the wages in the correct quarters in Cali, if I meet all other eligibility criteria, am I still eligible to receive the SDI or does one have to be a California resident at the time of disability?

I was out of town for a month looking for work in another state. When I got back to California I see that I was awarded my claim and had a bunch of claim forms. I mailed those claim forms in. Just got a call and the edd said I mailed those forms in late and asked why. I told her it was because I was out of state looking for work and didn’t know I was going to get claim forms sent to me. She said why didn’t you do webcert and blah blah. Do you think I will be awarded my monies?

If I run out of state unemployment benefits at the end of April, this hard fought for extension will only give me an extra month of benefits? This hardly sounds worth the fight…too late.

Either extend them until the Fall or the end of the year or don’t bother.

Unemployment Extension
Renewal of Federal Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

By Alison Doyle
Update April 3, 2014: The Senate has voted to move forward with HR 3979, the vehicle for renewing legislation that provides for a 5 month retroactive extension of federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) which expired on December 28th.

The next step is a final vote in the Senate on Monday, April 7 at 5:30 PM ET. If passed by the Senate, the legislation would then need to be approved in the House.

If passed, the legislation extends the federal EUC benefits that were in place last year through May 31, 2014. Unemployed workers who were collecting EUC and whose benefits were cut off on December 28 and those who have run out of state unemployment benefits since then would be eligible. It does not provide any extra tiers of benefits or provide benefits for those had already run out of unemployment prior to December 28, 2013.

Hi everyone. I was laid off 3/29/13. Collected through 12/28/13. My BYE was 3/29/14. Am I eligible to file a new claim without having worked for a new employer during the current base period? I still have earnings from the employer on that claim in two quarters if I were to file a new claim using the current base period.

If the answer is yes:

I moved out of state once the extensions ended. What reasons might EDD find me ineligble based on the new area I moved to?