What’s the deal with these REA requirements? What happens if I miss my REA? Find out what people are saying about REA appointments.


August 24, 2017 · 1 comment

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So far here’s my experience with CA EDD. I recently applied for unemployment on 7/10/17. After the one week waiting period I began receiving my money the first week on 7/31. I certified online, and the first full 2 week check came in the following week as they were late with mailing the paperwork. I posted it on Sunday, and by Sunday night the money was in my B of A account. However 2 weeks later when I certified for my continued claim, I noticed EDD had my money pending. I thought it was because I needed to attend the REA appointment which happened to fall on the same week. However, after the appointment I noticed the money was still pending. I finally called Thursday morning the 800-300-5616 number and I was able to get someone in 5 minutes and lo and behold the customer service rep told me that a mail they sent to my previous employer came back as undeliverable which is why they held my payment. What?!!! I was pissed, because they did not send me a letter or email telling me about this. Anyway I gave them the address of my employer, they had something way different from a company with a similar name, and the lady said my money will be paid out in 24-48 hours. Wow! Luckily I called or I would’ve still been waiting for my money. With bills to pay and school supplies to purchase I was getting worried. So if you see your money saying pending after a day or two do not hesitate to call, these suckers will hold your money for any little thing. Call Thursday or Friday mornings around 8a.m. to get a hold of someone.

No letter yet of disqualification yet after phone interview on the 7th. REA appt today at MENLO PARK plus I have to drive 20 miles to get there since I live in South San Francisco, waste of GAS…out of my own pocket….broke AF too…SMDH. Have as of today 4 weeks certification…Will be 6 on the 24th of July…I need to know what is up! And yes…my Cal Jobs crap is all done with an updated resume too. From pending to not paid….confused….

I filed back in May. I had a phone interview, registered online, registered for caljobs and also went to an REA appointment. When I look online all my certifications say “pending”, I have 6 total so far. I have not gotten any other mail, and every 2 weeks I get an email asking me to fill out my certification…which I complete.
When I was at my REA appointment they mentioned that everyone should hear something within a week, its been almost 2 now.
Has anyone else experienced this long of a wait for their first payment? I dont have a debit card yet, and like I mentioned all my payment certifications say pending.

REA Meeting 2016

May 19, 2016 · 1 comment

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Ok so I just had my meeting yesterday, and for those who are searching what the REA meeting in CA in 2016 is like, look no further.

First off, rest assured it’s really easy.

Second off, just show up. That’s it really. All they want to know is whether or not you are looking for work and are a living human being.

The group meeting is about an hour long and this is when they hand out some flyers and discuss opportunities and websites you can visit to help you get a new job. I actually learned a few things.

Then you fill out some easy paperwork and decide which mandatory workshop you go to the following week. I had two to choose from. One was an hour and a half and the other 2 hours. They give two days to choose from and the time at which it is. You have to go to this workshop or else your benefits will stop.

It’s probably gonna be more slides with information about how to get work. Haven’t had mine yet.

No need to get there early as we all just filed in the room at the same time. Finally after the slides, they call you up and ask for your questionnaire that needs to have a minimum of 6 (3 per week)potential job searches.

That’s it. No video to watch, no certification, they didn’t even check my ID. After the slides, they call everyone up one by one and you give them the paperwork, and sign out. It all took about an hour. Rest easy! Just show up with your questionnaire filled out, listen to the presentation and you’re done. Hope this helps.

I have an appointment scheduled for May 9.
Here’s the thing, on the website I read:

“At the REA appointment you will create a reemployment plan and agree to attend at least one additional mandatory reemployment service appointment. This additional service may be scheduled immediately following your appointment or it may be scheduled for another date and time and potentially in a different location. Failure to attend either the REA interview or the additional service appointment may affect your eligibility to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits.”

Is there any way to know when this additional mandatory meeting takes place??

Before I got laid off this April, I had booked a vacation in May. I cannot cancel and get refunded, I can, however, move my flight so that I can leave the 9th after the appointment. I’m not sure if that’s even worth it though, as I do not know when that 2nd appointment will be scheduled for (I won’t be back until the 25th). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have a REA appointment scheduled next Friday in my letter however I don’t plan on certifying for anymore weeks as I plan on returning to
school next Monday. EDD just says I don’t have to certify anymore as my claim will cancel itself. But how about the REA appointment
do I still have to go? I don’t plan on looking for a job anymore . How about for prior weeks that I did search for a job do I have to return
those funds

REA – wtf?

January 10, 2016 · 2 comments

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cool so i filed a new UI claim 12/13/2015 and i certified bi weekly every sunday until today 1/10/2016 with 0 payments nada-nothing! its been a whole month ive sent multiple emails through ASK EDD still nothing, i try calling but it say theres a high volume of clients to go online. Finally today they send me a message on UI Online telling me i have an appt. to attend an REA on 1/27/2016 thats 2 weeks from now!!! that means that itll be more like a month an a half, so 6 weeks! im sure itll be more like 2 monthes or more after i attend, oh yeah and im suppused to certy again today, and all of a sudden it says that the claiment cannot certy for benefits at this time, how many more hoops EDD? i certied every week correctly and registered with my union as out of work every week, playing by your rules, and now you gotta pull this? wow my familys starving and i have a kid on the way, but no take your sweet time EDD. why am i even attending an REA in the first place? im union, they look for work for me then dispatch me, ill be back to work in no time. maybe there just mad cause i emailed them too many times….woops wonder why that happened? :O