Phone interview was scheduled for 10am-12pm yesterday, never came. Looked up similar stories on this site, found 909 383 4663, called before 8 am, got a recording “thanks for calling edd, thus office is close until 8 am”. After 8 am got thru to someone who asked for my social, but since I read in other stories that the same happened and they got their issue resolved I give my ssn, she then puts me on hold and comes back to say she couldn’t find my claim, but her best guess was to call 213 744 2137, and then said don’t call numbers you find on the Internet and give them your ssn because her number is not on any of the state websites! I almost laughed, but what’s done was done. I called the number she referred me to, it had similar recordings, another lady answered and immediately ask’s for my ssn again, I tell her im skeptical because of what just happened and give her the number, apparen’t that number goes to San Bernardino which caller ID confirmed. So since I already gave my ssn, I just give her it as well, she finds my name and says “Ms. SONNY” is handling my claim and she transfers me. I get sonny’s voicemail which asks to leave my name, number, and ssn. I left all but my SSN, now we wait to see if we get a call back.

Pathetic site

February 12, 2017

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Have not received 1099G to complete 2016 tax return. Called and after having to enter my SSN and date of birth (which is absurd to have to enter in today’s world especially when considering the amount of stolen identity cases occur each day), auto message stated no record found so have to call back during regular business hours (which means hours of waiting on hold). Searched more online and found I can get info online at UI site. Supposedly, have to use my SDI login. Tried numerous times, does not work. Keeps stating incorrect password entered, though no problem accessing SDI account online. Seems the 2 related sites would be linked. If received SDI, why is there not a link on that site to the 1099G info?


March 29, 2016 · 1 comment

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I just recently went from using UI to CTB. Over 2 weeks ago I certified. No prob. I was told my next certification date would be 27th of March 2016. Nothing! When I login into UI online and go to the certify tab I get this message:

The claimants participating in the following UI programs will not be able to certify for benefits online at this time but can access all other online services on UI Online:
California Training Benefits (CTB).

And there is no date for check by. My payment activity says all payments have been paid for dates x-03/29/2016. I checked the bank, nothing. How to I certify for CTB if it’s always unavailable? Telecert won’t let me make a pin because it can’t verify my SSN.with info in the records.


I’m trying to determine my 10 digit EDD Customer Account Number from my “Continued Claim Form”. This is 10 digits so not the same as SSN.

There is a long string of numbers near the top of my continued claim form – the string starts off with my SSN (represented as 1-9 below). Then there are 24 characters after that(represented as A-X below).

Can someone kindly look at their continued claim form and tell me which letters below represent the Customer Account Number?


Many thanks!

Notice Of Computation

February 18, 2015 · 1 comment

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Make sure if you are submitting a claim via snail mail that the SSN on all pages is correct. I was sent a computation notice and now my benefits will be delayed another 2 to 3 weeks. Well there goes food and bills wont be payed.

Hi everyone, I thought I would take a moment to share my story and see if it is similar to what others are facing.

I applied for UI on November 3rd, and it has been a miserable experience since then, full of errors and SNAFUs on EDD’s part. Here’s the approximate timeline of my experience:
11/3: apply online
12/1: no word from EDD, so I start calling those miserable 800 numbers
12/13: I get mail from the EDD, but it has someone else’s name, my SSN, and it’s in Spanish. Something is clearly wrong.
12/16: finally get through to EDD, and quickly realize that they have mashed my application with another person’s, thus explaining the incorrect mail. They give me a temporary SSN and ask me to send verification documents.
12/26: I mail the verification of my identity and previous income.
1/15-2/15: No response.I call EDD many times and try to figure out what’s going on. They just tell me that my claim has not been processed and they need more time.
2/20: I continue to call, and explain that it is unacceptable to have my info sitting there without being addressed.
2/25: I call again, and this time they say that my identity has been verified. Unfortunately, they did not take the time to verify my previous income, so my “award” is $0. Obviously, this is not correct, and they only did half of their job. They say it will take another “7-10 days” to verify my previous income, but they’ve said that every time.
3/3: Still no change. They say it will probably be a few weeks.

So that’s the jist of it. This is infuriating on many levels. They owe me 4 months worth of money already, and I doubt I’ll get anything before April. Also, my case should be a simple open & closed one; I am a single man, no dependents, one source of income, laid off, etc. There is nothing complicated about my case. Not only that, but I have lots of help at my disposal and some savings – my heart goes out to those that need the help desperately and can’t get it.

Child support

February 27, 2014 · 9 comments

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Another downside to unemployment.
You can’t pay the $300 to $1000 child support every month (depending on how much you make when employed)
So if you go three month or less without paying then your drivers license will be suspended by the DMV and to get that reinstated you have to pay back in full what you owe, but before that happens you can go back to court and have the amount that you pay every month reduced,but to get a court date it could take between 1-3 months waiting .You also can have a contractors license suspended or any other licenses that can be checked with your SSN,just a few key strokes and its game over until you pay back what you own.