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I was laid off from my job on November 2nd and applied for unemployment on November 3rd. I received a notice in the mail to sign up for cal jobs – which I did then the next day I got a letter which stated what I had put on my original application and on the next page was my award letter. I know there is a 1 week waiting period but that’s been long gone and I haven’t received any materials to certify for benefits, and when I log online it doesn’t have my most recent claim all I can see is my claim from 2012. When I call the number to try and certify it tells me to sign and mail in the paper form.. but I never received one??? I have tried calling over 30 times, and I’ve also emailed with no luck. Online it asks if I want to “reopen my claim” but I’m afraid to do that and mess up the claim I already have documentation that I opened and got an award letter for.

Anything I can do? Thanks!


So I certify with Telecert beacuse the online/mobile cert always errors out or won’t let me log in. As many of you know, If a state holiday falls on a Monday Telecert demands you mail in your continued claim form. My question is… if I just wait untill after the holiday and call will it go through? Beacuse id rather not wait the 10 days they estimate for the paper form to be processed.

It’s my first time back on EDD after over 3 years, and now the online form asks for job “search” info (actually it should say job APPS or CONTACTS!), but allows you to opt out and not complete it.
1. If i opt out of completing the job search will i be screwed?
2. Why would they let us opt out, who would complete it if we don’t have to? (I always SEARCH but didn’t do any apps this week.)
3. If i start the online form and then stop to mail paper instead will i get in trouble? I guess this week i will just mail in the paper form as the box isn’t checked.
Is “share your story” the same as “ask a question”? I guess “i’m confused” covers it. 🙂

For the entire month of January their website has been non-functional and broken. I tried using the paper form and mailing it in. But the money never got transferred. What is the point of this agency?

I just had Week #2 (ending Mar 5) paid after submission of the paper form. I haven’t received the next cert form for Weeks #3 and #4, so I created an EDD Online account and tried to do the cert there. TWICE now, I get forcefully logged out immediately after clicking “Next” to add another job search entry, and not due to timing out. And then ALL my previous entries are lost. It makes it impossible to complete the online form.

When to Tele-cert ?

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I have been using the paper form. I’ve been mailing it the day after the 2 weeks to be claimed have ended as it says on it. I haven’t gotten my new form yet for the current weeks, 12/27-1/2 and 1/3-1/9. I may try to Tele-cert. Should I wait until Sunday 1/10 to call like when I would have mailed the form, or try before then to Tele-cert?

I filed a new claim three weeks ago. This past Monday (1/4) I received my UI paper work. After registering with UI I noticed I had weeks to certify for, which I then did online. The next day I received a notice of my award in the mail. On Wednesday I received a paper claim form.

I have not been paid. It still lists as “pending” in UI. Did I make a mistake by certifying via UI? Was I supposed to only certify with the paper form the first time? No interview has been scheduled. The award said I had to meet further eligibility requirements. I registered for CalJobs and updated my resume. I was on UI last year. Usually I get paid the day after certifying. But I’m wondering if I should have waited and certified with the paper form first. I emailed EDD today, since I certified five days ago and there has been no change. It says they received my certification but payment is still pending.