They take you so far down the hole for a representative that most will hang up before the end. Stay on! “Your wait time is 7 to 10 minutes” then “we’ve reached the maximum number of callers “good-bye” auto hang up for two weeks now. My money!!! I was forced to work from my hospital bed for some kind of income! Honest is me. I reported it. I don’t get any benefits. SDI screwed up! I rather be honest. But truth is if I was looking for a welfare check. I’d get everyone’s attention. Thank you Obama for your weak self. Democrats have killed this country! I’m a working person last to be considered! Make America Great Again by firing deadbeats and hiring those who can do the job. Hire more to get our calls for help. I am so pissed. Worse I can’t help myself without a human! Then which one of those can help or is trained to help??System sucks and doesn’t need to so easy to fix. Gov. Moonbeam in CA also has auto hang up. Who pays these people you and I!

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For two weeks I call the SDI and I get to where the recordings says “sorry….” then they hang up on me. I just want to ask a question.
If I get approved for SSDI while I’m collecting SDI, will my SDI be reduced due to the SSDI? The SSDI was reduced due to the SDI.

Ok, so I thought you get SDI payments weekly ? How do you get them ? Bi-weekly. Or weekly ? Also , do you get your weekly benefit amount or do you get the daily amount ? Ok very confused and can’t figure it out because I got a partial 3 day payment that isn’t equal to my daily amounts ? Anyone on SDI for pregnancy know my answer ???

I’ve been receiving autopay on my SDI through EDD and I did not receive it this past Friday, is anyone else’s late? I thought it was cause of the holiday but I’ve been on it for months and never had it delayed. Thank you

My doctor tried to logon to her account to complete my application. She couldn’t remember her password and asked for a reset. It then wants to email her a reset password.

The problem is her account was setup with an email she no longer has access to. She has called the doctor line every day for 4 weeks and they tell her it has been sent to the IT department. The 49 day deadline for filing is in a few days. The deadline for the doctor to respond is also in a few days?

Any ideas?

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February 12, 2017

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Have not received 1099G to complete 2016 tax return. Called and after having to enter my SSN and date of birth (which is absurd to have to enter in today’s world especially when considering the amount of stolen identity cases occur each day), auto message stated no record found so have to call back during regular business hours (which means hours of waiting on hold). Searched more online and found I can get info online at UI site. Supposedly, have to use my SDI login. Tried numerous times, does not work. Keeps stating incorrect password entered, though no problem accessing SDI account online. Seems the 2 related sites would be linked. If received SDI, why is there not a link on that site to the 1099G info?

I was laid off from an employer and quickly filed an EDD claim the next day. They sent me two phone interview times, completed that, and then said I had to “Register for UI online.” However, I had a child 3 years ago and they still have me as a user. They needed me to login with my old user and pw. I didn’t have it. User and pw help go to an old employer’s email address. “sorry we can’t help you.” You need to talk to SDI. No one on the phone at SDI could help. I drove an hour to a local SDI office asking who can help me reset my login and pw. Sorry we don’t do that here. They could see my new claim but couldn’t change a thing. They did change my communication from email to snail mail though. Told me to go back online and request a new temp password via mail. It’s been 30 days since I filed, no real help. I can’t email anyone for help as you need a login and pw to do so. It’s been about a week since my visit to my SDI local branch. When is this nightmare going to be over? Who is in charge of EDD? How can they expect you to have the same email address access for your basically a 10+ year period? How many of us really stay with one employer for that length of time? Even one says, well you should have a personal email, well I did, but Verizon shut down everyone’s email without any knowledge. That was fun too. What’s next? Do I lobby my local congressperson? Who is running this whole racket?