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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I have a phone interview scheduled for June 1st and I’m a little apprehensive about it.

When I was filing, under the reason I put something to the effect of “wasn’t meeting the expectations of the newly hired management team.”

I’d been with this company for a year. About three months ago, the whole upper management team had changed over. The work I’d been doing prior to their arrival had been acceptable.

About a month before my termination, I was called into the GM’s office where my direct supervisor and the HR director were waiting. I was given an action plan on the areas where they felt my performance could improve and told that we would reconvene in 30 days to check my progress. I was also asked if they had given me the requisite skills for my position. Not thinking about it I said yes.

The timing of this was a little off because the day after this meeting I was leaving on vacation for two weeks.

Upon my return, I feel like I nailed it. I was proactive about everything on the action plan. I met with my immediate supervisor to get feedback and he led me to believe everything was on the up-and-up (even got my quarterly bonus).

On the 30th day, I was fired. I was told it wasn’t working out and they wanted to move in a different direction. I should’ve suspected this because at one point it was suggested to me that I have a “contingency plan.” As it turns out, they had been interviewing people for my position while I was on vacation.

I was forced to move out of my home because I couldn’t afford the monthly payment. Unfortunately, I boxed up all of the paperwork my employer gave me, including the separation letter, and I have no way of retrieving it before the phone interview.

The more I think about it, the more I see they were covering their asses from a potential lawsuit/UI claim.

I’m looking for work (living out of my car sucks) but I need the UI to get back on my feet.

Any advice on how to get past the phone part would help.


Hi, I voluntarily quit a job then filed for Unemployment. I went through with the phone interview and they denied it due to it being a voluntary quit. I then tried re-applying using the latest job I had. I was then mailed a form which stated I had to make $xxxx.00 after my voluntary quit date in order for my claim to go through. I have since made that and mailed copies of my pay stubs to the adjudication center. This was on Saturday. During this time I had been filling out my claim forms and mailing them in. There is about 8 weeks of claims that web cert said was issued.

Will I be back payed for those weeks when they receive my paystubs and begin paying on the claim?

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I got paid for one week a couple days after my phone interview. Two days before I got paid I sent my second claim via webcert. That got issues on the 25th. It says two weeks issued. Here it is Tuesday and I still haven’t been paid for those two weeks my second claim. Anybody understand this.

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So I had my EDD benefits revoked because after my phone interview, they say my training (tattoo apprenticeship) is not approved for CTB and is preventing me from finding full time work. My problem is they didn’t even give me the option of quitting the apprenticeship to pursue regular hours employment. I just received a CTB form and am wondering, am I better off just saying I’m no longer working the apprenticeship and am solely pursuing employment? Is it already too late to not claim my apprenticeship? If so, what is my best option of getting my apprenticeship approved for CTB as far as availability and what not?


I got a notice a few weeks ago regarding participating on going to this mandatory workshop. The problem is that I can’t attend because the time that it begins. I get my 5 year old AUTISTIC child to school. I am also a single parent and don’t have assistance to get him ready for school except me. I called in advance saying my reason that I was told that it was not a reason. Then I got the notice two days ago about this phone interview. The lady was very like not allowing me to talk my true reason. I was answer questions from how my routine is like and how old is my child. They are going to make a decision if they are going to cut my unemployment benefit because of this one day. I am very upset because I got laid off, lack of support and taking care of my child with special needs. This unemployment is not family friendly and I know for sure I am not the only one in the planet going through this.


Hello, I work as a letter carrier for the USPS and had a vehicle accident on 2/11/15. Long story short, accident was not my fault. My postmaster believes that I am lying about the details of the accident and for that, I am being removed from my job effective 4/11/15. Since the 2/11/15, I have been put in “non paid leave”.

I am currently in the process with my Union to help me get my job due to wrongful termination/ severe punishment. I was advised to look for other jobs in the mean time, however I have not been able to find one so far. Keep in mind, I have applied at a few places.

So my question, can I collect UI? I’ve applied on 3/13/15 and will have a phone interview on 3/30/15.

Can anybody help me? Words of wisdom will be appreciated. Thank you! :)


Hello Everyone, here’s my question to actors who collect EDD benefits. I am an actor all the while I held a 9-5 job. I was booking a lot of work (Network shows) which of course conflicted with the 9-5. The company I worked for is a payroll company which basically pays my acting work checks as well as 9-5. Since my position with the company was crucial that I was there during work hours, needless to say I was written up and told I have to choose either my acting career or the 9-5 career. I decided to quit. The day before my last day of working my 9-5, I filmed an episode of a network TV show.

I filed unemployment the day I received my check from the show which was on the 7th of Feb. Of course, I wanted to be honest when filing my claim and listed the 9-5 as the very last employer. With that I was scheduled for a phone interview which asked Why I decided to quit, was there a way I could have stayed at the 9-5 etc. Of course I was denied due to the fact that I voluntarily quit. Here’s my question. I did not want to or intend to collect benefits from the 9-5 job. I intended to collect benefits from my acting jobs. I filed another claim leaving the 9-5 job OFF the claim and just listing all my acting work, residuals, etc. I just received a letter in the mail stating I filed the claim, but they used the reason for the claim from the original claim I filed on 2/7/2015 and with the 9-5 employer listed as the last employer.

I also received a letter stating I mail in copies of earnings I earned after 1/25/2015 totaling $2250.00 or more in able to remove prior disqualification. I have not filed my appeal just yet. Should I file the appeal? How will I be able to collect benefits based on my acting jobs and not the 9-5?