Filed claim Dec 16, had been on work share at the time, had phone interview about cause Jan 4. No contest. Ex employer got message Jan 11, going to pay. Online system broken, history stops 7/26, phones hang up on me. No human interaction is allowed. 5+ weeks, no mail, nothing. I have to drive to Sac. (3.5 hrs each way)next week I guess.
A waste of taxes, if ever.

Hi, They don’t answer the phones. I was on SDI some time ago with a card and online account. I shredded the card 4 years ago, and can’t remember my p/w, etc. for SDI online. I was approved, but the new card did not come in the mail. All paperwork says after 5 days contact EDD. They don’t answer. I want to talk to someone because I think it’s a USPS problem. I placed an recurring (not automatic) order that is always here in 3 days. Did not arrive. That is about the time my BofA debit card should have been delivered. Anyone have an idea of how to get a hold of them?
P.S. I work for EDD so it’s very sad.

My laptop broke with my UI online password on it. You get three tries to enter it in correctly. Bear that in mind if you are ever trying to log in. I thought I would go around it except I’d forgotten the answers to my security questions and got a complete lock out.

There is another forum where a number combination gets you on the phone with someone at EDD pretty quickly. Google it. It worked for me and I was able to talk to a very nice agent early Monday morning around 8, a notoriously busy time. I waited about 10’minutes on hold.

Oddly enough, the manager at the South Metro Edd office, a short man with a chip on his shoulder was more interested in everyone “signing in” than anything. In know folks need to maintain funding but, geez, give the power trip a break. They couldn’t help with a password reset because a genius at the office had scheduled carpet replacement from 8am to 1pm Monday morning. Seems laughable how poorly planned that is.

Folks on the phones though at EdD were super nice. When I freaked about not being able to cert, the tech support suggested tell-cert. I don’t know how long it’ll take to receive funds but it’s better than waiting the 2 or 3 days until my UI acct. is ready to again. Right?

I received my letter stating that I needed to be available for a telephone interview between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Waited and waited. Nothing, nada. No phone call. So I call these morons on a phone number that I found online ( as everyone knows the 800 # is a joke). Got ahold of someone. She says she’s the only person here answering phones and leave a voice mail at another ext. Maybe someone will call back. Morons.

I have had a claim open since 5/2014. During that time I have been working, if not very underemployed. I have continued to submit claims every week, reporting all my earnings. The last gig I worked at for 1 month, the manager telling me on the third week that she didn’t feel it was working out, mainly because I had been late twice, indefensible. I know, but it was right around Christmas time. I agreed with her, as I didn’t much care for the job because it was all phones. So I was unemployed completely for about 5 weeks, during which they sent me the forms to catch up over on which had fallen 6 weeks behind. I filed via web cert and they paid me quite promptly. I recieved a voice message from someone calling about a phone interview for Tues. I tried calling back but could not connect. I looked through all my EDD paperwork, and nothing about a phone interview. I got a hold of her the next day on my lunch break. I had put for the reason you are no longer working as “contract ended”. It had, ended for me. She says the employer says I was terminated. And because there was a dispute is why she was calling. She told me I had to be very careful with my language with EDD. She said she would put down that I agreed with the employer that I was terminated.
Will this cause denial of eligibility? What about the 5 weeks they have already paid me for? Would I have to pay it back? What if the reason you are terminated is for coming in late? In all my years of work, this is the first time I got canned for being unreliable.
The employer is the contracting agency who I never actually spoke with. It was the client who told me it wasn’t working out but felt bad because I was such a good worker. She even gave me a weeks notice.
Although I am working at a low paying gig now, I just don’t have the wherewithall to fight it with an appeal… My last web cert only gave me one week, and after that it is nearly exhausted..

Application Conditions

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If your temp assignment is finished and you were told the assignment was only for an allotted time and you start attending school after the assignment was completed and you put on the application you are attending school and they send you an award letter saying it is conditional, so you mail in your form, put you are going to school or have started school the first week, and you are still looking for work but your classes are during the day? If you informed them and even called them and said you are attending school, how much more info can you give them? Technically they might not owe you anything since the first week is a waiting period. Is it not good to even apply if you are in such a situation? Is it wrong to ask if you can be considered for CTB? It seems so precarious because they seem to always be trying to find something to accuse people of, then I received 2 strange calls from 2 cell phones claiming to be a company She asked weird questions and pressured me, this happened to me one other time a long time ago. I thought it was odd so when I called back the one number the lady just said hello. Then all of a sudden she said a company name. When I called the other number and asked can you send me your information the woman didn’t want to. I still think that there are times when you send in your form that they have someone call to see if you will take work or not and some other people said they have heard of this and that it is not just paranoia, it seems strange it is at the time when you mail your form and the very next day this happens. Maybe it’s random, could it be they flag accounts to check on? I have applied at places, do you have to apply just because someone calls you? If it is them doing that just to see what you will say is that legal?

I just found out that in each EDD office there is a special phone that is called a S.P.O.C. phone which stands for Special Point Of Contact.

These phones are secret.

You, if you are in great need and have been unable to get through on the EDD regular phones at places, can go drive to an EDD office (you can find out where an office is near you by using the internet).

You can walk through the door and ask to use a S.P.O.C. phone and give the reason as being that you have tried over and over to use the regular line for days and days (which I had done) and were unable to get throught.

Also, you need some kind of financial hardship such as needing the monies urgently.

Then the person at EDD will give you the special phone which they will dial because of a secret phone number.

When the person at EDD where they process your monies answers they will ask for the Office Number, and you will need to hand the phone back to the person who got you the S.P.O.C. phone.
They then tell the special office number and you can proceed with speaking with an individual about your urgent needs with regard to lack of payment etc.

I hope this helps people.

I ask the EDD SUCKS website manager to post this somewhere prominent on the is website because the down and out people really need to know that …

If you are in dire straights and are very very frustrated, there is a secret Special Point Of Contact Phone at each EDD office.

And that phone can be used, I think, from 8AM to 12 NOON and also from 1PM to 5PM.

Such things are not well publicized at all and the S.P.O.C. phone is only at the EDD offices.