2/16/2018, WTF…the homeless outside my door are partying up cuz they got paid, “ontime”…..but im still waiting for a 10 day grace period. i pay my taxes then I get laid off, first time i have ever collected EDD ( im claiming my insurance damn it) and the fuk tard holes drug attics get paid on time….no debt to society . I served and defended this country and the housekeeper gets paid more than me cuz she is a woman? i recommended my boss to sponsor her, he did. What a POS.
this world is fukd up ran by white fake democratic fuks.


Okay I’ll start by saying I live in Texas I’ve never lived in or even visited California.. I am used to having a debt and offset when we do our taxes every year however this year when I called it said there were 2 for California Employment Development Department. I don’t even have a clue what that is or how to go about getting this fixed. I called the 888 number the offset line gives but it literally was no help I wouldn’t even know how to report fraud cause I’ve no idea what it was even used for. Is there a number I can contact an actual person instead of that automated bull?


I got my UI award letter today and discovered that my employer didn’t report my second quarter earnings. They withheld state and federal taxes from my paychecks but didn’t deposit the funds with the tax agencies. I was laid off because they closed the business. This effects my weekly award payment–instead of $450 for 6 months, I will only get $175 for six weeks.

I will call EDD on Monday morning to report this fraud. I was told by someone I know who works for EDD that an adjustor will review my payroll check payment records and that I could end up getting the correct award amount, but that it is a long process. (I will also have to deal with the IRS and state next year when I don’t receive a W-2 or receive an incorrect W-2.)

I was shocked that the owners of the company would use the employees’ tax deposits to pay other bills (or pay themselves). I think they should go to prison for fraud. There are 10 other employees who are also affected by this.

Has anyone here dealt with this situation?

Hello There,

I have been receiving UI benefits for about a few months now. I got a letter stating I’ve been scheduled for an interview because I didn’t list a job on my original claim form. I don’t even remember working for the employer and it’s not the one that is due to me getting unemployment benefits.
I probably worked there for less than a couple weeks for extra money during the time because I seriously don’t remember and I didn’t get or file it or my taxes.

Will this disqualify me or will I get continued benefits? Go to a higher tier? Phone interview is next week. Help please!


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Certified 5 weeks already and haven’t received a debit card. Is this normal? What number do I call??? Also if I chose to have taxes withheld.I do get that back when I file my income taxes, right?

I am a employer and a small business. I had a employee for 4 weeks. It was a tough time as I had serious illiness and death in my family and had to be out of the office at hospital. I hired a “friend” of a good friend of mine who ended up being a nite mere. She told me she was a licensed CPA I checked after the fact and she was not. She started pressuring me to be a signer on my checking account first red flag, she tried to get me to hire her boyfriend who I found out was always at my office when I did not come in. Finally it got so bad my old time employees called and said you need to come in today!! or we are all quitting. I came in to find out the bad employees boyfriend had called a meeting of my employees the night before to tell them the business was a sinking ship and I a drug addict ( I do not even drink) I let her go that day and when I did her boyfriend tried to hit me. I pretended to call police and he took off by this time she was crying. OH how I wished I would have called police when he tried to assault me. As his mug shot is all over the web I gave her 2 weeks pay to get rid of her. Her boyfriend threatened to take me down he was going to the labor board , the edd, the irs which he did and I have been in a 1 year audit which has been HELL. I have 3 police reports on this criminal scammer.They found all my employee taxes have been paid but they had to find something and now it is a witch hunt. I have been struggling since the whole 2008 bank fiasco to keep going. This woman stole my brand new lap top, used several of my personal credit cards all of which I filed police reports on. Police took her side “as she worked for me” and I authorized it. I am so pissed off I can hardly stand it. Any one can walk into your business and go to a Governmental office as a Whistle blower and tell them anything and cause you and your business much harm and not a DAMM thing you can do about it. PISSED OFF. I have had to hire a costly attorney to help .

Filed claim Dec 16, had been on work share at the time, had phone interview about cause Jan 4. No contest. Ex employer got message Jan 11, going to pay. Online system broken, history stops 7/26, phones hang up on me. No human interaction is allowed. 5+ weeks, no mail, nothing. I have to drive to Sac. (3.5 hrs each way)next week I guess.
A waste of taxes, if ever.