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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I never got notice in the mail that I had a phone interview today. Three , yes three, years after a retail giant laid me off from seasonal work they just NOW tell EDD I was fired due to misconduct. First, that’s not true. Second, this store paid me a settlement technically “admitting” wrongdoing and I was laid off. I was seasonal. So now EDD gets notified I was fired due to misconduct. Wtf? I told my interviewer everything but you know how EDD is. I’ve been through the Overpayment mess before and couldn’t sleep..but I won in 2013.

So now here I am again dealing with this. Corporate faxed the Interviewer who I spoke with a letter stating I’m eligible for rehire, but that was it.

Isn’t there a cap on how long EDD can come back demanding an Overpayment. This was in 2012 for chrissakes.


Ok let’s start here why is there no one at EDD who does the phone interviews without a heavy accent? I live in a multi-diverse area and I could barely understand what she said, but I’ll digress.

So I was on unemployment for about 6 months after working my previous job for 3 years. In late October after sending countless resume I was picked up as a part-time (at-will) employee for this company. The money was ok but the hours were super short and in the end they didn’t end up paying me what they owed me. I had to go to the Labour department to file against them and by that time I had quit. I barely worked there two months. After going all of Dec and Jan without any kind of payment because they couldn’t figure out that I worked a job and then had to quit it. I had only recently started receiving payment again less than $400 to be exact when I receive the dreaded phone interview letter yesterday. Now I have another freaking interview even though I have discussed what happened to like 5 phone representatives who reassured me nothing was wrong. I mean EDD encourages you to find a job and I did so now I’m being punished for it because it didn’t pan out. The phone interviewer left me voicemail and even said I would be dropped altogether if I didn’t do this new phone interview. She said she is trying to determine who my second to last employer was o.0. Like WHAT??? I started a new job and now you’re trying to figure out after all this time who I worked for before. Do these people have records? Or a database? It seems like if anything that is not uniform comes across their desk they just deny it. I mean who else wants their job? I wish I only had a workload for two hours and could bullsh*t the rest of the day. I just want to get this over this and go to my job interview on Monday. Anything is better than this.


I have had a claim open since 5/2014. During that time I have been working, if not very underemployed. I have continued to submit claims every week, reporting all my earnings. The last gig I worked at for 1 month, the manager telling me on the third week that she didn’t feel it was working out, mainly because I had been late twice, indefensible. I know, but it was right around Christmas time. I agreed with her, as I didn’t much care for the job because it was all phones. So I was unemployed completely for about 5 weeks, during which they sent me the forms to catch up over on which had fallen 6 weeks behind. I filed via web cert and they paid me quite promptly. I recieved a voice message from someone calling about a phone interview for Tues. I tried calling back but could not connect. I looked through all my EDD paperwork, and nothing about a phone interview. I got a hold of her the next day on my lunch break. I had put for the reason you are no longer working as “contract ended”. It had, ended for me. She says the employer says I was terminated. And because there was a dispute is why she was calling. She told me I had to be very careful with my language with EDD. She said she would put down that I agreed with the employer that I was terminated.
Will this cause denial of eligibility? What about the 5 weeks they have already paid me for? Would I have to pay it back? What if the reason you are terminated is for coming in late? In all my years of work, this is the first time I got canned for being unreliable.
The employer is the contracting agency who I never actually spoke with. It was the client who told me it wasn’t working out but felt bad because I was such a good worker. She even gave me a weeks notice.
Although I am working at a low paying gig now, I just don’t have the wherewithall to fight it with an appeal… My last web cert only gave me one week, and after that it is nearly exhausted..


I’ve never had to file for unemployment before so the process is all new to me …I filed and was approved and received 2 payments to my EDD card and then all of a sudden I was sent a phone interview letter saying my claim was on hold until interview was over …come go find out my employer said I quit when I really didn’t so the Interview was set up to get my side and determine eligibility ….mean while I submitted my next 2 weeks claims on web cert and status was stuck on “submit” during this waiting time til my interview …I had my interview 3 days ago …was told I’d get a decision letter in the mail with in 7-10 days….I just happened to check web cert over the past 2 days and it was still on submitted but today it says Issued on Feb 14th …but no payment is on my card …does this mean I was denied ? I find it weird that it would say issued on a saturday aswell….. feeling so bummed over this whole process …any insight would be appreciated ..thanks !


