I went on annual training in the Washington Army National Guard, and now my Unemployment Insurance benefits have been stopped. There are no answers. There is no one I can talk to. When I restart the benefits, I get letters in the mail as if I’m starting all over. When I call the number for the “Investigations” office, they say my account is under investigation for my leaving the country, which I did on orders with the National Guard. Now I am back to being unemployed, but it has been Six Weeks of Pending payments. I think it is a trick of the system to not pay out, and I’m forced to borrow money. They just keep putting me off, week after week. They don’t even respond to messages, and all their answers are simple bureaucratic nonsense answers. I would go to work for UBER or at Pizza if I could, or if they will let me. It doesn’t look like I will ever get another cent from UI. If you don’t pay UI claims, then eventually claimants find a way out it without the help. Is this a success story for them? I wish I had some kind of answer for what they are actually investigating. How do I get that bullshit job?

10-31-15–Hi..I just read your post. You might try snailing EDD/UI a letter. stating your problem. I have had password issues and just sent them a certified letter this morning. I cannot access the site and have tried with Google/Chrome, Explorer and Foxfire all without success.
Last night I googled “CA EDD Problems” and an article written in early Sept 2015 I believe, pulled up. Article claimed that CA borrowed billion or such from the Feds. That fund is not insolvent. I think this might , sadly be true. This would explain that checks are not being issued, closure of offices and other things. I have an acquaintance, not on this board who was formerly employed by Corinthian (Heald College) for 7 years. When they folded, he applied for UI. He has never received any payments from the State and is seriously job hunting. Good luck and keep us posted. My priority at this pint is communication with the via certified letters

My wife went out on disability due to a spine issue. We’ve attempted on several occasions to complete the SDI online registration process without success. Doesn’t recognize name or key information. As for calling to get assistance…forget it. You get bounced because there are too many people waiting. Not sure what to do next?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pledged to have the Senate act on a new unemployment extension if bipartisan talks lead to a deal.

Reid said he hasn’t given up trying to renew emergency unemployment insurance benefits, which expired in December.

He praised the work of Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., who has been working with Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., to restore the benefits, so far without success. Nevada and Rhode Island have the two highest unemployment rates in the nation.

“My colleague from Nevada, Dean Heller, has been stellar on this,” Reid said. “He has talked about it at least once a week. What he is doing is scrambling to get few more Republicans.”

“Of course anytime that Sen. Heller makes any progress on this we’ll bring it back because people are just as [in need of aid] as they were two months ago,” Reid said.
Heller said this week that the issue continues to be a priority for him.

“Our staffs are talking, we continue to try to find legislation that we can attach something prospectively to,” Heller said.

One possible vehicle could be the highway bill that Congress must renew before the end of the summer.

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In their right mind would hire any of the leftovers on this site! The bottom of the barrel. Look at how you guys talk. The verbiage you use. Your colors show right through, even when on an interview. Your constant hatred, bitterness, and JEALOUSY of those who have what you do not, shows through and through. You CAN’T hide it. This, you’ll never be hired. Success breeds success, and negativity and envy breeds the same. None of you will get a job, until YOU change your ways. Fact. You may not like this, call me memes, and hate me. Fine – “I” could care less. You’re the ones walking this mile – all by yourselves! Welcome to the REAL world!

Please help !

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I lost my euc on dec 28 and I was wondering since I was still unemployed for January , feb and March after looking for jobs non stop if I end up getting a job wich I really hope I do. My question is if the euc is passed and retro is paid out am I entitled or able to get euc benefits since I was still unemployed those months thank you very much and I wish the best for all you who are struggling and may things start to get better and for success and opportunity to finds us all.

Despite the growing doubt and uncertainty, the Senate is expected to review the possibility of another long term unemployment benefit extension this week. Hopes though, that an extension measure will pass, are not as high this time considering the fact that extension plans have been filibustered twice already by Senate Republicans in 2014.
Given the attempts already, tensions are high. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) has reported that he has been in progressive talks with multiple Senate Republicans regarding a possible plan to pass a retroactive measure that would provide a six month unemployment benefit extension. This could be very good news considering the last measure to pass unemployment fell short by just one vote. One more vote may be all that is needed this time around to pass an EUC measure through the Senate. Almost two million Americans without long term emergency compensation are [click to continue…]