tier 2

So i was on tier 2 got cut off like alot of people. Today i get a Notice of unemployment insurance claim filed.
And a notice of unemployment award!
For quarters of 9/12 – 3/13? I got laid off in early January of 2013 but, recieved severance pay so that explains income for january – March… Did they reopen a claim? Iam i getting money again? My max benefit amount on this is over 9,000$

hi, I ran out of tier 1 and recieved my last check on dec 23rd. well I.recieved mail from edd on jan 14 2014 stateing they had filed my tier 2 extension and that it began on dec 22 2013. and webcert let me file for 1 week. dec 21-28 2013.
Iwebcerted for the 1 week on jan 15 because that was the earliest it would let me, and I have yet to recieve any money. any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks


January 23, 2014 · 6 comments

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I spoke to a rep today finally. She explained something to me that really sucked. I started receiving last feb, and started tier 2 probably last august. Everything ended Dec 31, and I had ~$2,500 on my claim left. I filed a claim.

The rep told me I needed to have made $1,300 between Jan 27 2013 to Jan 27 2014 to have benefits continued for the claim i just received. its the 2nd, and there’s no way to make find a job and make a taxable $1,300. she said the only option left is to wait for congress, and thats all she wrote. Start applying for jobs now


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I GOT A LETTER LAST MONTH SAYING, MY TIER 1 ran out but they automatically carried over to tier 2 but haven’t received a payment since dec 23 and haven’t even gotten a claim form but once since then for the last two weeks of the year.

So I was laid off in January of 2013. On Dec. 28 I was in the middle of tier 2 when I was cut off like most everyone else. Today, I received in the mail a new award letter…stating that I filed a new claim and blah blah blah…. First – I didn’t file a new claim. I understand that it is my year anniversary since my claim started, but, I figured I wouldn’t qualify for a new claim because I haven’t worked and therefore wouldn’t pass the lag test. So, what does this mean, and what do I need to do? And if I do qualify, do I need to do a phone interview again and everything (it doesn’t say)? I had to appeal my claim a year ago and go to court. I won, but would I have to go through all that again?

I have a new glimmer of hope but I have a feeling that it’s for nothing. Assuming they filed a new claim on my behalf, it would be nice and make sense for the letter to say “a new claim was filed on your behalf…” instead of stating that I filed a new claim, which I didn’t.

Any insight?

I submitted and received my last payment from edd last week. I am on tier 2 so figured since my last payment for 12-28 was received I was done with edd but on Friday night I received 4 weeks worth of payments I didn’t submit for and then Sunday night it happen again. So now in my bank account I have 8 full weeks worth of payments I have no idea where they came from. I did not double submit or anything like that. They simply appeared out of no where. What should I do? What is this money? How could this happen?

When the $ ran out on that tier, they put me on tier 2.

Tier 2 only had 1 week for me. Does anyone know why???

Just fyi, I got $450 a week.