I received approval for CTB due to school enrollment but when I went to UI online, it looks like my claim was closed. Do I need to reopen it so I can certify each week? I appreciate any feedback.


CTB question

April 29, 2017 · 2 comments

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I took an edd approved training course on extension which recently ended and I got paid for my last week of school but I did not get paid for the week after. I got the notice saying my work search requirements have changed since school ended and to continue to receive benefits i need to look for work each week. Shortly after that i got scheduled for an edd phone interview and when the rep called he just asked when i finished school and hung up. I check my UI Online and for the week after school ended it went from pending to disqualified. My claim balance is still showing and it also says to certify for weeks still. Just wondering is it over or will I still be able to receive benefits while looking for a job with my new skill from school.


I have a month left on my EDD before benefits run out. I just started school, was approved, got a letter stating I do not have to meet the work requirments.

On UI online, they closed my claim. Do I need to reopen it to get my weekly benefits? I started to reopen, but it’s asking me the same questions when I 1st applied for UE, and just doesn’t seem right after being approved for CTB.

Does it automatically deposit in my EDD debit card and if so… how long does it take? Or is there something I need to fill out on UI online that I’m not seeing?

Please Help?!

Missed Appointments

August 6, 2016

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Do not miss any appointments – I repeat, do not miss any appointments. I fucked up, because they schedule the appointments not only far in advance, sometimes the mail correspondence is there to throw you off as well. Please, if you start EDD “benefits” just stay on top of it.

I fell victim to their bullshit, but I’m hoping I get a job very soon and if I don’t, I am focusing on school only. The state thinks all we’re worth is money, but it is wrong. Once I get my degree and have some savings, I’m leaving my state and raising a family elsewhere. I pay taxes and work for low wages, and they were not there for me when I needed them most, so bye Felicia!

EDD sucks

I thought I should share my experience. I filed for unemployment last Nov online. I answered yes when asked if I was attending school. I entered that the class was online & included the name of the college. I started another online class in Jan & selected yes to starting school/training when certifying. I did this again in Feb. I realized I needed to complete a training program in order to get a job. I started looking into CTB. I found a school & program that met the requirement. Since I notified them of my prior school attendance I figured this counted towards the requirement to inquire prior to the 16th week. I also thought my current job experience & title was not in demand since I could not find a job & the demand percentage was low. I started the training program in March & notified the EDD on my certification & through UI online. I had a phone interview & a week later I found out I was DENIED for CTB and TE because I did “not apply for CTB prior to the 16th week of benefits” & “I was not out of work due to lack of demand for my current occupation.” I was also denied benefits for my current claim because I was “not available for work due to my school schedule.” At this time I called the EDD & had another phone interview regarding my availability for work. I provide proof that I switched to the night class so the representative lifted the disqualification. But I still had to appeal the other disqualifications. I met with the judge & explained that I notified the EDD 4 times that I was going to school, that I did not have a certificate/degree for my previous job & I was trained on the job. I have 5 years experience, but I could not find a similar job nor was I qualified for jobs with the same job title. I also explained I was looking/available for work even though I was attending school. A week later I found out that the judge reversed the decision. I am now on the 6 month training extension. Let me know if you have any questions.

Just thought this was interesting. It surprises me that relatively large companies will resort to lying to not have to pay UI tax. Sucks for them when the individual has hard proof. In my previous job, I had to take about 3 weeks off for school. It was unfortunate, but it was necessary for me. Long story short, they kind of left me hanging for about 2-3 weeks when I was scheduled to return, and then ultimately “terminated” me.

I was receiving UI for about a month, and they disputed, saying that I left them during peak holiday season, etc. Little did they know, that I had hard evidence of time off approvals (the HR/Attendance software sends an automatic email to a person when time off is approved, with the specific hours/days, etc.) by the HR manager, which I requested and were approved for two weeks prior to my time off, which was/is just standard company protocol. That’s basically all the lady from EDD wanted during our phone call.

I have to say that it really feels good catching an employer red handed, and busting them with evidence/proof – totally worth the $10 I had to pay at Fed Ex Office to fax it out. It’s too bad that the employer can’t be punished for lying/giving false information, much like we can if we falsify a claim.

I was supposed to get paid last Monday, but didn’t. I wonder how long it’ll take to get payment again.

I have a REA appointment scheduled next Friday in my letter however I don’t plan on certifying for anymore weeks as I plan on returning to
school next Monday. EDD just says I don’t have to certify anymore as my claim will cancel itself. But how about the REA appointment
do I still have to go? I don’t plan on looking for a job anymore . How about for prior weeks that I did search for a job do I have to return
those funds