phone interview

Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I lost my job on June 19th (that I’ve been at 16 years, got a new jerk of a boss in January, adios to me in June). Anyway, filed for UI the day I was let go. Got my “award” letter and claim form for first two weeks. Had a phone interview on July 8. Never got anything from BofA. Have not seen a dime from EDD.
Today I got a letter saying I had to go to a Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Appointment on July 28th. Here are my questions:
1. Since the 10 days have passed since the phone interview, can I hope to get a payment shortly (or god forbid, a notice that my claim was denied from my a-hole former bosses).
2. Is it possible that I get a payment (via paper check??) before having the BofA card mailed to me?
3. Does this new hoop to jump through (the REA)mean my claim/potential payment will be in limbo until then?

All this is about to make me lose my mind, so any help anyone can give me would be very much appreciated.


What can I expect? They want me to come in, in person, vs. a phone interview. Help?


I used to receive UI last year between 04/2014 to 07/2014. The payments stopped because I began employment and my paychecks were higher than my benefit amount, I understand that. I lost that job in January of this year and applied for UI about a month later in February. After waiting for about 3 weeks with no response, I contacted EDD via Email. I did not receive a response to the email but a week later got a letter stating I was denied UI because I missed my phone interview. I emailed EDD again and explained that I was never informed about my phone interview and that it was very unprofessional to blame me for their error. Again, I did not receive a response so then I reapplied for UI. I did receive a response about 10 days later saying that they can reopen my last application if I send in my last two paystubs (January) from my last employer. I sent them in and about 2 weeks later I receive another letter stating that I am now being paid benefits. I receive two biweekly payment and did not get any continued claim forms or any more payments for almost a month. I emailed EDD, no response. Emailed them again, and then got two emails in one day, both stating the same: That my UI claim had expired and that I need to reapply if I want to keep receiving payments. I emailed EDD again and told them that this is a mistake because how can a claim expire after only a month. Their response email said that I had requested to reopen that claim from last year (04/2014) and that claim is now expired. They went back a whole year, but when I applied in 02/2015 and 03/2051, I wanted a new claim because I earned more wages on my last job than I did from the job I had last year. Just to cover my own bases, I applies again for the third time about 3 weeks ago and again I am being ignored. I want to make a complain to the supervisor but EDD always hangs up on me when “transferring” me.


I did not receive my payment and called edd. The rep told me that edd sent me a claim form in early May and that I sent it back too late so I was scheduled for a phone interview. I have the envelope postmark confirming that they didn’t even mail the claim form until 5/25/2015. How unethical. Is an attorney needed? Where can a formal complaint be lodged?


I just got a phone call from EDD today asking if I had gotten a letter about a scheduled phone interview today. I said I hadn’t, which is true. The guy said they had just mailed it on June 22. he said he would give me more time since I was entitled to due process, and to his credit, he was very polite. I did the interview with him anyway because I did not need additional time. I still think they should give people about a week between the letter mailing and the time they are going to call.


So I have a phone interview scheduled regarding my eligibility. (I’m guessing it may be questions related to the one week of independent contract work I did two weeks ago — which I reported on my claim form).

The interview is for Wednesday (6/17) tomorrow. I have tried to reschedule when I found out Monday (yesterday) late afternoon that I got hired on a month long job. The online portal wouldn’t let me reschedule saying ‘they had no other appointment times’. I tried to call today but was unable to get through (also their hours are ridiculously short: 8a-12p?!)

I will be on my first day of work tomorrow (day of interview). What do I do? I’m certain I won’t be able to pick up the call since it’s literally the first few hours I will be getting introduced to everyone at my new work place and diving right into a high paced job.

Do I just let the call go? I plan on stopping the claim certifications anyway since I will be working for the next month or more.

What will happen? Anyone have any experience with this? Does this some how leave a bad note on my “file”?

Thanks for all the help~~