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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I used to receive UI last year between 04/2014 to 07/2014. The payments stopped because I began employment and my paychecks were higher than my benefit amount, I understand that. I lost that job in January of this year and applied for UI about a month later in February. After waiting for about 3 weeks with no response, I contacted EDD via Email. I did not receive a response to the email but a week later got a letter stating I was denied UI because I missed my phone interview. I emailed EDD again and explained that I was never informed about my phone interview and that it was very unprofessional to blame me for their error. Again, I did not receive a response so then I reapplied for UI. I did receive a response about 10 days later saying that they can reopen my last application if I send in my last two paystubs (January) from my last employer. I sent them in and about 2 weeks later I receive another letter stating that I am now being paid benefits. I receive two biweekly payment and did not get any continued claim forms or any more payments for almost a month. I emailed EDD, no response. Emailed them again, and then got two emails in one day, both stating the same: That my UI claim had expired and that I need to reapply if I want to keep receiving payments. I emailed EDD again and told them that this is a mistake because how can a claim expire after only a month. Their response email said that I had requested to reopen that claim from last year (04/2014) and that claim is now expired. They went back a whole year, but when I applied in 02/2015 and 03/2051, I wanted a new claim because I earned more wages on my last job than I did from the job I had last year. Just to cover my own bases, I applies again for the third time about 3 weeks ago and again I am being ignored. I want to make a complain to the supervisor but EDD always hangs up on me when “transferring” me.


I did not receive my payment and called edd. The rep told me that edd sent me a claim form in early May and that I sent it back too late so I was scheduled for a phone interview. I have the envelope postmark confirming that they didn’t even mail the claim form until 5/25/2015. How unethical. Is an attorney needed? Where can a formal complaint be lodged?


I just got a phone call from EDD today asking if I had gotten a letter about a scheduled phone interview today. I said I hadn’t, which is true. The guy said they had just mailed it on June 22. he said he would give me more time since I was entitled to due process, and to his credit, he was very polite. I did the interview with him anyway because I did not need additional time. I still think they should give people about a week between the letter mailing and the time they are going to call.


So I have a phone interview scheduled regarding my eligibility. (I’m guessing it may be questions related to the one week of independent contract work I did two weeks ago — which I reported on my claim form).

The interview is for Wednesday (6/17) tomorrow. I have tried to reschedule when I found out Monday (yesterday) late afternoon that I got hired on a month long job. The online portal wouldn’t let me reschedule saying ‘they had no other appointment times’. I tried to call today but was unable to get through (also their hours are ridiculously short: 8a-12p?!)

I will be on my first day of work tomorrow (day of interview). What do I do? I’m certain I won’t be able to pick up the call since it’s literally the first few hours I will be getting introduced to everyone at my new work place and diving right into a high paced job.

Do I just let the call go? I plan on stopping the claim certifications anyway since I will be working for the next month or more.

What will happen? Anyone have any experience with this? Does this some how leave a bad note on my “file”?

Thanks for all the help~~




I have a phone interview scheduled for June 1st and I’m a little apprehensive about it.

When I was filing, under the reason I put something to the effect of “wasn’t meeting the expectations of the newly hired management team.”

I’d been with this company for a year. About three months ago, the whole upper management team had changed over. The work I’d been doing prior to their arrival had been acceptable.

About a month before my termination, I was called into the GM’s office where my direct supervisor and the HR director were waiting. I was given an action plan on the areas where they felt my performance could improve and told that we would reconvene in 30 days to check my progress. I was also asked if they had given me the requisite skills for my position. Not thinking about it I said yes.

The timing of this was a little off because the day after this meeting I was leaving on vacation for two weeks.

Upon my return, I feel like I nailed it. I was proactive about everything on the action plan. I met with my immediate supervisor to get feedback and he led me to believe everything was on the up-and-up (even got my quarterly bonus).

On the 30th day, I was fired. I was told it wasn’t working out and they wanted to move in a different direction. I should’ve suspected this because at one point it was suggested to me that I have a “contingency plan.” As it turns out, they had been interviewing people for my position while I was on vacation.

I was forced to move out of my home because I couldn’t afford the monthly payment. Unfortunately, I boxed up all of the paperwork my employer gave me, including the separation letter, and I have no way of retrieving it before the phone interview.

The more I think about it, the more I see they were covering their asses from a potential lawsuit/UI claim.

I’m looking for work (living out of my car sucks) but I need the UI to get back on my feet.

Any advice on how to get past the phone part would help.


Hi, I voluntarily quit a job then filed for Unemployment. I went through with the phone interview and they denied it due to it being a voluntary quit. I then tried re-applying using the latest job I had. I was then mailed a form which stated I had to make $xxxx.00 after my voluntary quit date in order for my claim to go through. I have since made that and mailed copies of my pay stubs to the adjudication center. This was on Saturday. During this time I had been filling out my claim forms and mailing them in. There is about 8 weeks of claims that web cert said was issued.

Will I be back payed for those weeks when they receive my paystubs and begin paying on the claim?

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