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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I quit company A for company B. Then company B laid me off. But company A is beingh billed for unemployment. I filled out the separation paperwork and now I have a phone interview. Is this normal and, “is there a possibility that my unemployment will be cancelled?” If someone can help? I called edd and it seemed like the guy who answered didn’t want to really answer my questions. Please help. Thanks.


I had my phone interview scheduled 1.5 weeks ago. The call came at the very end of the 2 hour window and went straight to my voicemail instead of ringing through. Since then, I have left a message every day for the interviewer and one for his supervisor. I have received no response from either and I was disqualified for the previous two weeks. The one time I talked to an actual person at EDD they said to NOT reschedule my interview. Any advice would be welcome!


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I’m hoping someone may have some feedback on the following situation: I started a new job and there was training for the job. After 3 days of training, I took a test to see if I’d passed the training. I didn’t. Frankly I wasn’t surprised. I am older and the training went too fast for me. I was learning the job but not fast enough. They called me in the office and said because I didn’t pass training I’m no longer working for the company. I then applied for unemployment and a phone interview was scheduled. I met the interviewer (nice lady by the way) by phone and answered her questions and basically am wondering what is the next step? How long do I wait to find out if my claim is active?



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Since claiming my benefits, it’s been 8 weeks and not receiving any money due to disqualification. I had an assignment from a staffing agency and worked and made only $40 for three and half hours. I had to quit due to poor equipment and environment. Staffing agency reported EDD that I worked for one full week of 40 hours and did not report EDD of all waged I made. A huge lie! I went through phone interview and agent was even unaware I only worked for three and half hours. I accidentally report $40 on my claim and I’m disqualified. I was able to get a full time job and unable to appear to appeal. Now I’m unemployed and no income. I have bills to pay every months. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I was unemployed on June 15, they set up a phone interview for July 3. I don’t understand why they are confused, because it should be clearcut. Do I need to fill out some paperwork or internet thing to attest to looking for work since I first filed the claim?


I was supposed to have my phone interview today between 1&3 and nobody called me! What do I do now? Thanks in advance for your help!

I missed my phone interview and had called to reschedule or verify the information they needed. I’m on ‘recess’ for school district and they wanted to verify the time of recess etc. But because my cell service sucks I didn’t get the call until after the interview time. I called them back but didn’t receive a call yet. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Anyhow, on the site it showed the weekly benefit amount and the claim amount. Now when I had done this once before a couple years ago. I don’t really like doing this because of the hassle so I avoid it unless I absolutely need too. Even though everyone says I should just do it. – Off point, when I had done it those years ago to now I made less then. But my claim amount this time is less than what I had gotten in the past.

Soo before the amount had showed, I check earlier today and there was an amount pending when I checked again today it shows 0.00 for both claim and weekly. It says my certification is still pending.

Why’d it go from the amount to 0.00? Are they recalculating? (hopefully because it did seem odd I made more in the past on UI instead of more this time, since I had made more money this year.)

It says on the site they are doing maintenance too on friday. Could that be why as well? It doesn’t say I was denied or anything so I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them.. Hopefully I can get through to someone and find out what the deal is. UGH this is stressful because I have a car payment due. Oi.