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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I was laid off (my last day working was 9/30/15). I applied for benefits on 10/1/15, had the phone interview, and received my certification forms shortly after. Everything was going smoothly. When I certified for the week ending 10/3/15, I had excessive earnings since my last paycheck was issued on 9/30/15. For the following week, it says waiting period served. Not sure what that means.

I check daily and I haven’t seen any options to certify for any more weeks! It is now 11/3/15 and nothing online or in the mail! Can anyone help explain to me what this means or what I can do? My severance is running out and I am really hoping I can start receiving benefits soon.

I have included what it says on my home page to help explain, and any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Week 1 Certification Status
Excessive Earnings for week ending 10/03/2015

Week 2 Certification Status
Waiting Period Served for week ending 10/10/2015



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Got laid off 10/14, applied for unemployment that same day and got all paperwork and a schedule phone interview 10/28. Went well and I am constantly checking my status online. It went from “pending” to “paid”. Does that mean I am approved and I should be getting something in the mail soon? The wait is killing me..ugh.

Still job hunting..but the just not knowing if funds are not coming in or not is killing me.

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After 5 months of benefits I filed a 2 week typical claim form and payment was delayed and a phone interview was scheduled. On edd website it says that there is a question about eligibility and under payment status it shows these two weeks as ‘Pending’.
Is this a common occurrence that they will schedule an appointment after a few months to checkin? I’m worried for reason behind interview and if they want to deny my unemployment?
Has this happenned to anyone else?

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Its amazing how we work hard and earn
UI. WE get treated Like shit.
I waited on the phone for 10 minutes and the music stoped. Then I said Hello
10 times nothing, Last time I hung up, they want you to hang up. Don’t, stay on line. So I stayed on the line for over a minute then this guy with a mexican accent answered, rude! He was in a bad mood…He did not even want to do his Job. They should be accountable for thier actions.
This has happend to me 3 times when they would pick up the phone and nothing….I think they want you to hang up, so it does not look like they did. Stay on the phone. Piss on them.
Some are nice most are mean. By the way if you are doing a phone interview because if you messed up on your paper work.. which will happen. The interviewer tells you not to speak unless spoken to, you can turn thier ass in! Do it! I talked to someone there they are not alloud to say that. We are paying for thier job.


My former employer filled out a form stating I quit to move (untrue) and I have a phone interview tomorrow (10/28). Normally I get paid monday night, but now the claims I certified for sun are pending.

How long after the phone interview will I be paid (if they decide in my favor)?


so I received a letter from edd for a initial phone interview for next week after I applied for benefits, I signed up for an online account and saw the interview time and date scheduled. Today I logged in to my account again and noticed a second interview scheduled for the next day. I haven’t even had the first one yet. Is this normal?


Okay, this is my first ever time dealing with unemployment. I was laid off from my job on July 13th, however the week prior to this I was on PTO from work, and hadn’t actually been at work since July 6th. I was paid a severance pay for that week from July 13th- July 17th. I filed my claim and was told about the one week wait period, (seemed redundant but whatever fine). EDD then set my start date for my claim as July 26th (not sure how they counted this exactly unless they are using business days M-F but then they started my claim beginning on a Sunday?). But regardless of that, okay so it starts on July 26th it is then. I Waited two more weeks to do my phone interview, and since then have received and completed 2 claim forms (totaling 4 weeks of payments). The dates on the claims forms had the time periods correlating with the claim start date. ( 1st claim July 27th- August 8th, and 2nd claim August 9th -August 22nd). As of today August 25th, I still haven’t been paid, although yesterday my claim was finally approved. Then out of nowhere today, I get a online message from them saying that a week I had already certified benefits for is a waiting period, and will be paid $0. So originally they said I would be paid July 27th- August 8th, now I’m not getting paid July 27th- August 2nd as it’s a waiting period. But will apparently be getting paid August 3rd- onwards.

My question, since I was laid off July 13th, paid severance pay from July 13th- July 17th, then my wait period July 18th- July 26th, how is it my wait period extending now to August 3rd? So 7/18- 8/3 is my 1 week wait period? (Cause that’s way more than a week by my count).

Also how are the dates calculated? (Business days, or based off a 7 day, or is it just a moron literally throws darts at a calendar and that’s how they determine the dates, because I’ve tried to look at this all and I’m yet to detect any patterns or logic to their findings).

And if they did indeed fuck up what can I do?