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I filed my new claim on week of 01/08/17 to 01/14/17. I was approved. I received my notice of award letter. I also had two weeks work of work search to clerify. I mailed them back the same day I got them on Saturday, 1/21/17, I already have my direct deposit set up from the last claim last year. I was wondering if do you think I will get any money this week?

BTW the website keeps crashing, and tele cert wouldnt let me do it either. Paper is the only way I could do it.

Thank you!

If you use tele cert to certify for your unemployment benefits, how long does it take for your payment to be deposited in to your account? I usually do Web cert early on Sunday mornings and receive my payment at around 7 o’clock that same night, but I had to use tele cert today since the EDD website is a piece of s#!t, and isn’t working at all today, even worse than it normal. But should I expect to get my payment around the same time I usually get it when using Web cert?

Tele cert down

August 30, 2015

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I’ve been trying all morning to certify via phone but IVR just keeps saying the tele cert is down. Anyone else having this issue

Hey y’all I certified late…my phone and internet was disconnected. Once I got it back up, I called the tele cert, as I usually do, they automated message said I couldn’t cert by phone anymore. Tried Web Cert, the damn thing does not work. Says my personal info is incorrect. So I mailed it (11 days later) on a friday by Monday it will be 15 days late. Will this for sure cause my benefits to get cancelled? Feeling anxious. Please help.

it still say submitted, Ive been reading all the post since 12/30 figured everyone is problems with web cert… I dont want to tele cert it because i already submitted my claim. Anyone else submitted on the 28th on webcert and still no payment?

I originally filed on 4/27/14. They said everything was good and I would get $450 a week. Then a week later, they said I had been overpaid by $122 from two years prior and I need to pay that back (no problem) but it will also result in a 12 week penalty period. Close to the end of that 12 weeks, I called to make sure everything was still a go. Then the gentlemen said that they person I spoke to was wrong and it was really a 15 week penalty! So i confirmed the dates that I would be eligible to receive money again. He stated 8/17/14 would be the first day I could certify and if would receive my money after that. I didn’t. When I called back anther man said that there would be that “initial one week waiting period”! Why? After I asked and confirmed, did they not tell me this?! Two weeks later, I certify again. KNOWING this should be the week to get it. I certified tele cert on Sunday morning and still nothing. Tried calling and I can’t get thru. I know I technically should wait 10 days but it seems everyone else has gotten paid. I emailed then but still no reply. I just want to know if I’m ever going to get money? Anyone else that can help me with this?

I have tried endless times to register on web cert, but every single time, the following message appears at the bottom of the page: “The personal identification information provided is invalid. Please check the values and try again. If the problem persists, please try again in an hour.” So i called and actually spoke with someone who verified that all my info was correct. Then they said that i should go ahead and certify by mail and once it is processed and i receive my first payment, I will be able to register. (BTW, I’m also unable o use tele cert as well. Anyway, it’s now been 6 weeks and 3 payments later and i still can’t register!!! This is critical, because i have moved to another state and certifying by mail delay everything by a week. Has any body else had the same experience as me? What did you do about it/how was the problem resolved? Thanks.