I know this is somewhat not relevant to the site, but I guess it has to do with jobs. I’ve had GERD for about 3-4 years. I think I’ve managed it better lately. But lately, I’ve had some issues where I had GERD flare-ups, the most recent case being today, when I had a phone interview for an IT Support Coordinator Position. The first couple of minutes, I was experiencing the symptoms, and I wonder if I may have sounded anti-social or something – After that, I was able to conduct the interview normally.

For me, I actually don’t even get bothered by actual heartburn pain, but I have excess bloating, burping, and other symptoms that last for a while.

I’ve tried the traditional medicines (i.e. what the robot-doctors will tell you to take), which are the PPI’s, some years ago, but those actually made it WORSE, and it is generally knowledge that they are addictive.

This is usually worse in the morning when I have to eat something somewhat substantial that will sustain me until lunch (especially when I am working). Sorry for the rant, but it’s competitive enough in the workplace, I don’t need to be fighting against my body.

I’m watching msnbc and nothing! I have not heard a single thing about this issue at all. It’s like it doesn’t even exist. The only people who seem to have ANY knowledge are those directly affected. How is this possible? They are showing the president making surprise random visits to random people on the street. They talk about his Hawaii vacation. Every few weeks it seems all the people who hold our lives in the palms of their hands…are going on vacation for a few weeks. While I agree that nothing is promised after regular unemployment runs out, it’s been done for so many others for so long. Why stop now when things are so bad and only getting worse. I don’t understand why we have money to get involved in other countries issues but disregard our own people. How is there no media coverage? What the hell happened to “Yes we can”? Noooo…you didn’t! No one even tried. It’s all just smoke and mirrors. Why keep us hanging on for months promising landlords when we get that lump sum…we will pay off our debt. We could have all started with a clean slate..a new chance. They talk about the unemployment numbers being low, yes they ARE low….because so many have been kicked off and just fell through the cracks. What happened to this country? How did government get to be this way without anyone noticing and not doing anything to stop it? I still have a grain of hope…but thats all. I live in a small city and there are no jobs here. I cant afford to relocate. My problems are bad..but there are others FAR worse off. The children going hungry…sleeping in cars. How is this okay? When I see that old bastard Boehner…I just think to myself…please…someone just off that evil bastard. I just heard him speak about immigration reform and felt so bad for the poor guy asking questions. He steamrolled right over him like he was worthless. That man is NOT human. There is no way he can be a human being. I’m sorry if I went off the rails on this but it’s frustrating.

No link to this rant, just a troll making trouble

So was terminated by my employer PepsiCo for attendance policies, was suspended for being out with the flu and returned to work after two days…a month later got a flu again and went to work only to leave early due to me not being able to work or lift any product which I contacted my manager who then said okay and sent me home…next day “Wednesday” I got a doctors note from Kaiser stating what I had and was given Tues-Thursday off, that same day my mgr called me and said since I went home early it puts me over my points therefore resulting in termination which I was not aware of. Came in Thursday worked against doctors orders and they terminated me after a 10 hr shift. filed for claim benefits and received the first claim with an letter stating how much I would receive per week, then march 5th had a phone interview explained my situation and faxed her the doctors note the next day..this past Wednesday received another continued claim form with no return date on it…So im confused, I will contact them Monday to see whats is going on but confused as in to regards of whether or not my claim was approved or not…sorry for the rant i’m just unsure as to what is going on, haven’t had to use unemployment for 6 years now and all the policies seems to have changed

Would appericiate any help/knowledge from anyone please and thank you

First week of Jan: Next week
Second Week of Jan: After vacation
Third week of Jan: Vacation/Negotiations
Forth week of Jan: Next Week

First week of Feb: Next week
Second week of Feb: After Vacation
Third week of Feb: Vacation/Negotiation
Forth week of Feb: Next week

First week of March: Ukraine’s 1 billion pushed through at lightning speed. EUC- next week(Still negotiating)
mind you they have another Vacay coming after next week.

Can you see the pattern? Some wrote here that the senate wouldn’t get this done until April. At the time I didn’t believe it, but whom ever that was I wish that they had posted the winning lottery numbers seeing how prophetic they were. I was very optimistic from Jan-Feb, but now I realize that the odds of EUC passing are damn near as good as me winning the lottery. I feel that EUC has a snowballs chance in hell of passing. It’s very dark and hell is hot, I know because I’m living it. (Broke: -10 dollars in the bank, phone turned off, no contact with friends, Car stolen and now being extorted for tow yard fees since it was found by the cops but instead of having me come get it, they turned it over to a towing company) I don’t mean to be a debbie downer, but this is my reality. I’m just venting being that you all are the only people I can talk to at this time. How they haven’t been able to fa dangle 1 vote in 2 months in beyond me. I think that it is all facade. All we have in life is hope and faith, but I must admit mine has been severely diminished. If you are reading this I hope that you are doing better than me. Protect your shit, because people are beginning to take from others to survive. I just need to rant, now back to my miserable existence.

Book of Job much?!

February 7, 2014 · 2 comments

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Just need to vent… BTW Trolls.. I one of those who never takes your bait so don’t even waste your time.

So after 10 years with my company, it closed. I spent all summer trying to get approved for WIA and just got blown off time and time again. Still working hard at trying to find a job to work hard at. I’ve gone to job fairs that over 1,000 people went to when there was only 12 current openings. Yesterday I tested for a school district with about 40 other people and only 1 position was available. Thank God for my severance pmt when I was let go or I’d be really screwed. Oh and by going to all these different unemployment events, at the onestop offices often, I was ever so fortunate to get scabies! In the past 7 days i’ve spent over $250 in dr appointments and medication that I don’t really have. After hearing about the vote yesterday, getting bent over at CVS getting my prescriptions that was it, I broke. I finally gave up. I’ve lost all hope that my years of work experience and knowledge is going to do any good and will be lucky to get a $10 an hour job. The universe just keeps kicking me and beating me when I’m down.

Take my job away, take my only income away, and riddle my body with welts and wounds… what else are you God going to throw at me?! I mean for kicks am I going to get into an accident now? Trying to be patient.. trying to have faith.. but it’s fading and fading fast.

Sorry just had to rant for a sec..

Voted down again

February 6, 2014 · 9 comments

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I’m still looking for work, but nobody is biting. I know I’ll find another job, this is my second time going on unemployment since the economic collapse, and I’ve taken every s**t job that has been tossed in my lap. Of course, that means that my resume is worthless now as the small temporary positions that I’ve been taking now dominate any real work experience, but what the h**l, that’s what the 1% wants.

Now here is my plan. I will be going back to work. I will not be paying taxes. They can try to arrest me if they want, I’m perfectly okay with suicide by cop, I really have nothing to live for at this point, and I’ll be d**ned if I’m going to continue to pay into a system that I’ve paid into for 30 years just to get flipped the bird when I need something in return.

Yes. Another mindless rant from the “lazy unemployed”. I’m done. If I were rich six years ago, the government would have handed me millions of dollars as an apology for letting the economy collapse. I’m just done…just done…