system down

1/5/17 system down and my check is a day late. I can’t’ get through on the phone. Just because it wash a holiday the system should be set up to pay out rent is due!

Standard Economics

September 14, 2013

in Pissed!

I have a BA Economics. I’ll tell you right now that with us not getting paid and not injecting money into the local state and national economies everyone suffers all around. No to metion the skewed statistics caused by this. “Unemployment applications down!” YEAH RIGHT. Unemployment system down. Should be looping news on CNN right now instead last night I kept seeing something on loop about a monkey in a parking lot. Nice.

I am currently on Tier 2.
Received on Friday: form “Additional Instructions” adviing I am potentially eligible to file a new claim effective 8/11/13, requesting correct employer info, etc. (a short paragraph).

Saturday I receive”Notice of Requirement to Register For Work” advising that I have filed a UI claim (which I had not yet).
Today, called Edd, got through. Rep said system down, said claim was already filed for me, he thinks. Couldnt verify cause system down.
Tonight updated everyhing on Cal Jobs which I do once a month anyway.

Do you think I’m good to go? I still have money left on Tier 2 and did not receive any monies yet that were due last Thursday.

Do you think they automatically renwed my claim. My original claim expired August 12, 2013.

Thanks in advance.