waiting period

I filed my claim on 5/22 and received payment on 6/5 for only one day (5/29 which was memorial day.

The 7 day waiting period was 5/22-5/28. The paper work shows I should recieve a weekly wage of $511 and a daily of $73.

My first payment was only for the date of 5/29 ($73).

Why would the first payment not included the full week?

Is this something I should be concerned about our will the remaining days be placed on the following payment?

Thank you for your help.


So i got fired on the 28th,got an award letter then received a letter for phone interview on the 15th. Haven’t heard anything back yet but i got paid for the second week. A couple days ago it notified me to reopen my claim. I didn’t want to because i didn’t want to mess anything up. Well i reopened my claim yesterday, now is telling me to reopen my claim again. I have no idea what’s going on, i can only assume my claim was approved because i got paid for the week that wasn’t my waiting period. Any advice?

1 payment in 4 weeks

February 11, 2017

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I make a claim 1/15/2017. They say the first week is waiting period. I don’t get a payment until 2/4/2017. I call them to complain and they say claims are good for two weeks. I don’t need to do anything. This week 2/11/2017. I don’t get anything. I been out of work for 4 weeks and I have only gotten 1 payment. We pay into a system and when you need it you want your money. They suck. I want to sue them.

Firstly, I was seriously screwed on my current claim because of small oversight in certifying benefits on a previous claim. 5 weeks of penalties and 1 week waiting period later I’m finally receiving benefits after an overpayment penalty on a “false statement” that amounted to about $80. Do they not realize that their system is utterly confusing and that people are reliant on this money to pay rent, eat, etc? Anyway, that is beside the point.

I’ve been using (in the loosest sense of the word) UI Online to certify my benefits and it has been an absolute nightmare.

The server response from EDD is so slow that the form will “time out” after about 25 seconds. So that means that if you’re not completing the form like Usain Bolt runs the 100 meter dash, you will lose any information you’ve entered and have to start all over again. Making it almost impossible to certify for benefits online. Those of you who have tried the phone cert, know what a nightmare that is already. So needless to say, the options to certify are severely limited.

As I’m sure you’ll agree this is infuriating! So I’ve devised a system that seems to be working for now. You have to save the form “as a draft” about every 20 seconds as you are filling out the form online to keep the server connection fresh. This obvious requires a bit of skill and speed to navigate the page and the keyboard in such short intervals, but it seems to get the form submitted.

The funny thing is that the final page of the form is a review. So each week I’ve made a mention of how atrocious the whole process is, only to have the page session time out before I can send it!

Unbelievable! Who is running this shit show at EDD? This has been going on for 3 months and just this week they finally got some information up on the page addressing the issue.

Nothing has been done for weeks and from what I know about IT this should be a relatively easy fix…Get a new server!

Purge on Claim

January 26, 2017

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I filed a claim on 4/10/16. I was eligible. They sent a letter to sign up for UI Online to do my weekly certs online. I served my waiting period and received one week of benefits of 220.00 then found a job. I reported i started working. Unfortunately i had to leave my job so I quit. I knew i wouldn’t be eligible for UC so i didn’t reopen my claim. Although my job reported it to edd and i received a letter stating i was inelgible due to quitting and not checking to see if i could work something with my employer. It stated i need to make over 1100.00 to qualify to receive benefits on my continued claim form. I found a job in November 2016. I was told it would be long term. With no warning on Dec 19th 2016 I was told they had to let me go. She stated it wasn’t working out which is strange because i know i was doing well. She told me it was at will. I asked whats that and she told me laid off. The paper i received said Terminated which i didn’t notice till i got home because of i didn’t want to be where i wasn’t wanted. I shook their hands and told them thank you for the opportunity.
i made more than the amount to reopen my claim so i did. I had a phone interview on 1/5/17. I saw on the UI Online that i was able to certify for benefits. I did and it stated disqualification. I received no letter nothing.i emailed edd to find out why i was disqualified. 7 days later i received a response on 1/20/2017. She said I’m elgible but i need to send my wages. On 1/23/2017 i called edd and the lady gave me a fax and said they would purge it. There’s been no changes they received my next weekly certs and it states disqualified. I called 1/25/2017 And still they said there’s nothing that says i sent my wages. I sent it Monday and tuesday. My question is how long does it take for them to purge my claim because i do qualify for sure. I’m clueless ive never been fired and i never did a continued claim form. Thank you in advance.

Edd office is a joke!

January 24, 2017

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I filed for unemployment benefits on 12/12/2016. I didn’t get a phone interview until 01/03/2017. I was approved for benefits on 01/06/2017. I requested Ui Paper forms twice and to no anvail recieved no forms. I found out about Ui online and certified through ui online but first I had to call ui online support for my customer account number because EDD never sent me my customer account number either. I was told by ui online rep I neeeded to call edd officce because my account doesn’t look in good hands. on 01/16/2017 I call EDD. Through trial and error he resolved my account problems. My Claim rep acidentally put an extra day before my intital claim for payment and din’t waive the first week as the waiting period. She also didn’t correct my current status because my previous unemployment many years ago was disqualified. The edd rep asked me if I still had my previous card. I said no and would need a new debit card. He said ok no problem, A card will be shipped out to you tomorrow and be there by 01/24/2017. I call BOA today to find out my previous card is still activated so I had to cancel the previous card , request a new card and pay $10 for express shipping because my rent is due before reg shipping date feburary 7th. I am expecting me card on 01/27/2017. I’ll keep this post updated as to if my card arrives on time or not. I am infuriated with the EDD Office. This experience is un-fucking believable. This is money I PAID. The government isn’t giving me a helping hand. I worked hard for this fucking money! How fucking dare they take their sweet time to pay me money I paid them!!!!

Phone Number Fuck Up

August 8, 2016 · 1 comment

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Went through the usual b.s. of the first two week waiting period. It was annoying but whatever I still got my check. Skip ahead two weeks later, properly certified on time but to make sure I call an operator. She tells me that before I got my first check they should have called me for an interview. Now I have to wait another fucking week for the interview which means no check for another two weeks. What the fuck is wrong with theses people?