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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

Please help

April 16, 2014 · 5 comments

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So I filed for benefits on 3/4/14, a week later I received my debit card, continued claim form, and all the excess paperwork. I was told I was approved. I never received my payment, and 3 weeks later found out that I had a phone interview Bc my employer said I was “fired for misconduct” instead of being laid off. My phone interview was 4/10, and even the interviewer said I was laid off Bc the employer had ZERO records to back up their claim. I was told I would know in 48 hours what the decision was for my claim. It’s now been a week and I haven’t heard a thing. I also have not received any claim forms AT ALL except for the first two weeks. When I spoke to the interviewer she said she would “release all claim forms” and I’d see them in 24 hours on the website. I never saw a THING. And when I called to speak to her again she was soooo rude and said I am NOT allowed to call her, that I need to wait 10 days before I can even get an answer…I’m just so downhearted…has anyone been through anything similar? If so, were you approved and how long did it take to get your money? And did you get all of your backpay even though you filed claim forms late Bc they didn’t send them? Thank you to those who read and respond. I appreciate it.



April 8, 2014 · 3 comments

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I have filed ui in December 2013. Missed my phone interview. Forgot about it. Months pass and i hear the voicemail they left regarding interview. It had totally crossed my mind. Call back. Guy told me I was eligible. Requested claim form. Got only one from first 2 weeks December. Scheduled an interview. After the interview guy says he’ll mail ID verification. Mailed all necassary documents timely. Just got processed 4/7/14. How long before they disburse the payment via edd debit card? Thanks in advance


I just received a letter to file a new claim because my benefits ran out last week. It only took them two months, a phone interview and an appeal to get my money. Now I have to recertify.


Last week EDD never deposited money on my card. Instead I got a letter in the mail stating they scheduled a phone interview for today from 10-12 but no one called.

Given reason for interview:

Why you did not provide the information required to file your new claim.

This is confusing because I didn’t file a new claim.

I called EDD last week and (somehow) got through but they wouldn’t tell me anything other than that I have an interview today.

The new cert that came in the mail does not have the usual amount left on claim at the top. I haven’t been paid in 4 weeks now, what do I do?


So I spoke with EDD today, apparently my employer gave a different reason as to why I’m no longer working for the company. I said I was laid off (I was, my assignment ended) they said differently. And now EDD is going to schedule a phone interview to get the discrepancies figured out. I’m afraid EDD will side with my employer. :( has anyone gone through this? If so, what happened? What was the outcome? Thank you for any response!


Please help!!

March 23, 2014 · 3 comments

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So I was laid off of work on 2/28/14, filed for UI benefits on 3/4/14, received my award letter, bofa debit card, and continued claim forms about a week later, no paper stating I had a phone interview scheduled. I web-certified on 3/18/14, and set up CalJobs on 3/19. All was looking good so far, I checked last week and my web certification says “issued” as of 3/20/14, but no funds yet? Just received a “stub” in the mail on Thursday saying for the week of 3/8/13 I was paid $.00 (makes sense since it’s my first week of being out of work.) but the second week I certified for, 3/15, it also says $.00 can anyone clarify why it would say this? I’m so confused, and I’m down to my last $20, I’m stressed my poor son won’t be able to eat this coming week, I just wish EDD got their crap together, and stop screwing us all around! Thank you so much for reading and responding!


Anyone else?…

March 22, 2014 · 3 comments

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This is what happened to me! Got fired because I’m not the right “fit” for the job on 2/25/14, filed 2/26. Just had my first phone interview 3/17, said I would get letter in 10 business days. Today 3/22 received a letter for ANOTHER phone interview scheduled 3/28!!! But this time, it’s questions about money. This is insane to me… My employer said I’d have zero issues getting benefits, yet I’m being put through the ringer. Over 30 days now, and not a single penny. Help please?


I had a phone interview yesterday which went well except I made a mistake in saying I was laid off instead of fired. The kind person said I would receive a letter in 7-10 days deciding my fate in benefits or if I would owe the little amount I had already gotten (one deposit so far) or if I would just be penalized. Anyway about 12 hours later I checked my card info for no reason and saw that they deposited a good amount of money. Is it mine to spend or was it a hiccup in the system and should I wait for the letter to come next week explaining my situation? Thanks for reading.


Filed for CA EDD on 2/25/14 last day of work was 2/20/14 – my employer said they wouldn’t fight it due to termination – not the right fit and also they slowed down. No misconduct. I did one interview 3/11/14 and got a debit card with money same week – a week later got a letter dated 3/18/14 they want to do another interview? Is this normal – also I will be working at a 3 week temp job and don’t want to take the interview call at work – can I email EDD my answers?

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Got a call for a phone interview that lasted 27 minutes.
Problem is…I asked where she is calling from as she had a Southern twang…TEXAS!
I’ll be charged 50 cents per minute on my phone plan.
ASSHOLES!…I really feel like going postal. I swear I’ll start the Civil War again as I got unfinished business.


So was terminated by my employer PepsiCo for attendance policies, was suspended for being out with the flu and returned to work after two days…a month later got a flu again and went to work only to leave early due to me not being able to work or lift any product which I contacted my manager who then said okay and sent me home…next day “Wednesday” I got a doctors note from Kaiser stating what I had and was given Tues-Thursday off, that same day my mgr called me and said since I went home early it puts me over my points therefore resulting in termination which I was not aware of. Came in Thursday worked against doctors orders and they terminated me after a 10 hr shift. filed for claim benefits and received the first claim with an letter stating how much I would receive per week, then march 5th had a phone interview explained my situation and faxed her the doctors note the next day..this past Wednesday received another continued claim form with no return date on it…So im confused, I will contact them Monday to see whats is going on but confused as in to regards of whether or not my claim was approved or not…sorry for the rant i’m just unsure as to what is going on, haven’t had to use unemployment for 6 years now and all the policies seems to have changed

Would appericiate any help/knowledge from anyone please and thank you