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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

working part time

September 7, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hello, SO I’m currently collecting UI and started a part time job. My part time job will earn less than my weekly benefit.

I’m turning in my first continued claim form this week with the part time job earning.

What I want to know is will EDD stop my payment and set up a phone interview?
Will they just adjust my weekly benefit to compensate for the part time earning and pay out the lesser amount on the regularly scheduled day?



Interview Advice!!!

August 22, 2014 · 4 comments

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Hello All,

I was recently let go from my job due to my “not being a good fit” does anyone have any advice for me during my phone interview? What types of questions do they ask, I’d like to be prepared.

Thank you!


Hello all,

I have a question for anybody who wil hear me out, I’m really in need of some help! I currently reside in CA, upon applying for unemployment benefits and explaining my story to them I was denied benefits. I appealed EDD’s decision and eventually won the hearing, reversing my determination. I finally received TWO checks after months of battling this issue and living day to day unemployed! Soon after the hearing in June I left town to drive four hours North (In state) to be with my grandmother for her surgery and to spend time with her from July 10-Aug 2, nobody else in my family could be there for her and it was pertinent I be there for her. I stayed for about 4 weeks and wasn’t able to certify my claim form for July 17-Aug 2 and ended up turning it in late. On that day I contacted EDD (Stupidly) and apologized that I was late on my claim form and notified them as to why it was late. They then told me I had been scheduled for a phone interview. Today 8/20 was my phone interview and their reply was that I am not eligible for benefits the entire time I was out of town and that I would have to Reopen my claim and appeal if I had any objections with their decision.
My question is, What is the process to reopening my claim? How long will this take? Is there any chance of winning the appeal under these circumstances? I can’t get any answers out of anybody at EDD even a manager I just spoke to so I hope somebody here can answer my questions for me. Thanks a lot for your time.


So, I’ve already gone through a phone interview and have been waiting for a response to see if I was approved. I’ve submitted 3 claim forms and still no pay. That’s 6 weeks worth of money! I called in the other day and surprisingly got a really nice and helpful lady. She informed me the mail to the employer was returned. I verified the correct address and I believe the employer is trying to avoid or delay unemployment for me. One they’re cheap and two there was a lot of tension between us. I’ve been on unemployment twice before so I know how to fill out correct information on claims. I have another phone interview for tomorrow. I just wanted to know if anybody knows or thinks I will get paid or at least get paid for waiting so damn long for something that’s not on my end. Helpful advice wanted, negative idiots can just continue about their worthless lives. Thanks.


I reopened a claim on 6/8/14, I mailed the claim form in and they received it late, so a phone interview was set for me (which I got about 10 minutes ago) I don’t really care if I was denied or accepted for the first claim but the lady told me if I was INDEED denied, it would only be for the 2 weeks that was received late, as of 8/2/14 that was the 6th week I claimed (which were all on time with webcert) AFTER my first claim form, 8 weeks all together, 6 weeks on time. Now my question is, am I off the holding period to get paid (for the 6 weeks I claimed on time) being that I just had my phone interview? Because I was told by EDD that ALL my payments after the first late one will be on hold until I tell them why I mailed it in late (phone interview), now that I told them why, when will I get paid? I tried to ask the lady on the phone interview but she was in such a rush she almost hung up in my face… Thank you.


I have tried many times to get through to their help line and it’s always ‘full’ and they can’t take my call, so if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.

My base period of work involves a full-time job where I paid into the system so I qualify with that. I had a one-month contract position (after the other job ended) to help pay bills. I included this one-month position even though it wasn’t a full-time job (no state taxes were withheld). The one-month position wasn’t in this base period, either. Will this cause confusion? I am not seeking to be ‘self-employed’ it was just the only work I could get at the time. If they have questions do they set up a phone interview? There was no place to explain this on the form.


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Just need to vent

August 5, 2014 · 22 comments

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I filed a brand new UI claim on July 7th after being terminated from my job for no reason…no warning nothing. Just received a great review and a raise just a couple of weeks before. Anyway…a few days after filing, I received a letter for a phone interview cause they wanted to know the reason for me being fired and if I had been warned, etc. the phone interview was for two weeks away…really?? Finally had the phone interview and the guy was really nice and said there wouldn’t be a problem with the claim and he was giving my employer 48 hours to respond. I thought to myself…what were they doing during the two weeks?? Shouldn’t they have already talked to my employer?? My employer was not going to deny my claim per an agreement I signed with them. So here I sit over a month before the initial filing wondering what is going on. It has been over a week since the phone interview and I have already certified for 4 weeks of unemployment. Still no debit card in the mail and you can’t get a hold of anyone to find out what’s going on.

This whole thing is too much…considering we are allowing all these illegals in and just handing them stuff. Ugh…I’m totally irritated!!


Need some ADVICE please

August 2, 2014 · 3 comments

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So I was on unemployment back in 08 and it was relatively easy to maintain your EDD status and keep benefits coming… I was recently let go from a 3+ year(top employee all 3 years) at home depot job because of a bs attendance violation(not a no call-no show) All the upper management is new and attempting to “clean house”… I did my claim and received the phone interview paper, then 2 days later got the bi weekly continued claim form/other beginning UI papers. What do I tell or not tell them on my phone interview?Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Did a phone interview yesterday as got money today am I 100% approved ?


Phone interview

July 30, 2014 · 0 comments

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Just did a phone interview this morning boss fired me stating i was telling at customers. Using my phone and not wearing company uniform which is all a lie and he has no evidence would I get unemployment or there going to deny it


I’m so confused. . .
So, I reopened a claim back in June. That claim ended June 14th so I had to re-apply. During that time I was offered temporary work from my employer. My employer then sent a letter to EDD stating that I was working until 7/11 and that I’d be working 20 hrs. a week. During one of those weeks I was not able to work due to a paperwork mishap and I had to wait until it was cleared up. So. . .EDD scheduled a phone interview on 7/23 to ask why I only worked 7 hrs. during a week where my employer said I’d be working 20 hrs. I explained the situation to the interviewer and she was very nice and everything seemed fine. I got a letter that indicated that they reset my claim to 7/13. Okay. . .these past two weeks I did not work so I WebCerted on Sunday night (after 9pm like they suggested because of maintenance) and I have not been paid yet. I have no idea why. . .
Any insights as to why?

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