phone interview

Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

Did a phone interview yesterday as got money today am I 100% approved ?


Phone interview

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Just did a phone interview this morning boss fired me stating i was telling at customers. Using my phone and not wearing company uniform which is all a lie and he has no evidence would I get unemployment or there going to deny it


I’m so confused. . .
So, I reopened a claim back in June. That claim ended June 14th so I had to re-apply. During that time I was offered temporary work from my employer. My employer then sent a letter to EDD stating that I was working until 7/11 and that I’d be working 20 hrs. a week. During one of those weeks I was not able to work due to a paperwork mishap and I had to wait until it was cleared up. So. . .EDD scheduled a phone interview on 7/23 to ask why I only worked 7 hrs. during a week where my employer said I’d be working 20 hrs. I explained the situation to the interviewer and she was very nice and everything seemed fine. I got a letter that indicated that they reset my claim to 7/13. Okay. . .these past two weeks I did not work so I WebCerted on Sunday night (after 9pm like they suggested because of maintenance) and I have not been paid yet. I have no idea why. . .
Any insights as to why?

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I know this is somewhat not relevant to the site, but I guess it has to do with jobs. I’ve had GERD for about 3-4 years. I think I’ve managed it better lately. But lately, I’ve had some issues where I had GERD flare-ups, the most recent case being today, when I had a phone interview for an IT Support Coordinator Position. The first couple of minutes, I was experiencing the symptoms, and I wonder if I may have sounded anti-social or something – After that, I was able to conduct the interview normally.

For me, I actually don’t even get bothered by actual heartburn pain, but I have excess bloating, burping, and other symptoms that last for a while.

I’ve tried the traditional medicines (i.e. what the robot-doctors will tell you to take), which are the PPI’s, some years ago, but those actually made it WORSE, and it is generally knowledge that they are addictive.

This is usually worse in the morning when I have to eat something somewhat substantial that will sustain me until lunch (especially when I am working). Sorry for the rant, but it’s competitive enough in the workplace, I don’t need to be fighting against my body.

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Did not receive my UI payment for 7/20 filing so I called EDD. They said I was being scheduled for an phone interview because they did not have my right to work information/social security information I provided at the caljobs orientation class on file, they lost it or the edd instructer did not turn it in.
Has anyone ever heard of a phone interview for something like this ?

Should I just fax them a copy of my SS info and follow up with a call ?

I talked to the instructor and he could nort help he said it was an EDD issue that could hold my paymenys up for 2 months.


Phone interview

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My employer got paperwork from edd. She never opened it and left on vacation. My phone interview was scheduled this morning but I got no call. I assume they will also call her to answer questions but she isn’t around and no one else there can take care of it….. has anyone else had this problem …. will they wait it out until they finally get a gold of her ? Is there a certain amount of time before they give up and release my funds ? I spoke to someone who said my claim was ready and money was waiting to be released pending the telephone interview and if they approve me they’ll release it right away … but I’ve had no call ….


I quit my my job at the end of last month
And applied for unemployment on the 2nd of July .
I quit cause of my child care hours,
Conflicted with my daycare hours .
I had a set schedule and coming into this job it was on the table about the hours .
After a few people quit the hours were put on my shoulders and I advised my boss about my situation .
They told me ok and never got resolved .
I let them know again about it and nothing was done .
So I quit my job and I’m looking for a new job that fits my hours.
My wife makes more than me so I have to work around her schedule .
I got my edd phone interview and told them the story I just implied .
They asked questions and and in the middle of the call the lady said my employer noted that I was layed off .
The lady said she has to go by that .
She then said I most likely am eligible for unemployment and they were going to process it .
That was yesterday .
What time frame or has anyone been in this situation ? This is my first time doing this .
I’ve had a job since I was 16 .
I’ve never depended on the state help .

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Ok so I’ve been on unemployment since December and my claim is going to run out a couple weeks before my program is complete. I attend a pre apprentice program that started 4/29 & ends 8/21. I check the started training box every 2 weeks whwn I receive my form and have been getting paid. However I still see that my claim will expire before I finish. I called today and now I have a phone interview in 10 days. My question is once I mail my form tomorrow will I still get my money next week since I’m already on EDD? My class is free and fulltime related to all construction trades and has a guaranteed job placement in the labors union if not a skilled trade 7am-330pm.


I am still waiting on my unemployment benefits money from w/e 6/29! I used telecert on 6/30. If anyone else has not received payment either, please share. I need some feedback please.

I did receive my claim form for this period however it did not list a date on when to submit like it usually does.

I did have a phone interview on Monday due to a mix up on the claim itself and the rep I spoke to said it shouldn’t affect the payment I am waiting but did not know for sure.

Please anyone with similar experience or any info to share. Please help me.

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Anyone have recent experience of answering Yes to the School/Training question. If so, how many weeks did it take til the phone interview? I want to take some free & non-credit Continuing Education courses on Microsoft Office apps (Excel, Access) since I’ve been out of work so long and Office skills have diminished. Sounds like EDD wouldn’t have an issue with Evening or Weekend classes but how about a mid-week class that runs from 8am-4pm for just one single day?? Could I really lose my benefits over just one day of Excel training? Thanks.


I had a phone interview today regarding benefits eligibility.I’m a teacher that got laid off, and work part-time as a substitute teacher, so I have partial income from 2 districts.
I had all the questions ready for the interview, and I got confused with the question about “When did recess period begin and end.” I had written down the
last week I worked.
Well the interviewer was a complete jerk, and asked me why I wasn’t ready. I told him I misunderstood.. Well I tried to get online to obtain the information and could only accurately give him the answer for one of the districts.
So, he basically made it seem like, it was grounds for denying me…
He said that I would receive news in about 10 days whether I was eligible.

Now do the interviewers determine to deny or accept? Are you told over the phone?
Would I be able to appeal if it’s denied?
Thoughts and suggestions please.
Thank you in advance!