So I had my phone interview on Friday 02/06/15, the guy says everything was good, and I was going to get pay from the week ending 01/24/15 but still no money yet WTH?


I had to file for UI in 09/2014 after about three weeks of being on UI I found a temporary job. When the job was over I re-opened my claim and by mistake I filed for the weeks I was employed. When I discovered the mistake I immediately contacted the EDD. I was placed on payment hold and given a phone interview to clear the matter.
This is where things went bad. The EDD employee was not a clear speaker and I had a hard time understanding her. After explaining I couldn’t understand her I could tell she was frustrated and getting annoyed. She hurried me through the process of which weeks I had worked and which were eligible for UI benefits.
I received my back pay a few days later but I also received a “Notice of Determination” declaring me in eligible for benefits due to willfully misleading the EDD…..Really??!! Didn’t I contact the EDD about this? The only conclusion is the girl who interviewed me maliciously hurt me by declaring me willfully misleading instead of declaring it a clerical error and correcting it.


Man ive been waiting a month for a paymenti had phone interview on the dec 24th turned in both my claim forms on the 21st and the 4th still i havent got any word


Last December (last week of December) I took an LOA due to personal problems. My company was fine with it (I was a caregiver) I still continued to turn in my auto insurance information, as I was required too.. feb 1st I get a letter in the mail stating I was being let go. No reason as to why… I was finally able to go back to work the middle of feb. I looked, found Nothing. Survived off savings I had. I recently applied for EDD, got approved, got my first weeks pay.. then had a phone interview. The company I worked for claimed that I quit, that I never brought in my insurance card, that I didn’t have a vehicle which is crap! .. I was grilled by an interviewer… he said “I highly recommend you file an appeal if you get denied” told me to have a nice day. I still have the letter I was sent.. he wouldn’t even let me read to him what it said… now when I call unemployment it says no payments have been made and if I try to file it says I’m filing to early.
How long does it take for edd to come to a decision? If (I say that lightly) I’m re-approved will I get back paid? If I need to appeal will they take that letter into consideration? And last.. why does EDD take sooo long?? I’m struggling!

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payments stopped for no reason. Emailed, they said , needed a phone interview, one was never set up or do I set it up? How do I do it? they are ignoring me !! ?


I had went through the EDD process…It’s my first time ever applying…I had to leave my work due to my fiance receiving work in a different city…I applied for unemployement. Had the phone interview…I just received something in the mail saying I have another phone interview…Any Advice Why I am doing 2 interviews. I have been waiting for Unemployment for 1 month now and I have to pay bills


I happened upon this site and I figured I would share my story. I’m seeing this as “therapeutic” because I’ve dealt with EDD’s shenanigans enough lol. I was laid off of a mid-management position in October of 2013 (due to “corporate downsizing”) and started collecting UI from late October till early February 2014. I then found employment at the Postal Service as a City Carrier Assistant starting February of this year. The position through USPS is “non-career” (their version of part-time), but that is a misnomer. I worked over 60+ hours every week and was lucky if I got more than 2 days off a month.

On my downtime I looked for a job that was in the realm of what I used to do, and that was full time. I had interviews with 2 other companies but couldn’t make them because of my schedule at the Post Office. Due to this, after the 2nd occurrence I put in my notice and voluntarily quit from USPS last month. I re-applied for EDD, had a phone interview, and hear crickets still. I’m curious to know if my leaving USPS has made in ineligible for EDD benefits, even though the position was not full time or permanent. The job literally made it so I could not seek out full time work. I asked for a day off at the USPS when I had interviews, and my boss graciously told me; “If you want a day off, quit”. I guess only time will tell. Thanks for listening to me vent.