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so i applied for benefits feb. 2015 and it is now aug 2015 and i got a letter saying..

“You have received all the benefits payable on your claim and no extended benefits are available to you. If unemployed, you many file a new claim by visiting our………”

it says i can reapply jan 2016 when my claim is over?????

So are all my benefits over already. I wont get any help even tho my claim is still open? arent extended benefits available? atleast tier 1 extension?

Im upset its taking me so long to find a job and i am more upset that I need more time to find a job and stable out. And im just horrified t at the EDD basically told me to go f*** myself…

WIth all this stress and worry, very hard to just focus on finding job, I got kids and roof to maintain 🙁


June 23, 2015 · 2 comments

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I don’t understand. My initial award ran out & I thought tier 1 extension still existed (even checked edd website). But after getting my final payment of a measly $35 I got a letter saying I do not qualify for any extension. It says if I’m still unemployed I’m welcome to reapply &/or request payment of the 1 week hold period. Have extensions been cancelled???

This is not a 5 month extension. It is a 5 month extension of the prior EUC program.

If the houses passes the extension
1) you will not receive 5 months of benefits. You will receive whatever remaining weeks you had available. If you were on Tier 3 you’d collect the remaining balance and you’re done.

2) If your claim ended in say April, you will not receive 5 months of extensions. You’ll receive funds until may 31st when the program ends again.

3) no this is just not for people on tier 1.

I just wanted to clear that up because a lot of people were preaching false information here.

Good day all.

Hello All! I lost my job in March of 2013 and collected unemployment benefits into the first part of a tier 1 extension. Well as we all know the extension’s were stopped so no more benefits came in. I recently got a notice of Unemployment Insurance award letter from EDD, Filed March 23 2014 to March 23, 2015, with the same benefit amount I had before.

Did they file a new claim for me, and I was still eligible for the same amount? I checked my web cert but noticed no new claim forms available and being that today is April 8th, i have a feeling something is not right.

Did i actually get a new claim, or does this have something to do with the extension? God forbid, I’d actually be able to talk to someone from EDD on the phone…. I appreciate it!

I ran out of unemployment in the beginning of March. I applied for my first extension almost 20 days ago and have not heard anything from EDD. I haven’t gotten anything in the mail either. I received a confirmation number after I applied so I know it went through. Is this because of the whole thing that is going on with congress and EUC? Someone please help me!

monday, how much you want to bet they take off for vacation or wahtever you want to call it, and leave us hanging

and if you think about it, this 5 month deal is STUIP, people hitting tier 1 in april will only get a few weeks, and people that were cut off are going to get big lump sums…..not fair…just stupid, im not a troll, and yes i want my lump sum retro…I just stating the facts


I am nearing the end of my state UE benefits in one month. I am very confused about this ‘tier’ system.

If I run out of my state benefits, do I go to tier 1 or is that already exhausted and waiting to get renewed? Have the people that are in trouble right now gone through every tier?

Can someone explain? Thanks 🙂