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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I filed for EDD back in January 2016 because my employer laid me off stating I wasn’t a good fit for the company! I waited until the end of Feb 2016 to even get a phone interview (during this time i was waiting for my tax return but I didn’t receive it because EDD made a mistake and took my tax refund!). After finally straightening that out I was audited by the IRS and learned my tax man had filed wrong thus leaving me broke, homeless, and my car repossessed. I know many people have family and friends they can turn too but I have no one! I’m alone!
Then I get a letter from EDD the first week in March 2016 stating I was disqualified because my employer claimed I stole money and lied about my hours (which was a lie!!!!! For the sake of being honest, yes I did record my hours in my personal time sheet log but never submitted it for payroll BUT the hours that were incorrect were because she fired me over the phone because I was out sick so I could not repair my logs correctly because she terminated me and logged me out of the system. Then she had the nerve to say I stole $16 from the company’s PayPal account, which never happened. Yes, I used the money but it was for a company item at Staples. I could not provide proof because she locked me out of all the company files and fired me on a weekend! Mind you this is the head of Labor 411, a company that is suppose to be advocate for the people and she abuses her employees!! She should be ashamed. Her former office manager ripped her off for $10000 and she held me hostage with paranoia the whole time I was employed there because of that.
SO now I wait on my EDD appeal! I am homeless, carless, unemployed, no family or friends to help me and the EDD doesn’t care! My cell phone is scheduled to be turned off any day and I’m contemplating suicide! The EDD should be ashamed of what they put people through! Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can call or email to speed up my appeal?? Anything will help, please!!!


Can anyone provide some basic advice?

After a lengthy Independent Contractor / eligibility investigation, EDD ruled in my favor that the my former “employer” falsely paid me as a contractor. I received the written determination, a revised reward, and subsequently a month of payments.

Fastforward to today; and I received a voicemail stating that a phone interview was scheduled. I did not receive any type of written documentation. Upon contacting EDD via phone, they told me that my employer had provided additional “wage” info and that they could not provide any additional info until i conducted this new interview. In addition, they informed me that they did not have all of the info in front of them in the system, however, my payments have been put on “hold”.

As you can imagine, I am extremely paranoid and anxiously awaiting that interview scheduled a week from now. Even if my former employer “appealed” their decisions, isn’t it EDD policy to continue paying the claim until the appeals process has been finalized?

Any info would be soooo appreciated! Thanks so Much!


So I received my first two weeks certification email on Friday so I went ahead and certified. Now I got a letter saying I have a phone interview in a week. Will I get laid for the two weeks that they sent me to certify, or will I have to wait another week till the phone interview?!

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How can an EDD representative make a decision based on simply asking the basic, standard questions? Although my rep was nice and pleasant, he really did not want to know much–so how can he make a determination in 7 to 10 days with barely any info.

I know my employer mailed something to EDD, because an employee told me she was mailing it …however, HR has not returned EDD’s phone call (according to what he just told me). The rep told me during this phone interview he left a message for her to call him.

I really don’t see how one EDD person can ask a few questions in less than 8 minutes and then tell a claimant he or she will either be approved or disqualified.


How long do these phone interviews usually take? Anyone know?

I have a lot to say, but everyone is telling me less is more when it comes to this.

I was fired over the phone the morning of my shift without anything in writing. The company’s reasons for termination were vague, to say the least.

I really don’t want to face getting denied UI, and appealing.

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Unemployment expiring

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I have been collecting unemployment since December but filled my original claim last February so I re applied like I was instructed to do. I have a phone interview on 3/09/2016 “There is a question about your eligibility”. Is this going to place my payments on hold until after the interview? My next certification is this Sunday. Also what’s there to question nothing has changed in my employment since December.
I am a California resident


I worked for a company that has a temp agency inside the warehouse. I started as a temp worker and was converted to a permanent employee with the warehouse. Cutting ties with the temp agency.

I had my phone interview today, and the lady refused to listen to me that the employer she was trying to say was my last wasn’t!

She kept telling me that even if I thought I worked with the warehouse as permanent, I still worked for the temp agency. I even explained I had 2 W2s for each one. She then told me she was going to send the paper work over to the temp agency, even though I kept telling her that was not my last employer.

Now they are going to receive it and contest it saying I do not work for them, and im going to get screwed.

This is just rediculous!