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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I resigned in my first job(a semiconductor industry) after I had an argument with the supervisor.But instead of accepting my resignation,he fired me instead.After the day we quarreled,I decided to filed of Unemployment Insurance.I got through a phone interview.Luckily three weeks during the appeals process,I get a temp job and wasn’t able to attend the hearing process personally as it conflicted with my new work schedule.The judge ruled not in favor and decided against me by not to provide me with my money during those three weeks that I wasn’t employed. Five months later,I got laid off from my new temp job.The temp company told me not to stop coming to company that I am currently working for(a biomedical company) on that particular day as they no longer need my services.I filed for EDD after I have received this notice. Upon registering at UI Online and certifying for my benefits for the first two weeks that I was unemployed, it was stated in my new claim that it was now under appeal now that it was still on the current benefit year when I first lost my job. Why is it so? Will I have to go through another appeals proccess particularly a phone interview and another hearing? Please give insight to my situation.

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I collected the final amount on the existing claim year said to expire in September. I have been working on and off and paying into my unemployment funds.
It says I can apply for a new claim 1-5 days prior to expiration. Those this require a new application and phone interview? Or is this automatically approved?


No letter yet of disqualification yet after phone interview on the 7th. REA appt today at MENLO PARK plus I have to drive 20 miles to get there since I live in South San Francisco, waste of GAS…out of my own pocket….broke AF too…SMDH. Have as of today 4 weeks certification…Will be 6 on the 24th of July…I need to know what is up! And yes…my Cal Jobs crap is all done with an updated resume too. From pending to not paid….confused….

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So I spoke to a rep on the 12th…looking into my account she told me I had a phone interview coming up but she said she was going to cancel it and I got paid that night. Now I received a letter saying I have one! It was dated as sent on the 13th. But online in my inboxit doesn’t say anything about a phone interview. So I’m wondering if I really have one or was this a old letter?????? Would the ui website inform me of a interview???


I filed back in May. I had a phone interview, registered online, registered for caljobs and also went to an REA appointment. When I look online all my certifications say “pending”, I have 6 total so far. I have not gotten any other mail, and every 2 weeks I get an email asking me to fill out my certification…which I complete.
When I was at my REA appointment they mentioned that everyone should hear something within a week, its been almost 2 now.
Has anyone else experienced this long of a wait for their first payment? I dont have a debit card yet, and like I mentioned all my payment certifications say pending.

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I too filed for unemployment benefits for the first time. I was required to do 2 things after my phone interview: file something using the edd ui website, and register for caljobs.

I couldn’t do either one.

I couldn’t access the ui website because I couldn’t even register for it. I couldn’t register as a new user since I filed for disability for a 3 week period when I had surgery 2 years ago. I had to use the sdi login I created back then. Needless to say I couldn’t remember it. It’s apparently impossible to recover and calling the 800 number got me no where.

Similarly with caljobs, they sent me a notice saying that I must register and that they had started a “pre registration” for me. All I had to do is use my last name, first initial, and last 4 of the sun to login. No matter how many different ways I typed it in (the instructions are very clear and precise, it’s just that following them doesn’t work. I suspect due to my hyphenated last name) nothing worked.

So I decided to register myself manually from scratch, but that didn’t work either. Why? Because the blasted thing said I was already registered. ..

The edd is sinfully useless. Requiring people to jump through hoops and then not giving them the tools that allow them to do so is cruel.

I’ve been locked out of my sdi account and am waiting for a reply as to the calworks. This stuff has me seriously stressed out as to whether or not I will be punished for failure to register.

I want my taxes back!!!


I recieved a bonus on 5/31. I reported it when I certified on 6/12, and was given a phone interview on 6/23 to explain the payment. It was for performance for when I was previously employed, so it should not affect my benefits. At the end of the interview, they said they just needed to contact the employer to confirm.

I will certify again this Sunday. Has anyone experienced something like this? I’m down to my last few dollars and really worried that this delay is going to affect my next certification as well. My daughter just broke her brand new glasses, and I can’t even afford the stupid deductible to get them replaced until I get my payment.