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April 23, 2017

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I received a notice of over payment in the amount of $255.00. Here’s a back story. I had been laid off due to office closure on 10.28.2016. I found a part time job that I started on 10.31.2016. It was with UPS and those hours varied, my lowest check was about 90 dollars, my highest about 348. I did not keep up with certifying and was subsequently disqualified. Which was no biggie because I found a temp job that was full time and I started 01.09.2017. I called them to tell them about this and they said to keep sending in the paperwork to get certified. Anyways, I honestly cant remember if I did. I did receive 110 dollars for the week ending 11.19.2016 during the time I collected. That week I earned 192 which is what I had put on the cert notice. What is so confusing to me is that I never received the payment for 255 dollars. So I dont understand how they can be saying I was overpaid. I have called and spoke to 3 different people about this and no one can give me a answer, just fill out the form and send it in. UGH! Anyone else deal with this?

I applied for a part time position at my last job because but after requesting, a part time position my job was terminated. So I applied for unemployment and this has been the worst night mare of my life. I had the phone interview where the person that interviewed me was extremely rude and hostile. Then I got information in the mail that I was disqualified. Then two weeks pass and there is a letter in the mail with an appeal form that I need to send in explaining the reason why I believe that this was the wrong. Two weeks later I get a letter in the mail saying that I have a hearing coming up with a judge and that’s it. Never received a dime from the EDD nothing and now it is 1 month sense the last letter and I have nothing, no weeks to certify, no time lines, no phone calls nothing. This is this worst thing that I have ever experienced in life 1,000,000%. California is wrong for having systems in place that don’t help workers and are only there because it is a requirement by LAW. I don’t recommenced anyone put their trust in the EDD at all because they are just out to scam you out of benefits that you pay for as a TAX payer and a worker. I don’t know how the EDD works in other states but I can tell you first hand that in CA it is the worst. It is currently the holiday season and I have a mortgage to pay bills that will not stop and I am still dealing with a current injury but I have to find a good job NOW and right now because I have 0% trust in the EDD system. I know that everyone has a different experience and some people really got help from the EDD but I am a VET and served six years in the US army and I still get 0% help nothing ZERO. I hope that maybe the right person will see this and make changes to this system because it is BROKEN as BROKEN gets. I hope that this is helpful to anyone that is frustrated with the EDD.

fucked by a fax machine

November 17, 2016

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I worked two jobs one full time seasonal and another part time.. the full time seasonal job ended before i put my two week notice at the part time job. I used the fax machine at work to send my fax the day I left the full time seasonal ten people sent their faxes with no issue Edd is telling me they never received my fax. I had to refile a claim but I also left my shitty part time job because lack of hours.Since I left my part time job the latest thats what edd is going to run my claim from and it looks like I am going to get nothing from both jobs even. I was told to call in ten days if no information was sent to me. by that time I had already left my part time jobs fucking bull shit

I recieved a waiting period week notice,This is not a new claim and i have already received payments before many times. The claim is 3 months old and ive been paid before many times. I have only received partial payments because ive worked part time. The week in question was the first full payment due on this claim though.

I am a working professional who unfortunately lost my job like many of you. After an 8 week appeal process and winning benefits I was informed that there is now a 6 week penalty. I stated working again part time and did not file as I was working….. then when I went to claim benefits again, EDD is stating they overpaid me for 2 weeks and have also added a 6 week penalty which is over $1800. I am a dingle mom and haven’t seen any income in almost 3 months. I have been hired with a new company but since I work with Autistic Children there is an extensive background check and I am forced to wait without income. Is this worth appealing? Has anyone ever won the judgment to have the penalty removed. Forgot to mention, an EDD rep concluded that the over payment was NOT intentional and it was NOT. Was very confused…… Any advice is helpful! THANKS!!

Certified for the first two weeks week was essesive earning reported so im guessing i get nothing for that. Ok. Second week got waiting period weekly claim balance is 244. I reported 224 earnings for that week. Dose that mean im only getting 20 bucks? And since im reporting earnings how long dose it take? Im guessing someone has to look at it or do some math before i get paid. So normal 3 days from sunday or am i looking at a week from now. Thanks for reading and your time! Wheres my money!! I want that 20 noooww lol

Good Morning

I work a couple part time jobs whilst on EDD that I can collect a minute bit weekly as I had the maximum and my earnings do not exceed. Today I was given a holiday bonus that is one time and it will. When I report it I understand there is a separate section for holiday pay or tips, etc. Will going way over my claim for one week totally cancel my claim and close it or just not have me draw money for one week till next time.
Thank you