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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

Okay, this is my first ever time dealing with unemployment. I was laid off from my job on July 13th, however the week prior to this I was on PTO from work, and hadn’t actually been at work since July 6th. I was paid a severance pay for that week from July 13th- July 17th. I filed my claim and was told about the one week wait period, (seemed redundant but whatever fine). EDD then set my start date for my claim as July 26th (not sure how they counted this exactly unless they are using business days M-F but then they started my claim beginning on a Sunday?). But regardless of that, okay so it starts on July 26th it is then. I Waited two more weeks to do my phone interview, and since then have received and completed 2 claim forms (totaling 4 weeks of payments). The dates on the claims forms had the time periods correlating with the claim start date. ( 1st claim July 27th- August 8th, and 2nd claim August 9th -August 22nd). As of today August 25th, I still haven’t been paid, although yesterday my claim was finally approved. Then out of nowhere today, I get a online message from them saying that a week I had already certified benefits for is a waiting period, and will be paid $0. So originally they said I would be paid July 27th- August 8th, now I’m not getting paid July 27th- August 2nd as it’s a waiting period. But will apparently be getting paid August 3rd- onwards.

My question, since I was laid off July 13th, paid severance pay from July 13th- July 17th, then my wait period July 18th- July 26th, how is it my wait period extending now to August 3rd? So 7/18- 8/3 is my 1 week wait period? (Cause that’s way more than a week by my count).

Also how are the dates calculated? (Business days, or based off a 7 day, or is it just a moron literally throws darts at a calendar and that’s how they determine the dates, because I’ve tried to look at this all and I’m yet to detect any patterns or logic to their findings).

And if they did indeed fuck up what can I do?

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phone interview question

August 18, 2015 · 1 comment

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So I’ve been receiving benefits for a month so far, but they want to give me a phone interview now.

So here’s my story, I work for at a stand inside a retail store(thats separate from the actual retail store.) I was trained that I could eat my lunches on the floor, since the stand is manned by 1 person and leaving the stand would be detrimental since people would steal the expensive items at the stand.
But one of the retail store workers thought otherwise and said i couldn’t eat on the floor. So, after this that worker hated me and reported me.

This caused my boss to ask me to move to another location that was 60 miles away, be demoted, be paid half the amount, and half the hours, it was that or be terminated/laid off

I asked my boss if i would be terminated or laid off, she said i would be laid off

So on my edd filing i just said it was due to being laid off and that it was laid off at will.

My question is should i continue with my vague answer and not tell many details about my story. Or should I tell the phone interviewer the whole truth?

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applied for unemployment and have had one phone interview. I now am scheduled for another phone interview and just got the letter that they have questions about my severance. On UI online I noted that this was a severance payment so I don’t know why they need a phone interview. My severance payments should not be affecting my unemployment according to my former companies HR person. I am in California. I would love info from anyone in the know about any issues with severance pay.

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I know many people are in the same boat i applied for UI on 7/15, had my phone interview on 7/30 and got scheduled for a REA on 8/19. In the mean time I have been doing my certs so as of now I’m 4 weeks pending and going 6 weeks here next week. what has me stumped is no denial letter and still nothing from them. Any advise is welcomed but I know they are slow and backed logged. TY for listening to my basic rant 😛


I lost my job on June 19th (that I’ve been at 16 years, got a new jerk of a boss in January, adios to me in June). Anyway, filed for UI the day I was let go. Got my “award” letter and claim form for first two weeks. Had a phone interview on July 8. Never got anything from BofA. Have not seen a dime from EDD.
Today I got a letter saying I had to go to a Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Appointment on July 28th. Here are my questions:
1. Since the 10 days have passed since the phone interview, can I hope to get a payment shortly (or god forbid, a notice that my claim was denied from my a-hole former bosses).
2. Is it possible that I get a payment (via paper check??) before having the BofA card mailed to me?
3. Does this new hoop to jump through (the REA)mean my claim/potential payment will be in limbo until then?

All this is about to make me lose my mind, so any help anyone can give me would be very much appreciated.


What can I expect? They want me to come in, in person, vs. a phone interview. Help?


I used to receive UI last year between 04/2014 to 07/2014. The payments stopped because I began employment and my paychecks were higher than my benefit amount, I understand that. I lost that job in January of this year and applied for UI about a month later in February. After waiting for about 3 weeks with no response, I contacted EDD via Email. I did not receive a response to the email but a week later got a letter stating I was denied UI because I missed my phone interview. I emailed EDD again and explained that I was never informed about my phone interview and that it was very unprofessional to blame me for their error. Again, I did not receive a response so then I reapplied for UI. I did receive a response about 10 days later saying that they can reopen my last application if I send in my last two paystubs (January) from my last employer. I sent them in and about 2 weeks later I receive another letter stating that I am now being paid benefits. I receive two biweekly payment and did not get any continued claim forms or any more payments for almost a month. I emailed EDD, no response. Emailed them again, and then got two emails in one day, both stating the same: That my UI claim had expired and that I need to reapply if I want to keep receiving payments. I emailed EDD again and told them that this is a mistake because how can a claim expire after only a month. Their response email said that I had requested to reopen that claim from last year (04/2014) and that claim is now expired. They went back a whole year, but when I applied in 02/2015 and 03/2051, I wanted a new claim because I earned more wages on my last job than I did from the job I had last year. Just to cover my own bases, I applies again for the third time about 3 weeks ago and again I am being ignored. I want to make a complain to the supervisor but EDD always hangs up on me when “transferring” me.