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Help, I have a phone interview! What should I expect? Check here and see what others are saying.

I was let go from a job where I was misclassified as a contract worker at the end of October. Filed for unemployment the next day.

I received an award letter for 0. Contacted them to determine my classification, which took two months, but I sent in documentation, had a phone interview, and received a new award letter that dated back to my original filing about 10 days ago.

Now what? I haven’t received claim forms or an EDD card or anything else. Should I be doing something or just waiting. It’s already been three months of no money and I really need to get this going.


Hello all, does everyone get a phone interview before first payment? I got two duplicate claim forms (even though my info was correct)! I finally spoke with a rude guy today who cut me off mid question. Just wondering if once my webcert goes through if I will be paid or will a phone interview be set up?

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Do all EDD applicants need to go thru phone interview? i know some friends did not but would they have to go to phone interview eventually such as filing 2nd or 3rd claim afterwards


I was finally able to get through on the phone last week (Wednesday) and the guy was really helpful and said everything was good to go. I received my first payment last Thursday night (from certifying two weeks ago). Today, I went in to certify for the last two weeks and it suddenly says there is a question about my eligibility and there is now a phone interview scheduled for me this coming Saturday. Does anyone have experience with this? Does this mean my benefits will be held up and I won’t be receiving any money this week until I have the phone interview? SONOFA … I don’t know how I am going to survive until they do that. I am just going to have to call them everyday at 8 am and hope I get through on the phone.

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Appeal Process

January 13, 2016 · 2 comments

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So I was denied, sent in an appeal. Received a phone call last week, the guy asked a handful of questions and said he would process my appeal. Letter came in the mail on Monday saying I would be receiving a letter for a date, time, and place for an appeal hearing.
Today I received an automated voicemail that was a “reminder” for a phone interview scheduled for Friday. Is that basically the appeal hearing, or should I expect an in person appeal hearing still?
I’ve never dealt with this and it’s been a headache since day one. Trying to just keep going with it because if I dont have a way to pay bills I have to drop out of nursing school.


Got it!!

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Did it over phone on Sunday usually get it Monday at 945 but had a phone interview on Tue(just reopened my claim again) and pay was in there today at 830 El Cajon ca
Good luck


I was finally able to certify for my benefits today and when I was done the page said there were questions regarding my claim and I had a second phone interview dated for 1/13/16. Do I have to wait for that interview before I get paid?