edd overpayment

Edd overpayment

October 6, 2015 · 3 comments

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In April 2014 I applied for EDD partial unemployment. I was filing my claim forms correctly. And towards the end of the year they started to lose my forms and send out duplicates.In 2014 my payrate charged twice from $9 -$9.41 .When I had my last review at work my payrate was $9.20.So EDD waited 2 and a half years to send me determination notice and a overpayment. Because I was unaware of my payrate increase. .This year in August 2015 they finally realized that I was receiving duplicate forms and being paid twice . And due to unaware payrate increase my reported wages were not correct. .Know from there faulty system I owe them $2,983 . I thought about appealing their decision then I thought of having to also pay the court charged and overpayment if appealing was really worth it.So know my checks will go straight to edd overpayment for the remainder of this year going into 2016. Leaving me with nothing.