I have an appointment scheduled for May 9.
Here’s the thing, on the website I read:

“At the REA appointment you will create a reemployment plan and agree to attend at least one additional mandatory reemployment service appointment. This additional service may be scheduled immediately following your appointment or it may be scheduled for another date and time and potentially in a different location. Failure to attend either the REA interview or the additional service appointment may affect your eligibility to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits.”

Is there any way to know when this additional mandatory meeting takes place??

Before I got laid off this April, I had booked a vacation in May. I cannot cancel and get refunded, I can, however, move my flight so that I can leave the 9th after the appointment. I’m not sure if that’s even worth it though, as I do not know when that 2nd appointment will be scheduled for (I won’t be back until the 25th). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Appeals Process

March 19, 2016

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I saw an Administrative Law Judge last week regarding my SDI claim. I won’t bore anyone with the details of how many EDD hoops that I have had to jump through in the past 3 months only to be sent 15 miles away from my home to see a judge, just because I am receiving less $ than I should be paid and I wouldn’t drop the matter. Ever since I scheduled a hearing, I have been harassed by the EDD with calls about money my employers paid me over a year ago and other things that I verified over 3 months ago when I filed my claim. On the day of my hearing, the EDD took $2000 away from my claim balance saying that it was vacation pay that was not allowed from 17 months ago and then I received a postcard from someone at EDD that wanted to talk to me about my former employer and now today I received an electronic letter saying that I owe them $1400 because they are saying that I have worked since filing my claim. I have NOT worked for over a year. Can anybody help me with this dilemma? I can’t find any lawyer that will go up against the EDD. Thanks for reading this.

I’m wondering if there’s any reason that re-opening a claim would be denied? For example, can I stop certifying for a month to go on vacation (or any other reason) then re-open it when I return? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

I used to come on this site all the time when I was not employed a few years ago. Flash forward to now, and I’m jobless once again.

My employer fired me over the phone and did not give the exact reason(s) after two years of employment. I received two different answers. All my EDD paperwork came in the mail today, the 12th.

I called my Payroll department last week and, get this, she told me that “I really like you, so I am going to tell you why. The company felt you were asking too much about your vacation payout for the previous year”.

Now , umm, wouldn’t that be retaliation? Firing me for simply asking a few times what was due to me per company policy? I never took vacation in 2015, and I just wanted to know if I was getting paid out for what I did not use.

I’m really nervous about this upcoming interview because I was fired. I know you can get UI if you were fired, but I’m in serious danger if I don’t qualify.

Any tips from non trolls?

I have a phone interview scheduled for June 1st and I’m a little apprehensive about it.

When I was filing, under the reason I put something to the effect of “wasn’t meeting the expectations of the newly hired management team.”

I’d been with this company for a year. About three months ago, the whole upper management team had changed over. The work I’d been doing prior to their arrival had been acceptable.

About a month before my termination, I was called into the GM’s office where my direct supervisor and the HR director were waiting. I was given an action plan on the areas where they felt my performance could improve and told that we would reconvene in 30 days to check my progress. I was also asked if they had given me the requisite skills for my position. Not thinking about it I said yes.

The timing of this was a little off because the day after this meeting I was leaving on vacation for two weeks.

Upon my return, I feel like I nailed it. I was proactive about everything on the action plan. I met with my immediate supervisor to get feedback and he led me to believe everything was on the up-and-up (even got my quarterly bonus).

On the 30th day, I was fired. I was told it wasn’t working out and they wanted to move in a different direction. I should’ve suspected this because at one point it was suggested to me that I have a “contingency plan.” As it turns out, they had been interviewing people for my position while I was on vacation.

I was forced to move out of my home because I couldn’t afford the monthly payment. Unfortunately, I boxed up all of the paperwork my employer gave me, including the separation letter, and I have no way of retrieving it before the phone interview.

The more I think about it, the more I see they were covering their asses from a potential lawsuit/UI claim.

I’m looking for work (living out of my car sucks) but I need the UI to get back on my feet.

Any advice on how to get past the phone part would help.

I will be out of town from a Saturday to Saturday in June. If I say on my claim form I was not available for work and did not look, will I just not be paid benefits that week and will continue to be able to claim business as usual when I return and resume looking for work?

I can look for work and apply on the Internet while on vacation. Does that matter?

I am flying to the east coast for pleasure. I could take a flight back at night and with the time difference be able to work the next day if offered a job. Will that be acceptable?

I really don’t want to lie but I don’t want my benefits cut. What should I do, and how will that affect my benefits?

I submitted a claim for SDI benefits late August and provided the forms to two different doctor’s. They had written notes to my employer stating that I would be off for four months (thru 12/19). I just found out that neither of the doctors submitted the form. I have been collecting a paycheck from the employer for vacation and sick time since August and, as I have been in a drug induces stupor due to spine inflammation, didn’t notice that I hadn’t received checks from EDD until recently. I called EDD and they said it wasn’t timely and that I would have to tell them an excuse for the tardiness and they may approve. I don’t want/need past payments but apparently I will be out for at least another 3 months. Can you advise what type of reasoning / excuse I can use for getting SDI payments approved?